Tuesday, October 14, 2014

For the Sweet Man who has everything............

When you get to be older than dirt, like Sweet Man and I, it kinda seems redundant to buy birthday presents for each other. So we don't. The doing nice things is so much richer and more relevant. Or at least that's the story we are sticking to.

Of course that thought process doesn't apply to enthusiastic youngsters who insist on a celebration to make Papa feel special. To me, that statement was all they had to give and I would be over the moon.

SM had a helluva day at work yesterday. Ick, blech, pffffffft. You know the kind of day when it wasn't really worth it to get up except, if ya don't show up, they get upset. Or at least that's what our generation thinks. He was a pooped puppy when he got home, an hour later than usual, which means it was a half day for him, 12 hours. That's a half day, right?

Anyway......the grands love them some Papa, and so does his daughter who always goes to the extreme for him. Love it. As he got to the front door, Ry jumped up and yelled, "we love you so much Papa so here's the Cuckoos singing you a Happy Birthday". He sounded just like an olde timey radio announcer. So cute. Like Ed McMahan he turns to us and says, Here's...............Papa. Cracks me up. Hit it girls.

Needless to say SM was grinning from ear to ear. He and his little buddy are a pair of nutz for sure and so deserve each other and their own special brand of humor.

They bought him, 2 seasons of Castle, which is one of his favorite TV shows, next to NCIS. Before I go on, I need to tell you that Ry thinks the actress that plays opposite Castle is a "hot babe". I asked him, what did you call her?. He said, "now don't tell them about us checking out the hotties when we go out, okay Papa?" Joe promised he wouldn't. Oh my.

The kids also got him a great T shirt from his all time favorite movies.....Harry Potter. He put it on over his shirt for work. Then GK made him take it off because he was gonna get it dirty and she wanted him to wear it when her friends come over on Saturday night to gather for Homecoming (and yes, I will bore you with pics and info). They got him a Chocolate overload cheesecake, cards, all the tissue paper he and the cats could fight over as he unwrapped said gifts. And I got dinner from his fave restaurant. Perfect family night.

The rest of the evening, we spent around the dining room table talking and laughing. I just love moments like that. They are my gifts from my sweet family. And do you think I remembered to take pics. Nah, I was having too much fun. Oops.

Happy Birthday yesterday Joe, you are the best friend, husband, father and Papa in the whole wide of the world and even if there are times I'd sell you to the first passing gypsy, I'd pay whatever they'd ask for me to have you back again. Having known you for all but 6 months of your life makes you my oldest friend...........nanny nanny boo boo lucky numba 13.


  1. Hiccy burpday to sweet man, sounds like a fab way to spend a birthday

  2. What a great way to end a not so great day work wise. What was he doing that first 6 months?
    Loved "original parts"--not everyone can say that. That would look good on a t-shirt.
    Happy Birthday big guy.

  3. I don't need to ask if Sweet Man had a special birthday. I can see that he did. But anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

  4. Happy Birthday to SM. You guys sure know how to do it right!

  5. Happy Birthday, Joe!!! Seems our SM are Libras...my SM turns 62 Monday, the 20th. Going to make him his dinner this weekend...will have Ian and invited my sis, his favorite s-i-l...oh wait, his only s-i-l!! LOL He wants lasagna (with my homemade meat sauce..oey...wish I could get out of that one...what's wrong with Barillo!!??), salad, garlic toast and his mother's recipe for chocolate frosted cake, with Welches grape jelly in the centre...yikes...first for me on that one!! Also, I'm giving him a gift cert. from Academy...what can I say, the guy loves his golf gadgets!! He's always going on about my being 8 months older than he, but I reminded him that might be the chronological truth, but I'm not the one who's going to be a great-grandparent come Feb.!!! See me smile on that one!!!

    Again, Happy Belated-Birthday, Joe!! Sounds like you had a most wonderful evening...how could you go wrong with that family you live with!!

    Loves bunches,

  6. What a wonderful celebration! Belated birthday wishes to your Sweet Man! He's a keeper alright.

  7. Now if that isn't the most loving tribute...
    Happy Birthday!
    Appreciate your crazy family.

  8. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your sweet man's birthday! Chores done, people nearest and dearest to greet him, good food, memories made :) Happy Birthday Joe, sounds like you met you soulmate/nemesis/best friend and cuddle bunny so young Oma, wishing you both a lifetime of smiles and love x

  9. As I am that 'passing gypsy'...what could I offer you for this fine Sweet Man then?
    I have a basket of clothes pegs and a bunch of lucky heather, picked fresh from the fields if you are at all interested?
    Sounds like SM is happy right where he is though...although...maybe I could entice you with an exchange...how would a large house-trained Troll suit?
    Love to my cuckoos and give SM a kiss from me (if you don't mind) and fear not the 'Gypsy's Curse' ! :o)

  10. Awww what a wonderful way to celebrate. And your last paragraph just made me smile. You've known him that long, eh? Very cool. :)


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