Saturday, October 11, 2014

And I'm gonna have acorns, someday............

Yard work chapter umteen skatey eight. Work continues. Our yard is not that big, but it was that unkempt. All the shrubs and bushes had not been trimmed or pruned in 8 years. And Shelley has become very proficient in "getting in there and getting it done".

Before I forget, here's a photo of that miniature watermelon for you Chubby Chatterbox. We decided not to eat it but rather us it as a relief pitcher kinda Halloween pumpkin, tee hee.

Ever since Shelly was a young one, she has been a huge help in the yard. Planting, trimming, weeding, deconstructing, removing, you name she can do it. Thank goodness because it has never been Sweet Man's forte. He hates, hates, hates, yard work. Always has, always will.

When he was a kid, his Dad, who was in the Corps of Engineers after a stint in the Army, would arrange work for his boys. Joe is the oldest of 8 children.  I would have run away if I'd been his Dad but his answer was to have "forced fun" as a life lesson. So he would have the boys move the lawn from the front yard to the back yard and plant a new lawn in the front. I guess it made sense to him. All I got from it is a husband who at the mention of planting or digging turns an ugly shade of grey. And he puffs up like a toad. Bless hims heart.

So it's fabulous that my girls and Ry act as my minions and do yard work right along with me with a smile on their faces. Well, mostly. GK loves to get dirty. Ry, uh not so much. I think it kinda makes him creepy crawly but he puts up with it (for a bit). When Ms G was little we built a french drain in the backyard at our old house to keep the spring rains from coming in the house. We dug a trench as deep as she was tall, she was two. Ever since, she has had this huge fascination with all things dirt, mud, and messy dirty. So here's her hands after we dug two beds in the front yard out to a depth of 6 inches down and planted 50 daffodils for next spring. She dug it out, put the bulbs in, put in new soil and tamped the whole thing in under and hour. But then she was covered with mud from head to toe, and loving it. She could of been a little less messy, but what is the fun of that, right?

looks more like warts than mud...........
Ry dug holes for the new ornamental grasses out front and replaced the rock around each one. He and Papa worked as a team, but I heard some undertones of my father in laws philosophy as they worked together. And Sweet Man actually had fun....and he and Ry also got dirty. The most fun was the traditional, "let me water you to see if you will grow more" drenching of the grands.

sea grass that I brought seeds back from our only visit to South Carolina, been going for 7 years now

looking north

couldn't resist this millet, so weirdly cool

looking south

But all this brings me to my new tree. After purchasing all the other grasses, bulbs and a few flowers, I mentioned to Shelley that we needed to think about getting a tree for the back yard so that we could have some shade on the back patio area. Now, keep in mind I was speaking about maybe next year. But Ms. I've got this covered, got on Craigslist and found someone who was selling two trees that they had overbought for their back yard and they were (pardon the pun) dirt cheap. We didn't have room for 2 so we passed on the Bradford Pear but we got an Oak tree. Yep, I'm gonna be rolling in acorns...........someday. It is about 10 ft tall. But someday it will be the mighty Oak it is destined to be. I'm hoping I get to see it cast some shade on the patio next summer and enjoying the view as the leaves turn red and gold. Exciting stuff here at Casa de can tell I don't get out much, huh?

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

PS there are 3 out of the 4 room tours on Ye Olde Crones Gazette for Halloween House, check it out here.


  1. It surely makes a difference when the whole gang chips in. Love your tree.

  2. Wouldn't it be fascinating to see that little oak tree in a hundred years? Generations of squirrels will be praising your name.

  3. Glad you all are having fun and taking pictures. Those things will all grow and fill out and you will be amazed to look back at the photos of the new plants, My how they have grown!

  4. I can't imagine being less mucky when working in the yard - that's why I have yard clothes - its just a bunch of fun to get into the dirt. My yard clothes look like they have been through the mill.....and have been . Olde jeans and t-shirts, sweat shirts n cap - YEP - sure is fun. Love the tree and hope you make the hole 4 x bigger than the circumference of the tree.....then fill it in. The tree will likely begin to spread its roots immediately and want lots of loose earth to move in. Much healthier for your tree. I really want an update on your tree every now and then.

  5. Wow.. you sure got a lot done with your wonderful helpers. And what a lucky find to acquire that oak inexpensively. GK's hands look like they could adorn a Halloween display when caked like that.

  6. Planting life long memories as well! priceless xoDebi

  7. All of my little helpers have grown up and moved away or are too busy to to be my yard minions so I do what I can and am way behind in what needs to be done. Don't suppose Ms. I've Got Everything Covered and her ducklings would like to pay me a visit. ;^) I'm moving three blue berry bushes today and could sure use the help.
    Love your new tree. It's already a beauty. Have fun getting dirty. S&S

  8. If your oak grows as fast as mine did, you will have shade in no time. Good luck with the acorns, not all oaks provide those. Mine isn't one.
    Yard work is fun with many hands involved. By the way, the birds will love your millet.

  9. I love the "drenching of the grands". It's not a party til someone gets all "wet up"...
    don't water them too much tho, they grow too fast as it is!


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