Sunday, September 21, 2014

What happens to the time? I should still be July............

Sorry lovelies. Haven't made the blog a priority as of late. Been motivated in other areas. But today is Sunday and everyone else is otherwise entertained, Joe is at work, Shelley and the grands are going back to the State Fair for the last day and so I thought I'd take a moment or two to catch up with those of you who are still out there.

I'll begin with my activities. I've been recycling a junk store find and it has taken me lots longer than I anticipated but I am truly enjoying myself, doing things I haven't done in years. I found a doll house that someone had slapped together and then abused. When I first spied it I knew immediately it would make a great Halloween decoration. I didn't count on the fact that the pink, blue and peachy yellow of the slap job painting on the walls and exterior would be so difficult to cover. But now I know.

I also didn't really count on the fact that my hands are not small. Trying to wallpaper the walls around the staircase and under an overhang up in the attic proved to be, well let's just say I took it slow and in little increments of time. Otherwise this old broad's shoulders and neck went into spasm from the contortions I put myself into to reach all the spaces.

But at the conclusion of the wallpaper and floor coverings, as well as the exterior paint job and installing lighting, I was pleased. I am not going to show you pictures of the "Halloween House", until I finish putting the furnishings and fun into it. I should be finished in about a week. As usual, I took no before pictures but everytime I look at my little Halloween House it makes me happy.

Now to the Cuckoos in the Casa.

We've been doing the clean-up in the yards and are almost ready for cold weather. Since our "garden experiment" brought limited return, we are placing the remaining bales of straw on the south side of the house in hopes that next year we can use them for growing corn. Water wasn't our difficulty, lack of extended sunshine was the culprit. So being on the south side will help with that. The bales that decomposed will be spread on the upper garden and rototilled into the ground soonest so that we can watch for turtles while they are still up stomping around the yard. Making plans for next years garden almost makes the failure of this year's tolerable. But it's all a learning experience, yes?

Going to take some orphan blue, white and blue/white plates, bowls and saucers, glue them together with caulking and afix them to a wall off the backporch where the swing is located and make a "flower garden" of those pieces. Found the idea on facebook and knew I had to spruce up my garden wall. Sweet Man is still skeptical (if truth be told, tolerant would have to be the word) but what a trooper, he will help me with my insanity anyway. Here is the picture of my inspiration from FB and I'll take photos of the delft color flower garden when we get it completed.

Ry is back on some meds that his doctor took him off of back six months ago. The difference in his personality and his ability to be present in the moment is profound. He has been such an unhappy little critter. Very hard on himself and frustrated with so many aspects of his life. But with the new/old meds, he is back to his "inside, outside, upside down" philosophers position and full of himself. We are all so happy for him. He is too. Yesterday, chore day, instead of just standing around and having to be directed, he got up, got his chores done and then asked if there was anything else Pop or I needed help with because he got done early. It was a delight to see him so pleased with himself. He even put together a dinosaur model (something he had no patience for prior to being back on the meds) that he got this summer. We all remarked about his happy level yesterday and he told us that his "slow clone" has now gone somewhere else to live and the "in the moment" RyLeigh has rejoined Casa de Cuckoo.

And so we come to the other cuckette. GK got bit by her boyfriend's python yesterday. Yep, the donkey whisperer apparently does not hold sway over serpents. As she explains it, and it is hilarious, there she was holding the snake in her left hand and it was reaching out to sniff when it coiled back and then struck her right hand. She said she saw it coiling and wondered what it was going to bite but didn't think it was her.........duh! She shook her bitten hand and fussed at the snake to let go. Then she turned to her boyfriend, who by this time was almost hysterical and told him to take his stupid snake off of her hand. Only GK. His mom came in the room and immediately took her to wash off the bite and console GK. But GK didn't want to act like it really bothered her so they got the toned down version of a melt down from her, a quivering chin and wells of tears in her eyes. Amazing what one can do when you don't want to make a fool of yourself in front of his family.

BTW, her boyfriend and his family are so terrific. We are very lucky that is the case. The two loveys spend most of their time with either us or them. It is sweet and kinda cute. They really act like they are much younger than they are in many ways but I think "nerdy" kids do that. They still have a play gene left activated in their hearts, at least these two nerds do. They enjoy watching "SpongeBob" and know every word, both love Frozen, also Kingdom Hearts and Soul Eater. Both are very book smart and enjoy challenging each other to "knowledge off" questions, play on words, etc. This is the young man who made the statement about her being too cute to be in the advanced math class at the beginning of the year. I can't figure out if that was the stupidest remark or the best pick up line ever. Whatever the case, they are darling together. Nerdlets.


Joe has been busy here at home taking information from our last three computers off and capturing our pictures and documents. We then will recycle the clunkers and gain more storage space in the garage. It's an ongoing task to try to give up our "hoarding" ways. We are doing our nesting and getting ready for colder months thing.

Speaking of that, I hope that you have a wonderful beginning to fall, autumn equinox, Mabon. We are to have rain tonight so I don't think we will have a fire in the fire pit but will celebrate with some homemade bread, broccoli cheese soup and an apple tart for supper. Wishing you all that would bring you happiness and comfort in this fall season.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. thanks for the catch up. glad to hear Ry is doing better.

  2. Good to hear about Ry. And I love the flower/glassware idea. Can't wait to see your dollhouse. You're so creative.

    Funny how you said that about the nerdy kidlets being kind of younger than their years. My friend's daughter and her boyfriend (they're done now) of 7 years were like that. Plus he looked a lot younger than his age so it was an odd but fun coupling. Now that they're through (about a year or two), her daughter has grown considerably.. taking on things that she was held back from before.. though it never seemed that way at the time.

    Enjoy your autumn, Linda.

  3. Wonderful news about Ry. You must all be exhaling, especially him.
    Who knew pythons bit? I thought they were squeezers but I guess they have to bite first to hold the prey. So glad GK wasn't seriously hurt.
    BTW, that might be the best pick up line ever.
    Oh yes, love the garden full of plates .Really clever and being a low maintenance garden once set up. .Can't wait to see the doll house.

  4. That's a lot of updating. Thanks for staying in touch.

  5. All this creativity going on! I can hear you smiling!!!

    I'm not sure I would have reacted so well to a snake bite of any kind!!! You have a strong litter of GK's. I think they must take after their unsinkable Oma.

    Look forward to your updated doll house and all of your unique decorations.

  6. WOW, quite an update and good to hear a great bit of news. Happy for you all and also for Ry. Hey, my first attempt at a veggie garden was not as yielding as yours. We learn from year to year. South side good idea - garden needs a lotta sun. I really like the idea of the plates and cups created into this lovely garden. Neat idea. Have a wonderful day. Halloween House sounds sweet :)

  7. I enjoyed your update, glad you are able to post photos again. Sounds like you all are keeping busy as usual. Good to hear about Ry, so happy he is feeling more upbeat again. We have been busy here too, I'm due for an update on my own blog but won't get to it until it starts raining. Take care, my friend.

  8. Glad you're enjoying a slower pace and that the grands are doing well. Love the "flower garden" idea and can hardly wait to see the Haunted (Doll)house!

  9. Aaaaaaawwwwww....."Nerdlets"!!!!! I has one of those...I know he has a "girl" friend...just not sure if she is a "girlfriend"lol...can't wait to see the dolls house...tis one of my "wanna does" too :D XXX

  10. I want to see the house!!! I can't wait to see it!!!
    Oh and your flower garden plates...that's going to look amazing...What a great hubby being so patient..i get these ideas and my husband will help if I need it, but usually just stands there while I whirl around, lol.
    your dinner sounded so warm and festive, wish I could stop over and have real food for once:)
    Great to see you on here again!!

  11. So happy Ry is growing up in all sorts of way. Such determination!

    Can't wait to see the Halloween house.

    And GK has a boyfriend? OMGs, where have I been. They look sooo wonderful together.

    Much love. ♥

  12. Loving the newly proposed wall art, glad the junior cuckoo is back on track, and what a cute pair of teeny cuckoos

  13. Hi Oma Linda ;o)
    I promise I will e-mail soon ;o) Still trying to catch up in blog land ;o)
    So happy I didn't miss this special post!
    I can't wait to see your Halloween House ;o) Sounds amazing!
    I follow a blog, and this girl has made tones of those flowers on the rods! They look amazing! She is taking them all in for winter ;o) She has not put any on a wall. But, then she lives where snow falls, so maybe not a good idea in her area!
    Give Ry a hug for me ;o) Tell him I love him ;o) So happy he is doing well ;o)
    Gk looks so cute with her boyfriend ;o) Makes my heart smile ;o) Makes me know, that somewhere out there, there is a special nerdy guy for me ;o)
    Love to you and the family ;o) xoxoxo


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