Friday, October 31, 2014

Thanks for the spooky ooky love..........

Jamie and Ellie practicing for the trick or treaters

this is a photo of both of my "punkin" men. one paying attention to me and waving and the other one being Joe
some spectre's hanging around in the front yard

Ry and GK had fun getting up in the tree to make this happen for Halloween
Casa de Cuckoo has been the recipients of some extra special goodies and wonderfulness as of late. The grands, as well as the grown ups appreciate the loving kindness sent our way from some of you, my lovelies.

Magic Love Crow thought that we would enjoy some "sparkles" in our lives and sent us some very beautiful jewelry and a special Fly Crow painting as well as good wishes for the season.

SunshineShelle sent her love in the form of arting goods. Paints, beads, buttons, do dads and canvases. Oh heck yeah the grands jumped on that right away. And I must be honest when I say I spirited away a couple of goodies for myself. Shelle also sent us some of her original art work. Some never made it to the table to be photographed because it lives in GK's room. Ry is using the stickers for a "present" for someone else as I type and the three generations of witchy wonderfulness here at the Casa, is well represented by the darling character dolls that we are going to dress for Samhain.

Thank you all who sent us cards, good thoughts and blessings for the season. We send them right back to all of you our lovelies, supporters and all around good eggs. I still have another pressie that has something to do with my favorite donkeys....but that's another post....soon.

Here's some photos of some of our decorations for Hallowooooooooooooooonie. I can't believe it is today. We want so badly for it to hurry up and get here and then..... poof, it's over for another year, that's a real BOOOOOOOO.

the winner of the prettiest pumpkin contest and the runner up who had an unfortunate meeting with a dis easing spirit, if you get my drift.

our fireplace for autumn

Hope you all have a fun 31st. And if you partake in Dia de Los Muertos, party on and celebrate your ancestors. We will have our offrenda and celebration on the night of the 1st and then attend the Barrio Parade of the Calacas on Sunday.

Happy Hauntings, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. the casa looks great! I haven't really decorated for Halloween since the kids quit getting dressed up. Haven't carved a pumpkin since we moved out here. I think there is one child that lives on my street. and I think that's the first picture of Joe you have shown us.

  2. I'm feeling a bit behind. Even your pumpkins are covered in bling! Everything looks glorious: the pressies, the specters and your mood. I love to read you purky. ♥

    Happiest Day EVER!

  3. wonderful!

    Halloween was my favorite fun time. I have made costumes galore. Alas, my grandson does not know the Halloween monster I once was.

  4. I knew if I came here on Halloween I would see Ghouls hanging in the trees! I just haven't the energy to climb a ladder and place the spookies in the limbs, but I love yours.

  5. I hope everyone at the Casa has the BEST Halloween EVER! Samhain blessings to you all.

  6. Ah, someone who really knows what day it is. Sadly around here, and equally sadly myself included, don't decorate much. That makes enjoying yours more fun. Those specters are quite spooky.

  7. You have more Halloween spirit than anyone I know. Happy Halloween.

  8. Hallowed Eve here is full of excitement. We, like you, anticipate the night and are so darn excited and then it seems in the blink of an eye it is all gone. I did something different this year. I asked all parents and their kids to have photos taken on my lovely porch and you can bet there will be photos in their mailboxes round n aboot the neighbourhood. Made the evening so much more fun and the parents costumes were just anywhere from laughable silly to quite ingenious. Its so fun to know you all enjoy this night as much as I do Oma. lol

  9. Fabulous celebration, wonderful gifts, I love the ART! and your dolls are Hocas Pocus Beautiful! Enjoy and pile up those memories! xoDebi

  10. I don't think I'd want to wander around your casa this time of year in the dark, all those spooky things hanging about in your trees! All looks quite fabulous in the light of day though! Thanks for sharing. I don't recall seeing a picture of your SM before, he's kinda cute! Somewhere I saw pictures of your peeps costumes, they looked fantastic!

  11. If Halloween had a home it would be your Cuckoo nest, everything looks like it was created with so much love and attention and celebrated with a nod to all that is magic and I was chuffed to see how the bits from Oz joined the happy occasion and were part of the family activities Oct 31st :)

  12. What a great post ;o) So much fun! You and the family deserve all those special treats ;o) Lots of love ;o) xoxo


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