Friday, October 17, 2014

Jameson the wonder dog, or how he looks all these months later..........

Did ya know October is Pitbull Awareness Month......Be aware not all Pitbulls, or mixes are terrible animals. The people are what have villified the breed by being horrible owners, the dogs are the victims in all of this. We have our own example of how sweet a part pit can be.

When we got our rescue dog from New Mexico Dogs last February, named; Jameson, Jimbo, Jamie, JD, Pibble Jim (as in part pitbull) and when he's in deep do do with his Momma, "Jameson Elroy", I knew he was the right dog for us but I couldn't have known how right or how much he would bring to us. I actually thought we were doing good for him, instead he has done so much more for us, both humans and pets alike.

This dog is a life saver in more ways than I can say. I can't remember him not being part of the household and he's only been here since February. And most of the time neither can he, except when one of us says or does something that his "before" people did, then his tail goes down, his floppy ears hang low and he's a sad dog.

Like the phrase, "who did this?????" I was asking the grands, Jimbo took it personal and hid from me for a couple of hours. Joe said, "okay, that's enough" to me kiddingly when I was playing a game with him, Jimbo hid from both of us until Shelley and the kids got home. And when one of the grands starts squealing because their Momma is tickling them, this poor critter just about loses his mind. He doesn't like consternation of any sort or loud noises.

Dogs like Jameson who were abused, chained, treated inhumanly, and left to die certainly suffer from PTSD. Don't you ever doubt that fact. And yet he holds no grudge against humans, instead he wants to be all things to all of us. We went through a very hard separation anxiety time period with him when he ate his way out of his crate, then another time ate the surround on the front door, but it wasn't long until we'd tell him, "you're in charge Jimbo and he'd be fine. When we leave in the morning for school, he wags his tail and runs to the living room window to watch us go. He's still in the window when I get home from errands an hour later and now he doesn't eat remotes or shoes or hairbrushes. We have had to rearrange our lives for him. We have had to adjust our thinking for his well being. We have watched the other animals in the household change for him as well.

Know what? It's all be worth it and I'd do it all over again because when this tremendous animal is happy, well there is very little else in the world that is quite as beautiful or heart warming. He never asked to be left frozen to the ground on a huge ugly chain with no food or water. The story could have ended so differently for our "pibble". But loving people made sacrifices to get him to us. He is worth it all and deserves his pampered and loved life.......but all animals do.

He sleeps under the bedcovers, knows what time it is and watches for the kids to come home, greets everyone as they come in the door with a happy face and waggy buttcheeks, even repairmen. It's the little dog, Ellie Mae that they have to be careful of when they come to work here at Casa de Cuckoo. He has a special trick he does for Shelley. She puts her hands on his muzzle, lightly blows in his nose and this makes his ears stand up. I know it is not jumping through hoops but it sure is cute. But most especially he keeps me company during the week, my constant shadow, and herds and plays with the other animals with such affection. He is all things to all of us and I'm celebrating him with you today.

Isn't he a relaxed pup now?
See how our boy has put on weight, has a presence now and is such a handsome fellow? We love us some Jameson.

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Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. How wonderful that Jameson now has a happy and loving home with you! I love a happy ending!

  2. This is a wonderful tribute - not only to Pibble James, but to the people who can offer love so freely, send it where it is needed.
    Rescue dogs do indeed rescue us.

  3. Linda, I want to "smooch" and squooze" you for rescuing this beautiful creature. Sadly, in my home province of Ontario, it's illegal to own a pit bull because of so many incidents involving poorly raised creatures, like you mentioned. Your boy knows you need him as much as he needs you. And that's what makes both of you so beautiful.

  4. Your Jameson is such a handsome boy. It breaks my heart though, as happy as his life is now, you still see the ghosts of Before in his eyes. Being a rescue Mom and having worked with abused dogs before, this look is all to familiar, and it's so good to see one of these beautiful spirits in a place where they can heal both themselves and those around them. Blessings on your and you family, both furred and smooth.

  5. What a cutie!

    I love pits and agree it's not the breed but the owners/trainers that are the problem.

  6. Your's is the type of home I always hoped for when I placed my rescues. You realize he has baggage, but don't we all.? You made it through the tough times, not giving up on him and gave that sweet boy the great life he deserves.
    I have had several pit bull crosses and they are so sweet natured. A very misunderstood breed.
    Kudos to the family with the proper heart.

  7. Like you say, it's not the breed but the people who abuse them and make them mean.

  8. You are all lucky to have found each other and I'm happy for you. A dog's joy is boundless and contagious. Pit bulls are my favorite breed although I don't have one right now. My little Roscoe is such a joy from the moment he awakes in the morning until we snuggle under the covers at night.
    Lovely tribute to a Good Dog.

  9. Oma Linda this is so special! I love Jameson and I am so happy he found you and your wonderful family ;o) oxxoxoox


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