Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas present just for you.............

You know how I love me some donkeys........well, I gleaned these pictures from Pinterest that are both donkey and Christmas.

I hope you will enjoy the next three postings of adorableness.

I'm in the middle of baking my brains out for a cookie exchange and for the Cuckoos as you look at these.

Enjoy my friends...............

You notice angels and donkeys kinda go together......sweet innocence.

Tomorrow another theme will blind you with donkeyness.


  1. Thank you - so very sweet. My dear friend has a farm and she had a new baby donkey born last year in December. We all rushed out to see the baby. "Lil' Opal Rose" is the dearest and sweetest donkey and she is as precious as her Momma Izzabelle (Izzy). You have just brought her first moments of life back into my eyes and heart. Thank you Oma Linda and have a wonderful day.

  2. Hee Haw Hee Haw! Happy Holidays!

  3. I love the sweet old fashioned styles.

  4. I hadn't noticed the connection between donkeys and Christmas...until you pointed it out.

  5. I think I have caught your donkey fever. You got me checking in on 7MSN and I am now a huge fan of Alan.


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