Friday, December 19, 2014

3rd post in the Donkey Holiday extravaganza..........

Here are some more Donkeys wishing you a Happy Holiday season.

This grouping is less homogeneous and more general but still the Donkey theme reigns on.

And this time there is a story to go with it.

I bet you have wondered from time to time, why is this woman so obsessed with donkeys. Well here's the answer.

When I was 4, Mr. and Mrs. Valdez became very important people in my life. They were a sweet couple who were well into their seventies way back then. Mr. and Mrs. Valdez moved into their house a few months after we moved into our house on San Patricio near the country club in the south valley of Albuquerque. Mr. Valdez had won some money in a contest and they had moved out of the barrio and into a neighborhood that was less than a mile from their old house. They had children and grandchildren and were expecting their first great grandchild. All of their family lived in Mexico. So I became like an adopted grandchild next door. Mr. Valdez would call me over to feed the squirrels that lived in his outdoor oven and also to "help" him with the yard work. Mrs. Valdez always had cookies and juice waiting for us when we got finished and would regale me with wonderful stories of her childhood back in Vera Cruz. She had 11 sisters. She and her siblings would have to help their parents prepare the food that they sold in the mercado every day. They transported the food with the help of a pair of black donkeys that were named Joaguin and Miguel (Keno and Mike). She told some of the most delightful stories of these long ears. She loved them and so then, did I.

Mr. and Mrs. Valdez were a perfect pair of ready made grandparents right next door and I loved them so much. My life is so much richer for the blessing of having known them.

Because of their win fall they were able to travel a lot and did so often and frequently. Europe, Asia, South America and even Australia were all on their agenda. And each and every time they came home from one of their adventures, as soon as they were able, they would have me come over and would regale me with their trip and present me with a memento from their travels. I bet you can guess what the gifts usually were. Yep, donkeys of all sizes and configurations. A virtual herd.

Where they went, what they saw and favorite points of interests were all topics of conversation. I sat for hours on the foot stool in the living room listening to what they had seen and done. I was enthralled by them and their life. By the time I was in second grade, I had a very rich background gleaned from the traveling vecinos next door and shared my "acquired" knowledge often and frequently with the conviction of one who had actually traveled with them.

That is how I started my life long collection of and obsession for all things donkey.

Every time I see a card or photo of a donkey, I can't help but fondly remember two lovely people who took time to be my surrogate grand parents and bestowed very thoughtful and welcomed momentos of their travels and a life long love of donkeys. I will never forget how special I felt when they shared themselves with me. It was the best gift anyone can receive.

I received this card from Mr. and Mrs. Valdez when I was 5. What a cutie pie she is.
I hope you have a lovely weekend lovelies and that you recall some wonderful memory. That's what this time of year should be about. Building on the good and making the future even better.

Happy Holidays, Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. That was great! No wonder you love Donkeys after having such a warm relationship with these good people....and their donkeys. You must have a fantastic collection of donkey memorabilia with a personal story for each item. Donks are easy to fall in love with, they are so affectionate and loyal and clever too. In fact, I think I will go give my girls some cookies right now!I

  2. I shall remember this wonderful tale when I see donkeys.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. A beautiful memory and reason for loving donkeys!

  4. Such a warm and wonderful story and such a nice memory of stories shared to you by your surrogate grand parents. Just a lovely, delightful post. My friends Donkeys are super friendly too, very loving and caring and VERY protectful of their young. Thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your life with us. You have given my heart a nice smile this morning. Have a lovely day.

  5. Lovw the background story on why donkeys are so special for you. I also like the vintage pictures. Take care.

  6. Happy Holidays Linda! Always enjoy visiting you! XO

  7. Oma Linda, this is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this wonderful story! The card you kept, from when you were 5, do you have it framed? It's so cute! Big Hugs xoxox

  8. What a sweet story. I am so glad you had them in your life but also glad they had you. You were both blessed. That last card that they gave you is just too adorable.

  9. A touching heartfelt story Oma, told with such affection I was a little taken back at how simply beautiful it is and teared up a little, hugs & love from Oz sweet woman & the true spirit of Christmas & all things magic will always find a home in Casa de Cuckoo with you and your family because you guys embrace, appreciate & give it back twofold xoxox


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