Thursday, December 25, 2014

Wow, the trashman is gonna have a hard time................

hauling away all the paper and boxes from the gifting at Casa de Cuckoo.

photo from Pinterest
But I love the dottiness
There are only 5 Cuckoos currently in residence here. When I was growing up, in this same house, my brother and sister and their families would come over on Christmas morning and there were 15 of us tearing away at packages. I know it must have been tons more paper and boxes than we had this year but for some reason, it just seemed like so much.

Today was a quiet day. SM had to work today and the rest of us were super lazy. The grands played video games and Shelley and I watched a couple of chick flicks, grazed our way through the goodies that we baked including the yummy Jam Cake and just relaxed. I talked on the phone to some of my lovelies and then made a very none traditional Christmas day dinner. It's been a fun lead up to and including Christmas but I must confess, I was ready to take down the tree this afternoon. The older I get the more I am so over stuff and ready to go on to the next. How about you?

Tomorrow Shelley will have to go back to work after her 4 days off. The grands have some work of their own to catch up on and I must confess that I need to spend this week getting some paper work done.

So I'm taking a break until New Year's Eve from blogging. Have fun this last week of the year. And I'll read you soon.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Had to laugh as I read this. On TV the GMA crew was talking about puting away the tree and decorations. My own SM was saying how can they be taking things down already?? And we didn't even have a tree this year, or wrapping paper. There were only the 2 of us and the 4 leggers. We did the hold it behind your back until gifted. I will have to do better next year.

  2. I am so over it I don't even do any of it. have a good respite.

  3. Have a wonderful between-Christmas-and-New-Years' break!

  4. We haven't spent presents yet. The Little Princess was visiting her maternal grandmother and just got back today. Tomorrow comes the madness. We are cooking together and decorating (I have a super-yummy-Cuckoo ornament to add to my avocado plant!).

  5. Oma Linda ,sounds like you had a great time ;o) I have to admit, we don't have a tree anymore. Mom has her houses and we hang our special ornaments around the house. And, as of today, everything has been taken down and put away. This Christmas wasn't good! Everything was off! My first Christmas I can say, I could forget it and it wouldn't matter to me. Mom felt the same. I said it at the beginning of 2014, everything is changing and it is! I tell you, the caterpillar turns into the butterfly, I am so ready to fly! I really am! Love you Oma Linda ;o) Here's to an amazing 2015!!!

  6. And a belated Happy New Year to you, too, Oma Linda! I am so impressed that you and your family are living in the house where you grew up. It makes me wonder what our own lives would have been like had we done the same thing and just stayed put. Instead we went from here to there and back again, with mortgages all along the way. I'm just glad we ended up here in southern New Mexico with the big sky and the mountains. Oops, SEE? I've wandered off yet again! Best to you and yours and I'll be reporting back on the success of the 2015 hollyhocks.


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