Sunday, September 28, 2014

Halloween House, the exterior.........

I hope you will enjoy seeing the Halloween House as much as I have enjoyed making it come to life.

Ms. Baggs, who helped us out with our reporting on Ye Olde Crones Gazette, back a couple of years ago, has been on assignment in the world of the Fae. Upon her timely return, she moved into the Halloween House and has been helping me get things in order. She and I will be telling you of her adventures and also introducing you to her new beau, as well as taking you on a tour of her new Autumn home.

After working on this house, I am positive that I will be building another home for Ms. Baggs and will keep you updated on the progress. We have had way too much fun with this one to not do more.

I learned so many new things. How to electrify a miniature environment. It was quite fun. At least with 12 volts your chances of electrocuting yourself are minimized by the voltage. I have in real life been thrown across a room from thinking I had the power turned off and finding out the hard way......uh nope.

I also built some of the furniture I used. I also forgot that I love to play with paint. The moon scape and the twilight with the silhouettes were the best part of the exterior.

The other posts of Halloween House will be at Ye Olde Crones Gazette and will begin on October 1.

Here is the front of the house. Ms Baggs is waiting for the trick or treaters to come to the door. In the windows and it is hard to see without the lights on (photos on YOCG coming soon) are spider webs, Help Me, pleas, black cats, and Halloween wishes. The witch's hat on the chimney and the JOL, as well as the Halloween garland all add to the ambiance of celebration. The warning on the door should be taken seriously.

The Moonscape was inspired by Judy Stearn's wonderful, and my most favorite photos of the moon.

The twilight scape with the silhouettes of the children and puppy coming to trick or treat really are my favorite touch of the season. I love tricks or treats and these little ones are gonna get some great treats at Ms. Baggs.

I will have photos with the lighting, inside the house and upclose and fun stories of the tales of Ms. Baggs in the the World of the YOCG.

Halloween is 33 days away.


  1. You can never be accused of lacking holiday spirit, and you can't be accused of not having creative talent.

  2. How wonderful and whimsical! I can easily understand how much fun that must have been to create it!

  3. How delightful!
    I do hope you share more of this house and perhaps an adventure or two for Ms Vanessa's Halloween party this year.
    My favorite holiday.

  4. MORE MORE MORE!!!! I want to see MORE!!! I guess I will just have to take a deep breath and Enter at my Own risk through that Charming front door!!! But come on, how scary can it be??? Ms Baggs looks like a sweet granny- not exactly Baba Yaga!!! What a GREAT house..the skulls hanging and the fabulous Roof and the silhouettes and the Moon and the bricked front porch and green paint job!!! I want to see MORE!!!!!

  5. I just love it. What fun it would be to create this Halloween masterpiece - Ace #1.......
    and 5 *'s too. lol

  6. Splended house! You made? Is beautiful, my fav is the perfectly lovely Grand ,
    I will be watching for more! xoDebi

  7. Wow, you do amazing work. The house is adorable and I love that twilight scape with the kids. Mrs. Baggs looks right proud of her home.

  8. Love it! Can not wait to see more. The row of hanging skulls is my favourite (so far) :)

  9. so cute!I love it.can't wait to see more!!!

  10. Oma Linda, I am smiling big time! This is so much fun! This is so precious! I love this so much!!! Yepeee, can't wait for Halloween ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  11. I'm enchanted by the skullies, the moon art and oh my, that gargoyle is precious!

  12. WOnderful Halloween house! Love the pumpkins and skeletons. I have something like it at home that I made a couple of years ago, it was such fun.

  13. Aren't you the clever artsy little witch?!? :0) Wish I was there working on this wonderous project with you because I can't wait to see how it turns out. There are so many great things going on with this house that I'm hard pressed to pick the one thing I love the most. Keep having fun and take plenty of pics.
    Luv ya sista.

  14. Wow, Oma, you are so creative, this is another little world you have birthed for Halloween, totally impressed, just magic :)


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