Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving...........

Greetings from Casa de Cuckoo.

Hope your holiday is smooth sailingly calm and fun lovingly sweet.

Our Thanksgiving this year is looking to be a Baby Bear kinda event for us.............just right.

I must wish my Sweet Man a Happy Anniversary. It's been 42 years of putting up with each other and having the best somebody to lean on. Here's to the next year of being together. We truly do deserve each other, and after doing this for so long, well it's pretty easy really.

After the rancid turkey fiasco of '12 and the "this wasn't Thanksgiving" casserole of '13......we did what any lazy and loving family would do. Have someone else do the work. Dinner will be prepared by Boston Market and we'll pick it up and warm it in the afternoon of Turkey day. This was orchestrated by the whole nest of Cuckoos and approved by each and every one. Sweet Man has to work and won't be home until after 6, the kids wanted Shelley and I to be free and able to set up the Holiday Tree since Shelley has the day off and frankly, I love the plan.

I can make myself crazy later in with cooking two very important meals, a Winter Solstice feast and then Christmas supper. So I can get my Martha Stewart on then. Besides, doing what feels right is more important than what is totally dictated by others. Oh don't get me wrong, I love tradition, I just don't feel that I have to be a slave to it. I may live in my Momma's house but she doesn't make the rules anymore. And so that wild and crazy, rule breaking kinda attitude will apply to yet another seasonal endeavor.

Which brings me to the meat and potatoes (couldn't resist) of why I am posting today. Because you notice it has been awhile.

We are celebrating the Christmas season this year. What????? That is just cra cra.

I mean there is Christmasing, decorating, making, fixing, observing and HO Ho HO coming out of the Casa. It is virtually ooooooozing outta our pores.

For the entire time that the grands and Ms. S have been back here, which would be 5 years and some months, I have been the court jester and jumping around trying to make merry, my daughter has been "reserved", and that's putting it mildly. Ms. S has had a hard time finding her Jolly Holly. Oh, she has put on a great face for the kids and has never kept them from celebrating a single thing, but the spirit of the season underneath has been....uh....forced. But not this year.

Ms. S actually surprised shocked us with her new found happy. It comes from knowing who she is and what she has accomplished and also forgiving herself for things over which she has no control. This has set her free. She has plans.....for decorating, cooking, celebrating and it is kinda scary, if you get my drift. GK asked me if her Mom was okay, I answered, "yes, finally". So officially, the holdiay season has begun for us with a no holds barred kinda flavor. Thus the plans for an early Christmas tree decorating event, along with new ornament making, and cookie baking when most folks are fixing giblets and stuffing.

Update on the grands:

GK will be having her friends over for an ugly sweater party, but with a twist. Instead of wasting money buying something that they will never wear again, the guests will be given newsprint and markers when they arrive and will be asked to draw their ugly sweater. They will also be asked to donate $10 (which is probably less than they would have had to pay for said ugliness) which will then be given to the UNM Children's hospital. That way they will have fun and give a donation to something more..... .. Proud of them for the thought of giving not getting.

GK and her nerd herd pals got together earlier this month (the six of them go to 4 different high schools). They have this pact that they will not lose track of each other and so they will be going to the amusement park here during Holiday break for a night of craziness. So happy that she has good kids as friends and they all are like minded about staying in touch. I have always been envious of folks who made the effort to stay friends with folks from their past. It is an enviable thing to have that kind of stick to it - ness.

Ry and I have a strange source to thank this Thanksgiving. Had it not been for Ry's earlier uncomfortableness and school problems that came from his fear of speaking to his dad, he and I would not have spent quality time together without anyone else around. It gave us the opportunity to talk about things that matter to him. He regaled me with all manner of Minecraft, Pokemon and Storm trooper wisdom and in between those thoughts were his feelings about his life and loves. I am blessed by knowing my grandson in a whole new way. He was blessed with finding out parts and pieces of my life as a kid and my feeling for him, his sister and their mom, Ms. S.

And all of this is thanks to someone I never would have thought I would be thankful towards, not in a million years. Thanks to Darren and Tara, without your actions I would never have had the opportunity to become even more invested and closer to the most wonderful special boy on the face of the planet.

Yep, we have it happening here at the Casa.

So get your turkey on and gobble til you wobble. Do the happy "t day" dance and shake your holiday thang.

with Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda and All the Cuckoos at the Casa


  1. Happy Anniversary, Happy Thanksgiving and I'm very happy for Ms. S that she has come out of the holiday blues. I have battled those myself for many, many years and am trying really hard to not have them this year. I'm hosting Thanksgiving for the first time and am really looking forward to it. :-)
    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Glad Ms S has turned the corner and got her holiday groove back! Sounds like the next 6 weeks at your Casa are going to ROCK!

  3. I can't wait to see what Winter-Solstice-Christmas celebration looks like.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the Cuckoos! What an uplifting post this is!

    Too often we become burdened by the traditions and expectations set by others. How freeing to do your own thing, to do what feels right for you and your family without worrying about "tradition". Thrilled to read that Ms S has her holiday mojo back and that the family is once again being their happy Cuckoo selves.

    And most importantly, a very Happy Anniversary to you two. The affection and love you two have for each other is evident upon meeting you (golly that was a long time ago, wasn't it?) Sending you hugs and much love.

  5. This is the happiest, most adorable and fun packed post I have read in quite a while. I am feeling the LOVE, the happiness, the craziness etc,etc. I love Christmas - we have fun and behave like silly children - we have never lost the child within - tradition - we created some of our own - its YOUR season to be HAPPY = do what makes you HAPPY, EH. Have a nice Thanksgiving as you roll out the magic Christmas Carpet. Cheers. Lovely post Oma - so nice to hear from you dear. lol

  6. Yay Shelly, bouncing back! Sounds like all is well at the Casa.

  7. Thanks for catching us up on what's going on at the Casa. Wishing you and all the Cuckoos a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  8. Happy Anniversary. Sounds like you both found keepers. How wonderful that Shelly has found a happy and calm place. Christmas this year should be really special.
    Enjoy your Boston Market--they do good work-- and just relax with loved ones.
    Know it will be a great Thanksgiving and holiday season for you all.

  9. Great catchup, Linda. You do have much to be thankful for and you show it often. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family.

  10. Happy Anniversary, and hope your Thanksgiving was the best ever!! ~tina

  11. 40 yrs! with the same ???? What a wacky concept!
    Isn't it wonderful when hearts mend right befor our eyes! ( whispering inside, I TOLD YOU SO!)
    Enjoy the ride new friend! The best is yet to be! xoDebi


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