Sunday, December 21, 2014 of the Christmas gifties...............

Sometimes I wonder what kind of evil plot I must have been a part of in one of my former lives to warrant the harassment I endure from my camera, computer and the Internet. Or maybe it's just I don't know what I'm doing. But I suspect it is a combination of both. I musta been a "bad puddy dat" and I have no tech skills. Whatever, the sun came out this morning and I tried again to get photos off of my camera and VIOLA. So a couple of weeks late and several dollars short................

The Cuckoos had a great time creating something from something else....our favorite doings.

Tart pans, vintage inspired Christmas paraphernalia, salt shakers, cotton and fake snow made for a fun couple of afternoons. We made gifties for some of my pals, some teacher appreciation presents for Ry guy and Carrot Cake to give (which the teachers liked), and some pay it forwards which we left in shopping centers, libraries and parks. We even got to watch folks as they came upon the gifties. Most just grinned so big and the Cuckettes got a warm heart moment.

So now we just have to wait for the Fat Man to arrive and shower the household with special tokens and gifts.

Once again, the house is decorated, the gifts are made, the baking is in full swing and we are so blessed.

Even the strawberry plants on the back porch are ready for the holidays.



  1. I'm proud you have such Christmas spirit. The crafted art pieces are wonderful. Lots of time and thought put into those beautiful gifts.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. I love your creations Oma Linda ;o) So special ;o) I have the one you made for me last year, hanging up ;o) Gorgeous strawberry plant ;o) I'm waiting for the Fat Man too ;o) LOL! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Oh my goodness you have produced some special creations with the family, must admit those trees in the glass bottles are so cool (I have a thing for snow domes so I am a little biased) and how exciting you left 'pay in forwards' around town, I am sure they will be treasured by those who fate allows to find them!!! Stacy waiting for the Fat Man too LOL, Stacy, slim ones are OK too ;)

  4. haha Even though I love this season you just make it more exciting. I am feeling your feeling at the pay it forward watching. Oh, that would be so nice to see the look on their faces.....right in the heart, eh. This morning, after almost 3 weeks of freezing rain, rain, mild weather and back to freezing, the sun is peeking up over the horizon. The sky is an amazement of yellow, light orange and peeking through levels and levels of clouds, which I hope the clouds move on their way and give us some warmth from the sun today. That's what I'm hoping for. Your gifts look quite lovely. I especially like the idea of the salt and pepper shakers. Really neat. Thanks for the extra happy spirit you sent my way when reading your morning post. . Have a wonderful day :)

  5. In spite of your electronic woes, you still have the spirit of the season and I admire you so much.

  6. Oh my! the little trees in jars are just magical! :D XXX

    1. I pick them as well! Oh what fun at your villa! A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours! xoxoDebi

  7. Gorgeous crafts as always! Electronics may trip you up, but crafting never does!

  8. Wow, you all are so talented. Those are really cool gifts.
    Your pay it forward gifts are such a neat idea. Glad you got to see them bring joy to a stranger.

  9. Glad you were finally able to share the pix... looks like it's been really busy up in your nest! I love the little tart tin ornies and I'm so honored to have my very own from last year. I feel like I have a little touch of Cuckoo Christmas Magic here in my nest, too. Cheer is contagious and you help so many to catch it... thank you for sending a bit of it my way!


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