Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Well here we are at the night before the night before............

and creatures are stirring in this old house.

another favorite book from Ms. April at The Angry Gnome
Thought I would share the last of the Christmas deco photos and some last minute donkeys.

Made this pair for Shelley when she was a little girl.

Shelley's collection of nutcrackers, with my gnome nutcracker and books

But first I will tell you what I got for Solstice. A whopping case of ringworm. Ewwwwwwww. I know you are all jealous as jealous can be.

I have had a fungal infection and the medication that my dermotologist prescribed just wasn't clearing it up. And Sunday morning when I woke up I was burning and scratching almost everywhere, behind my ears, on my upper arms, and places that I will just leave to your imagination. Yikes. So I took an antihistamine and called it happy. After all I have an appointment with the skin guy next Monday. But as the day turned to evening, I gave up the ghost of "nothing's really wrong" and down shifted into, "I can't stop itching and scratching to save my life". So SM took me to the ER because SM said it looked like shingles. I have no idea what shingles look like but this stuff was rapidly taking over every square inch of skin I have. I don't think I would have been nearly as eager to go to the ER had it not been for the burning. I did not want to deal with Shingles, alone.

The Dr. saw me quickly (shock and wonder) because SM kept insisting that I had shingles. When the Dr. got a good look at my "blossomings" he said, nope, this is definately not shingles because Shingles will not cross the meridian of the body. You can have it on one side or the other but this was everywhere. And he thought it might be ringworm, which is not a worm at all but another variety of fungus. At any rate, I was in and out of the ER very quickly, got a prescription for some powder and today has been much better. I still look like I am trying to imitate my favorite red and white polka dotty, only reversed.

But I am better today, knock on Christmas cookies.

Once again the very best of the season in these old cards that show donkeys and gnomes.

Here are some photos that I know you all will love seeing. Shelley took GK and her nerd herd to a local amusement park on Saturday to ride rides in the frigid temps (she's a better mom than I was to her). These kids are freshmen in high school but kids none the less. They stood in line with Shelley to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas and the GK and Ry took a photo. They made friends with the elves, entertained the people in line with their silly but not too off colored remarks. Then the "naughty list" teenagers took a photo as well. Too funny.

Ohad, Johnny, Bella, GK and a the much too friendly elf.......

The Cuckettes at their finest
Anyway, Happy Holidays to all of you my lovelies from all the Cuckoos at the Casa.

Smooches and Christmas Squoozes, Oma Linda (in varying shades of red and white)


  1. Oma you get well quick, no time to scratch yourself at Christmas ;) I love your vintage donkeys, transports the viewer to a joyful place somewhere hidden in the past that deserves to be uncovered for others to delight in! Oh pleased to see we aren't the only family that lines up for Santa shots, tell your babes Memphis and Trinity (20 and 17) indulged me again and we got photos at the plaza with Santa, which was nowhere near as good as Ry's and GK's (I wondered if I got the right photo, Memmys hair was red instead of blonde and Trin looked like a random person had stood in for her) you guys got a beauty!

  2. PS wishing a bounty of Seasonal Joy, good health, and magic to you and all the cuckoos and the best of everything in 2015! mega love and hugs xoxox

  3. OMG heal quickly! What a terrible affliction to come down with right before Xmas!

  4. Sorry to hear about your...ailment. I hope it goes away soon so you can enjoy the festivities. Mrs. Chatterbox has had the shingles and they are terrible. Happy Holidays to everyone at Casa de Cuckoo.

  5. We should take your fungus and my bacteria for a walk in the woods... and leave them there to freeze to death. What do you think?

    Love all the read cheer around Casa de CucKoo!

  6. Oh my gosh, so SORRY to hear you haven't been well, but am glad you're feeling better!! LOVE your collection of nutcrackers, and the image of the gnome and the donkey reading a story together by the fire! Happy Holidays to you and yours!! ~tina

  7. Wishing you all the festive joy your family can cope with :D XXX

  8. May you have cozy, non-scratchy clothes to recuperate in! Enjoy the holidays!

  9. What a nasty present you got for the holidays. NOT FAIR !!!!! Glad it wasn't shingles-they can last for a month and hurt like blazes but that worm can't be a bit fun. Itching is torture. Do take care, powder up and feel much better soon.
    Loved the shot of the kids on Santa's knee.
    Be better soon and have a wonderful holiday.

  10. if I am ever fortunate enough to have GRANDS I hope mine are even half as wonderful as yours.
    I am sorry you are feeling itchy, burning, poorly but I still think you are better with ringworm than shingles.
    Festive Solstice and warm winter holidays!
    And to all a grand night

  11. Have a Merry itch-free Christmas.

  12. I am so happy you are doing better Oma Linda! I couldn't believe it when I was reading about this on Facebook! That Facebook is hard to keep up on! LOL! I like the slower place of blogger ;o) But, I am not giving up on Facebook ;o)
    Love all the pictures ;o)
    Sending you and your loved ones a BIG HUG ;o) Merry Christmas ;o)


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