Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Happy New Years wish for you all.....................

It is my hope that you leave the troubles of 2014 behind. Build on all of the successes of last year and arrive at 2015 with an interest in something wonderful to do, friends to urge you on and peace when you can find it.

The Cuckoos of the Casa are in for the evening. All manner of calories to be consumed and are arranged on the kitchen counters and plastic plates are the dinnerware of the evening. The Cuckoos have some favorite noshes which include; sweet and sour meatballs, little smokies in BBQ sauce, poor mans caviar (chopped black olives and cream cheese served on crackers), chips and dip as well as sweet and spicy pecans and hot cocoa mini cupcakes. We are going to have Naughty Rudolph's or Butter Beer (a nod to our all day Harry Potter movie fest tomorrow) to welcome the New Year. Although I can guarantee this old broad and her paramour will be in bed long before the striking of Midnight.
Here's the recipes for the drinks:

2 cups ice
1 cup ginger ale
1/4 cup Mario Cherries
3 ounces vanilla vodka

Add all ingredients to the blender, blend until smooth. You can dress them up with pretzel antlers and a Mario cherry for the red nose.

1 ounce vanilla vodka
1 ounce butterscotch schnapps
1 ounce dark beer (Guiness)
10 ounces cream soda
topped with whipped cream

Pour vodka, schnapps, and beer into a glass mug. Slowly pour in the cream soda. Allow bubbles to dissipate. Top with whipped cream.

We are not drinkers but these two drinks sounded like something we might enjoy. Especially for a toast to everyone's good health.

So from the Cuckoos at the Casa to your house.....Happy New Year.


  1. I'll take a Naughty Rudolph! :)

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful Cuckoos.

  2. Happy new year to all the Cuckoos :o)

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours. I treasure our online friendship.

  4. ha,ha WE are doing the Mummy fest today and Indiana Jones. Treats would be in the manner of scallops, lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels and of course BBQ'd steak. Then there will be crackers, chips and dips and a Lobster dip that I make from scratch. I am not a late nite person, so was woken just before midnight to bang pots on the porch and share the "Apple-teene". Aah, 2015 has arrived like a breath of fresh air. I think the Naughty Rudolph and Butter Beer sounds quite nice. Happiness to you n yours kiddo.

  5. You certainly ate the old year out properly. Like you, the change over came while I slept. Hope you have a smashing 2015 with good things, great health, and good friends.

  6. Happy New Year to all the inhabitants of the Casa! May 2015 be an awesome year for each and every one of you!

  7. The Naughty Rudolphs sound mahvelous, dahlin'! We had cold cuts and chips, then we roasted marshmallows for s'mores over our small bonfire while watching the neighborhood fireworks. We shot a few fireworks at midnight and were bedded down by 12:15. It was a nice quiet night for Aly and me and I am hopeful for a better year in 2015 for my family. Best New Year Wishes to the Cuckoos!

  8. What a great night ;o) That food sounded tasted and so do the drinks! Thanks for the recipes ;o) Happy New Year to everyone ;o) Lots of hugs and kisses ;o)
    (You might like to read my post on my blog. I think it will bring a smile to your face.)

  9. Happy New Year to all the "Cuckoos at the Casa"! I hope 2015 is full of splendid things for all of you!! ♥

  10. Oh my goodness. I have some peach pie that would go sooo freaking good with Butter Beer!

    Happy New Year, dear Oma Love. ♥

  11. with the grands in residence and a fireworks extravaganza, we were all up for kisses and wishes. happy new year!

  12. Love the sound of Butter Beer, and poor mans caviar I'd much prefer over those real fish eggs! I'm late in dropping by, our next lot of OS guests from Scotland have arrived, so with work/cooking/entertaining I haven't done much blog related visiting, always love to drop in and see what my fav cuckoos are up to though :) huge hugs and I know I've touched base with you but it's good enough to say again (because I really mean it) HAPPIEST OF HAPPYS FOR 2015 and (beyond) xoxox


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