Friday, November 7, 2014

4 wheels to get me there...........

We have car fever here at Casa de Cuckoo.

Shelley and GK are getting a new car. Well not new, but new to them. It will be Shelley's transportation for awhile and then it will be GK's first car.

When dreaming of her first car, Ms. GK indicated she wanted a 60 something Volkswagen bug, of the blue color persuasion. Well if wishes were horses then GK would ride in one but....uh not so much. Although that was her "perfect car", she is thrilled about the car Mom could afford. They went to see it last night. Once again, I must state my pride in GK's ability to adapt. Someday when she can make it happen for herself, perhaps she will get the exact car she wants. And by that time, I'm sure she will have drooled over several "perfect cars".

And as is always the case, the event brought about a discussion of some length about cars and such.

 When Shelley was a teen, her first car was like this one. 1970 Datsun

My first car was like this one. 1959 Renault Dauphine (it even had a crank in the back to start it when (not if) the battery wouldn't turn over.

My favorite car was one I had in college which was an 1967 Austin Healy Sprite (only mine was yellow).

Sweet Man's first car was like this one. 1955 Oldsmobile Super

all of the photos are from the internet
When Sweet Man and I finally got to order the car of our dreams at the time, we got a 1975 Ford Fairmont Station Wagon. I was hauling Shelley's friends, the Saint Bernards, we went camping, we went on long drive vacations and this, we thought, would be the best car.  It was the perfect lemon yellow. And lived up to the color.

It was what was called in the industry a "Friday car". Built on a Friday. Cars built on Friday are 22 times more likely to have a major defect. And we caught a lucky 22 lemon slush.

When I picked it up from the dealer, a friend of ours was our salesman and he was excited for us and did all the hurry up and wait kinda things for us. We had a product called "techtor" put on the carpet so that it would resist stains and it wasn't quite dry so he put down paper floor covers for me and I proudly took possession of our car.

On the way home, Shelley told me that her side was really wet. I assured her, when we got home we would just roll down the windows and let it set in the sun to dry. Sweet Man came home early and we were going for a ride in our new car but there was about 2" of liquid on the passenger side floor. We drove it to the dealer. They checked it out and found that the radiator was not hooked up correctly and was leaking into the foot well. That was only the beginning.

That beast spent more time in the shop than in our driveway the first three months. The carberator was faulty.....three times, it was replaced. The transmission was faulty....2 times it was replaced.

I was on my way to SM's company Christmas party. I was to meet him there after work. The car stalled, for the millionth time, in my mind, in one of the busiest intersections in the city. I put on the hazzard lights, locked the doors and left it there. Yes, I got a ticket, yes, the tow truck had difficulty with the tow, yes, I was at my limit......and we have never had a Friday car again.

Oh well, it was character building right?

If you have a car, you're going to have car trouble at some point in time.

What was your first car? Was it all you thought it would be?


  1. I can't remember what make my first care was, but I know it was my Granddaddy's old dodge with a white body and green (pea?) vinyl top. The seats were that same green vinyl paisley. Ugh.. My favorite car I got when I was 17, it was a 1971 VW Karmann Ghia. It was electric blue and I loved, loved, loved that car! I'm hoping some day to get a 1969 convertible one. Good for GK for being so sweet about the car situation. She sounds like a wonderful girl!

  2. My first car was a 1965 Austin Healy Sprite, looked just like the one you have pictured. I bought it used for $500., a month later I was putting a new engine in it for another $500. My father thought I should buy a Nova. I had a heck of a time talking him into the Sprite, but it was the car I wanted. Forgot all about Friday cars. I think we had at least one. Thanks for bringing back some special times, I almost forgot about.

  3. Mine was an austin mini and it was a pretty red with white stripe. I called my car Stella. I guess I loved that olde car as much as it loved me. I remember always carrying a pint of oil, and it broke down dozens of times but I just kept that can of oil there and replaced it many many times. ha,ha I knew nothing about cars but my girlfriends and I went on many camping trips and dear olde Stella always got us there and back. We couldn't get any more gear in 'er man and she just kept plugging away - jeepers, I even have a poem in my poetry journals I wrote about Stella - aaaah, fond memories. I love your college car kiddo. Happiness to GK in her first "new to her" car. lol

  4. A little red Nissan sports car. Oh I loved that thing. It was a hand me down car but I drove it from my senior year in college to when I had my eldest child. Then my husband drove it to work until it could run no more. *sigh* I still miss it.

    LOL, most girls I know love the idea of a Volkswagon bug. Maybe it's something about riding around in a car you know children will get great glee from as they punch their siblings. It's wonderful GK is so sensible about it. I hope one day she gets her punch buggy!

  5. My first car was a used 76 Datsun. At 80 km, it would go into this paroxysm of extreme shimmying such that you would think it was breaking apart around you. But that would only last for a minute or two and then everything would be normal by the time it reached highway driving speed of 100 km. Good times!

  6. I never had a car until years after I married.

    Wonderful car stories and congratulations.

  7. so no picture of their car? my first car was a hand me down Corvair from my older sister who got a new car when she went to college. I totaled it. My next care was an MGB mostly cause my dad wanted one. He sold it when I went away to college cause it was always needed repair. while I loved the MG, my favorite car was a first generation 1971 Capri that my father bought me as a wedding present when I got married the first time (I told him what car I wanted). I loved that car and drove it even after getting hit three times in the same front right side. it finally developed too many problems and our budding art glass studio needed a truck so we bought a toyota long bed pick-up. Drove that until we bought the Volvo sedan which I really loved. drove that car for 26 years. Then the new Ford pick up four years ago which was nice and plain but was no car. and this year we bought a Camry after we sold the city property.

  8. My first car was a blue Volks Beetle, with an engine that sounded like a lawnmower.

  9. Ouch, never owned a lemon and hope never do. Scary. Thanks for the Friday tip. My first car was a Nash Metropolitan convertible. That may have been one of the best cars I owned. Had her nine years with no repairs out side of maintenance. I understand GK's love of the Bug. I finally got my bug when I was 60. It was a 74 that I restored and we had fun. It was a real "geezer magnet".

  10. My first car was a beast. His name was Rusty (yes, it fit him perfectly). If he had been human, he would have been about to die of emphysema when I got him... It was a 1979 Camaro. HUGE. But he was just what I needed when I was a broke PFC who had to drive to college every day after work.

    By the way, I might be in serious lust with the picture of that 1970 Datsun. Who would've thought...

    Oh, and tell GK that I, too, wanted an classic Bug... It's how I ended up with my MINI Cooper. ;-)

  11. Didn't those old cars have style! Loved this post, my first one was an old 75 Ford Falcon sedan, metallic (sorta it was dulling by the time I got it) loved it, like a tank to drive, finally sold it to fund my next car as it needed a bit of work, unfortunately the man who 'bought' it turned up while I was out and talked my mum into giving him the keys and he would drop off the 'cash' later... Yep, bastard stole it, just drove it away :(

  12. What a great post ;o) I loved seeing all those cars and your experiences with your lemon! I have to say, my first car was a Passat and it was a lemon too! I don't know why, but my second car was a Passat as well! LOL! No more Passat's for me, I love my Toyota Rav 4's ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  13. Yay on the first car! I had a red Austin Maestro that needed a good run at hills in order to get up them without being overtaken by a lorry. There was one doozy of a hill I had on the way home from school and I used to keep my fingers crossed every day in the run up to it that some idiot wouldn't pull out in front of me going too slowly, leaving me to limp to the top in the slow lane. It rusted terribly too, and finally went to that great carpark in the sky at my friend's dad's garage when he decided it just wouldn't get through one more MOT when the bottom was more rust than metal. My 3 subsequent cars have all been Citroens with plastic bodies that don't rust ;o)


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