Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dinner table talk...............

Last night we had chicken n dumplings, salad and baked apples. Yep, it was yummy.

these photos are from the internet, mine never come out this pretty

Shelley had requested one of her favorite childhood foods and I was in the mood to do some cooking.  So a perfect storm of goodness came together. Funny how foods bring us comfort and memories.

We try to have dinner table talk at least twice a week. Most of the time though it is zoom in, eat and then off to homework, meetings, special projects or something else. Oh, we eat at the dinner table most nights but on the nights that we designate "time out" for the family, the dinner hour takes priority over all the other "rush about" activities.

We play a game as a conversation started that is called "your best and your worst". Not surprisingly, it often times brings up things we need to discuss or iron out. Most times it brings us closer to knowing what everyone else has lived through since our last dinner table talk. The grands are always anxious to share their "adventures". And most nights, their sharing is about all we get to listen to.

This week we were able to use our time to talk about our ancestors, predecessors and family members. It was an interesting discussion. Sweet Man talked a lot about his Dad who passed 15 years ago. SM does not often do that level of sharing so we all sat back and listened to his memories of his Dad and also his Dad's Dad. Lots of information shared and hopefully filed away in the grands for the future. Also made us realize that it has been awhile since we looked in on our land (from SM's grandmother) up in northern NM. So we will be going to check on it this Friday. Road trip.

It has already snowed up in that part of the state. I'm looking forward to seeing some new snow and maybe, if I'm lucky more sharing from SM of his childhood memories.

All of this led the Cuckoos to making a list of "foods" that the family would like to have in the coming nights and that led to more talking about how foods make you feel and remember special things. So in the near future we will have pot roast and mashed potatoes (SM), spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic toast (Ry), Orange Chicken and vegetable fried rice (GK), Pepperoni and cheese stuffed sandwiches and greek salad (Shelley) and green chile chicken enchiladas with homemade flour tortillas (me).

Ry also requested a pumpkin pie. There was a brief discussion of pies in general because it is our favorite dessert here at the Casa. And it was unanimously decided that we should eat more pie. Can't argue with the masses, tee hee.

What childhood favorites to you have? And do you have foods that make you immediately think of something  or someone special?

Have a great rest of the week, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Funny you mention this! I just made tons of homemade apple sauce and a huge banana spice cake to keep my lord and master of the castle happy while I am busy starting a job in the outside world! Does this mean I'm except of household duties?
    Well....not if I want them done right!
    I can hear the gasps from up here!
    I look forward to your detailed account of the next adventures of Oma! Enjoy Your Time! and Breathe! xoxoDebi

  2. There are a few Portuguese dishes my grandmother made during the holidays that I remember. My wife does her best to recreate them, bless her.

  3. Mmmm, the cooking all sounds so great.

    Too many times we are off and running with a plate of food instead of gathering around the dinner table to talk. That was the big deal when I was growing up but it has drifted away from us now.

    Chocolate gravy (thin, hot pudding) and biscuits!!! Or chocolate pie. I remember Mom and one of Marcy's friends with chocolate pie because they said I knew how to make it right.

  4. What a perfectly lovely way to spend your meal time. My kids and I always ate together.. not necessarily always at the table but if we were all home, we shared a meal. Frank's family always ran off to their own spaces to eat and he has that tendency still - even though it's just the two of us. I miss family time. And I love that you get certain conversations going. It brought a tear to my eye to think of SM sharing something that he ordinarily holds close.

  5. Baked mac and cheese, not the runny kind but the one with a toasted cheese crust. That takes me back to our family times. In those days if we didn't sit down with the family, we didn't eat. Probably because we didn't have the options kids have today.
    I really like your "best and worst" conversation topics.

  6. Sounds like a great meal. Chicken n dumplings sounds yummy. I like your idea of family time. Too many don't have that anymore. I'm guilty as well. Of course, my boys are on their own, but hubby and I never sit down to a meal together. I like to eat early, especially since my diet, and he likes to eat about 8 pm, much too late for me. I miss that closeness we had when I ate late with him, but it's really not good for your health.

  7. When I was preggers with my only child, my grandmother asked if there was anything special that I was craving so she could make it for me. It was an easy answer: Chipped beef gravy and her Ahhmazing biscuits and her fried okra. She made her fried okra in a cast iron skillet and cooked it like a hoecake, not in little fried balls Cracker Barrel style. I still crave it from time to time, but no one can make it like she did... my sister comes close, but it's really not the same.

  8. For me it was the smell of home made bread when I came in from school - the seafood chowder my Mom made, the home made cookies (my peanut butter) we all had favourites and Mom made them all. Beans with bacon n molasses cooked in the pot with home made brown bread n rolls on Sat. nite. Our house always smelled good. Nice trip down memory lane.

  9. I can't think of any childhood favorites. I generally did not like dinnertime growing up. I was a skinny kid who didn't eat much and part of that I think is because dinnertime often meant my father venting his spleen. who could eat when someone was getting reamed out especially if it was you. what I do remember is we never had chicken in our house. my dad hated chicken because when he was in the hospital for two years during the war with tuberculosis that's all they ever served.

  10. We were pretty poor but somehow mum made the BEST soups, adding more water as the week went on LOL, pea and ham soup full of barley made on ham bones... I was a bit of a veggo, so my favourite meals were the things that went with bar-b-ques, mums potato salad and macaroni cheese made with Campbell's tomato soup, dad ate tripe (us kids would look on with disgust) but he was bought up with no money and bread and dripping was a treat, offal and things like 'pigs head' (there's meat behind the ears LOL) would sometimes make their way into our fridge, scare the shit out of us kids, just realised why I had vegetarian leanings ;) dad would hack oysters off the rocks and mum made the best toasted salad sandwiches in the universe, didn't matter how they did it, all I know is we were rarely hungry and appreciated their efforts :) ohh, and the way mum peeled our fruit, oranges that unfurled like snakes.... still makes me smile!

  11. I want more pie too, please ;o) I think it's great that you have time together at dinner time ;o) That's the way it should be! Whenever I think of mom's homemade buns, or bread, or perigees, or cinnamon buns, I think of the holidays ;o) I think of all the care and love she puts into those treats for us, while we sit and gulp them down! LOL! Memories are precious! It's what life is all about ;o) Hugs ;o)


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