Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday redo's for you............

Here are some things I've played with on PicMonkey. I should be doing other holiday stuff like packaging gifts and going to the post office but sitting here with my space heater, a cup of my favorite tea and procrastination staring me in the face...........

I chose to play instead. I found photos of old postcards and PicMonkey and I had some playtime. Happy Winter Season to you all.

I just love these advent calendars. Had some as a child and it was always a treat to open the little doors and know it was a countdown to Santa.

Snow, Gnomes and Mushrooms.....all my faves

I think these little guys have the right idea.....booze and brisk walk. Sounds good

Something very special about forest scenes and winter

Graphic Fairy always has the very best graphics to share for the holidays. This one is especially nice to play with.

We've been busy making teacher appreciation gifts and some pay it forwards. Every single idea came from Pinterest in one form or another. See, sometimes it's worth the hours  time spent looking at other people's pages. Thought I'd share the photos but I guess my camera has other ideas.....I'll work on that.

Happy Friday to you my lovelies,

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. A seasonal Happy Friday to you and yours!

  2. Love those vintage Christmas cards. So imaginative. Take care.

  3. Love the mushrooms and gnomes. And I too love forest scenes, especially if faeries are there. Enjoy the time you are spending being creative. You can put off procrastinating tomorrow!

  4. these are just gorgeous!!
    I love mushrooms and snow!!!
    thanks for sharing.
    I hope you can post the teacher appreciation gifts soon:-)

  5. I love the gnomey cards, too. Glad you're able to do some chillaxin'... just what the doctor ordered, as I recall. Mad rush here today, as I picked up the last of my gift items and a few things to finish up my decor. Tonight, I'm settling in with a glass of wine and a movie and doing some chillaxin' my own self...Yay!

  6. I am impressed, but I should have known "pay it forwards" - we do those too, and not just at Christmas - I simply love the cards you made and I think I shall go check out this picmonkey - I like those too. Have a wonderful day my dear and blessings to each of you.

  7. I love the classic Christmas cards, and there originality! True treasures!
    Cheers to procrastination! ❤️

  8. Always a great idea to play when nothing else springs to mind...the alternative would be to waste your time doing nothing lol XXX

  9. Sometimes it is necessary and fun to put all the "need to do's" to the side.
    Winters Blessing caught my eye.

  10. I love the nostalgic feelings these evoke.

  11. The Snow, Gnomes and Mushrooms are lovely. Just lovely. ♥

  12. Love these all Oma Linda! Hope you had a great weekend ;o) Hugs ;o)

  13. I love these old cards! funny that they have the gnomes carrying those deadly poisonous mushrooms around. Glad to see you are enjoying the holiday season. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Don't temp me to play on PicMonkey!
    I have been pinning for shopping sprees lately.


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