Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A follow up to being concerned..........

First I want to thank all of you who commented and gave me your opinions. I think each person had valid thoughts and voiced them well.

I do need to say that race was never a part of my blog post for a reason. Each of the incidents only involved "white" victims. I can't speak to any other life or ethnicity but my own. I was so pleased that those of you who had feelings and personal knowledge about persons of color and how they might be treated by the police, spoke up in this forum. I am blessed by each of you and your hearts. I have said it before, I was grew up color blind and so are my daughter and grands. The vast mixing pot that is the southwestern USA afforded me that view. Color has never been used by any of us to describe a new friend. The new friend has always been a person first. I know that is not the case with all people.

Never just stagnant, the Cuckoos are moving forward with an idea planted long before I posted my blog post. Several of you suggested that "we" teach Ry what could be life saving techniques. It is amazing to me that even though we are miles and miles apart, so many are on the same wave length. We have spent many hours trying to do just that very thing. But there seemed to be something missing from our lesson plan. That something is to actually meet with police officers and let Ry meet them personally. That will be happening very soon thanks to another something that is in the near future.

Shelley had already been asked by the Special Education Development Team to be a parent representative and speaker in a round table with Albuquerque Police Department's Community Outreach. She will be a member of a team of teachers, parents and administrative persons from Albuq. Public Schools who will have the opportunity to avail APD with their insights into special needs children's responses or lack there of to stressful situations. She then is hoping to be one of the team that will speak to the Police Academy as well as the Sub Station roll call keynote speakers in the months to come. I am proud of her for  making herself part of a teaching experience and hopefully part of an answer to a need.

Once again thank you all for your kindness, your thoughts and your good advice for the Cuckoos.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Our community has many outreach programs linking our police to the community. Everyone seems to benefit from these programs.

  2. Wonderful idea to let Ry interact with an actual policeman and your daughter is doing such a service by educating the police. You have shown it is not enough to see a potential problem but to tackle it head on. Kudos.

  3. Fabulously hopeful outcome :D XXX

  4. The best way to effect change is to step up and work with others rather than standing at the sidelines talking about it, therefore Shelley will be making a huge difference by teaching those in law enforcement about the way autism affects the behavior of different people. Some of us have never been touched by this and therefore education is vital, including one on one time with people who live with autism or any issue that may cause an individual to behave differently from the norm. *standing and clapping hands for the Cuckoos*

  5. Shelly has shown the makings of a wonderful young girl. You should be so proud of the initiative she has shown and BRAVO for Ry to be introduced to the police department - we have done some of this in our area and we know our Police Officers and they KNow Us. Of course, we are fortunate to live in a small community so it is much easier to know your protectors . I am most happy for you Oma Linda. Hug your family for me all the way from the Atlantic Coast. I am proud of you all . lol

  6. Super idea and very good news. An idea is born, starts out small and before you know it, it has a full grown life of its own. Sending Shelly lots of positive energy for inspiration and well-chosen words! Hugs, BB

  7. Congratulations to Shelly for being Pro- Active! Knowledge is power and also teaching the young ones to take care of themselves in this violent world is important, regardless what the school system says!
    Enjoy your Christmas Uma! The children are doing just fine!

  8. That is fantastic about Ry! Yeh Shelly ;o) Hugs ;o)


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