Thursday, October 2, 2014

Do you have pet names for your family members?????

Last year I posted about having had no nicknames as a kid except Windy.....cuz I talked so much.

My daughter, the lovely and talented Shelley, actually goes by her nickname. Her given name was never my idea to begin with and so unless she has been in deep do do, I don't call her Michelle. She was named for her biological Dad's drinking and best buddy Michael, who everyone called Mickey. But growing up everyone called her Binky. That's my fault. I thought she looked like a Binky, teeny little critter, when she was first born and so my family called her that. Thank goodness no one every called her Mickey.

Joe's real name is Louis. I've called him Sweet Man for almost 30 of the 40 something years we've been together, as well as various un printable names in good company.....but that's a tale for another time and place.

I suppose every family has names that they choose not to share in public.

Ry has been Rucephus, Bud, Little Man, Rootin' Tootin Ru I Ay and Bubba for all his life. And I gotta sneak a Ry story here. He has terrible allergies this time of year and his eyes swell. So he gets up and his sister (the bane of his existence and his best friend) says, yeah you look Asian this morning. He looks at her and said what's Asian? She explained someone who's eyes are not rounded but rather have a slant to them. He thought for a moment and said, I don't want to be Asian......short pause, or from Kentucky. What?????? I have no idea where that came from but we have laughed everytime one of us brings it up (and Ry brings it up at every opportunity). Kentucky? I don't know, sorry Kentuckians. He is so adorable.

GK (Gerea Kaye) pronounced like Sara but with a G like{garage} Kay has family names as well. Geemanillee, Princess Tootsamany, Geefer and Baby girl. But she has a new name and I just wanted to share it with you because I'm kinda bummed I didn't think of it first. It is so very clever.

At her, oh so small, high school, where many of the teachers are married to one another, she as a straight A+ student the first 9 weeks is known for her quirky personality, inability to not voice her opinion and great sense of humor along with a burning desire to always be perfect. The teachers are very fond of her and use her good moods to tease her . Her English teacher, who is married to her art teacher, called roll and one of the other kids thought that the teacher had made a mistake and called GK Carrot cake and asked if she did. The teacher said no, but I can if she wants me to and GK said sure.

Gerea Kaye, Carrot Cake..........hmmmmm, yep it works.

So by lunch, the staff of teachers had all heard the name change and they all began calling her Carrot Cake which to some youngsters would have embarrassed or upset them but GK is thrilled. Her math teacher who tells terrible math puns everyday remarked how appropriate her name is because he has never met a carrot cake he didn't like. Awwwwww, teacher's pet much??????

Never a dull moment here at Casa de Cuckoo.....aptly named.

Ms. Baggs is showing off Halloween House on Ye Olde Crones Gazette, if you're interested.


  1. Just adds to everyone's imagination education! xoDebi

  2. Ever since he was a baby, we called our son Mogie. I can't remember why.

  3. Any names I've been called in my life have all been behind my back, LOL!

  4. Very neat name post - yep, I think everyone does this - we had some really good ones in our house growing up which followed into adult hood till this very day. Sometimes I am not sure where Milly would come from when one's first name is Ruth - most of the time I get Lilly. My Mom was Madeline - aka Mad Cap or Maddie, my brother Donald, was donniewannie and later DonTheMan. MY CAT was called "Sir Christopher John Ronald Ringo Brownie 1st", but mostly called Krissy. H-mmmmm, lets see now. Christopher was after my Mom whose middle name was Christina; John was from my neighbour next door - Big John; Ronald was a boy I liked, Ringo - Everybody knows who Ringo is - RIGHT; Brownie was my dog - and 1st, was because he was my first cat. Christopher lived to be 19 years old and he followed me everywhere and waited for me at the bus stop from school - aah, good memories. Anyway, Cuckoo family, you said at the beginning "pet names for family members" and my cat was a family member, right. I enjoyed your post very much and I hadn't even listed all my family yet, eh. Have a wonderful day :)

  5. Carrot Cake??? How could you have missed that one? Then again, we all missed it. Tell Miss Cake the name suits her.

    Our family has always been good about handing out pet names. My dad went by Joe or Buddy although his name was Louis just like Sweet Man. My mom was called Aud or Odd both sound the same and then there's my sis Maggie or Magpie. Our dear little Ariel has been Monkey, Ari, Ari-berry, Ari-bear, Sweet Pea and then there are her brothers AJ and Dono who are hardly ever called by their given names, Andre and Donovan. Happy, Skinny-Kenny, Dumb Ass or Dew Moss as he likes to pronounce it are all names that Ken has answered to. I've been known to answer to Hey You or Blondie although I'm not fond of either.
    I've got to tell you, when I read about Ry not wanting to be from Kentucky it did make me chuckle. The kid does have a way about him that just tickles me. Luv to all of my favorite Cuckoos. S&S

  6. no nicknames though we did call our daughter Sarah Doodle cause she was so small until she got old enough to voice her desire not to be called that. The boy is usually just referred to as Boy.

  7. Pet names attached to us are usually fun for family and friends only do it as a badge of caring. Baseball players are the funniest and if a guy doesn't have one, he is probably unpopular.
    Here all this time I thought GK was for Grand kid. You have done good with the nicks for your family. Funny about Kentucky.
    In my family, I am known as Happy given to me by a grand niece who had trouble with Patti. I am "happy" with it.

  8. Love all the names, mine was 'Flash' because of my lack of speed, I love the way family and siblings seem to pick something that could sometimes be insulting if issued by a stranger, Aussies do seem to be name callers, often in the 'opposite' way, Bluey for a Redheaded person etc, actually it is rarely in this house people use non-abbreviated/lengthened/rhymed/creative little added 'bits' to names, usually depending 'moods' to said person at time ;)

  9. I am simply known in my family as 'The Wean' (pronounced like wayne), which is the Scottish/Northern Irish for 'The Child'. Well, I am the only child of my parents, and the youngest on both side of my generation so...

  10. I love this post! Made me very happy inside ;o) I am still laughing about Kentucky! LOL! And, I love Carrot Cake ;o) So cute ;o) I don't think I have ever had a knick name? I know one of my brother's was "Fart In The Wind Storm". That one was from mom ;o) Big Hugs ;o) xoxoxo

  11. I have 3 menfolk...who in cute moments I refer to as Snugglebuns(hubby)...Shorty(eldest boy, over 6ft) and Chunky Monkey(my 16 year old with Aspergers)
    Got a severe telling off by one mother at primary school for calling out "Oy Shorty!" in the playground. She felt it necessary to lecture me on "Self esteem" in children. My ever confident 6 year old looked at her and said "but I am short compared to mum...but I will have room to grow...she doesn't" lol. Before she could reply I also pointed out that as a lone female in a house full of men who would be 6ft plus, it was necessary to put them in place from an early age. She walked away lol
    Dread to thik what they call me in secret :D XXX


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