Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A different kind of update...............

Most of the time, when giving you an update, I babble on about the grands, Shelle and SM. Today's post will be different in that I am going to give you my state of the olde broad update.

I reported to you on my fun and games fungal extravaganza. The skin Dr. got it wrong in early December by prescribing some ointment ($500.00) and some athlete's foot powder. The ER Dr got it wrong when my body added some spots about the size of a quarter over 50% of my upper torso and he prescribed nystatin which is for yeast. The skin Dr. read me the riot act when I went back the end of December saying that if I wasn't going to follow his directions.....and that's when he lost me and I lost my temper. No, not Oma! I can only suffer fools, a Dr treating me like I'm addled brained and irritating rash and burning itch for just so long (from the middle of November to be precise). Then the temper of the Irish/Mexican in me just blows like Old Faithful in Yellowstone. Loud, heated, fast and messy.
nummular eczema
probably caused by the stress of the primary fungal infestation
After my outburst of despair and anger, I was handed a prescription for an ointment that was the strongest Skin Dr. man could prescribe. That was on Dec. 30th and by Jan 1.........I was on the mend. Today the quarter rash is just barely visible. Which means I can feel human again and not like the walking plague. The itch and burning is gone and this ointment was only $10. And you know, it felt good to say I wanted an answer for the problem because I deserved it. A huge first timer for me.

All of this mini rant brings me to a very late but very important declaration. I have a word for the year 2015. This word picked me out of the lineup. Usually I do the picking of a watch word for the year. But this year, I pondered so many avenues of improvement, ways of becoming a better person, things I wanted to accomplish and none of the words that fit that bill...........picked me. Instead acceptance just came into view and settled in my heart and mind.

Acceptance, not acquiescence. Let us be clear about that slight difference. I will accept what is possible, attainable and appropriate. I will accept that I have talents, flaws and life skills that can be improved, but are acceptable none the less. I will allow myself to be..........acceptable, good enough, deserving. I also will accept others for who they are.

I know, it sound egocentric to a certain degree but that's okay for someone who for the better part of 40 years has put herself last. My first 25 were very egocentric as they should have been. I am going to claim that I am acceptable enough to have "firsts" sometimes. The biggest, best and prettiest sometimes. And not pick up any guilt from those actions. I am hoping that by giving up the old behavior of self denial and thinking I am not deserving, I will find a new way to see myself and those that love me. I deserve it and so do they.

And I suppose if I am going to be fair, don't you hate it when life demands a pound of flesh (so to speak) that I owe this word discovery to all those folks who have ever made me mad, suffered my ire and irked my chicken. Because in the past I would always feel terrible, guilty and self loathing.....but with my new word I am letting go of those ancient ickies that formed my well of anger and only deal in the now. And I don't feel the least bit guilty or bad now when I speak the truth in controlled auditory levels. Amazing stuff clarity!

GK hums the theme from Frozen to me (Let It Go) when I start to falter and Ry has put himself in charge of doling out my daily dose of positive affirmations. What a sweet, riotous mess he is. Some of his affirmations have been more of a peek into the mind of a 10 year old with a skewed perspective on life. He told me, "I make him as happy as getting to the last level of Mindcraft". And that I am, "As tricky as level 3". (Whatever all that means, I know it is a compliment.)

So stand back negative feelings...........Ry has put the Mindcraft juju on you. Tee hee

Have a wonderful self accepting day my lovelies. Let the past just be that.......past.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Thk goodness you finally slapped the professionals out of their coma and got taken care of!
    I have decided that as a member of the wiser age, underlings will be taken to task when they disrespect this Nana! Someone needs to educate them!
    Otherwise I hear you!
    Shake It Of! Shake It Off!

  2. I do dislike being treated like an imbecile. I am highly functioning and expect to be respected for whatever degree of "functioning" I can reach on any given day.

    Proud of you. Happy you have kicked the itch out. Heal and do something special for you.

    It is always helpful to have a cheering section.

  3. Glad to hear about your epiphany. Sometimes it's hard to speak up for one's self in the face of authority. Good for you.

  4. Self acceptance can be hard to come by but eventually we all have to come to it I think. Maybe it kinda comes with age, learning to treat yourself kindly, letting go of old shit. Gain all the wisdom you can from it but then let it go, forgive yourself, and move on.

  5. I'm glad that skin condition is under control. No one needs the misery of that! I like the word you picked too.

  6. So glad your rash is getting better both in comfort levels and the way it looks ~ mental and physical relief.
    Self acceptance. That is a tough one. After 66 years you'd think I would be there by now. It's coming. More and more each year.
    I love that you get stuff off your chest. Good for you, Oma Linda. I need to take your words to heart.

  7. "Acceptance" is a fabulous word! So glad your lurgy is on the mend (though I think painting your head purple would have been fun :D ) XXX

  8. Goodness, I am not sure but I think Ry gave you a heck of a compliment. Acceptance is part of the AA creed. To change the things we can, accept those that we can't and the wisdom to know the difference. I'm still working on that.
    What is the name of that ointment? I have a friend suffering the same thing and getting no results.

  9. I am so happy your skin condition is getting better! I felt so bad for you! Oma Linda, everything you wrote, is everything I am doing too ;o) It's time to dance ;o) Love you ;o)

  10. Not a wonderful situation but a WONDERFUL post and great news that you are on the mend. I thought the point of science is to get it right faster and more often.
    I too am trying to accept more and still dream of better things.

  11. I'm glad the meds issue was resolved and you were prescribed something that is giving you your skin back.

    I believe "acceptance" is a great word for 2015. I chose an acceptance/patience hybrid. We can't change the people around us, but if we care about them enough, we'll take the time to try to figure out why they're nuts. ;-)

  12. Glad to hear you are feeling better, some of those doctors need to "let it go, let it go" as well. I have told a few a few things myself over the years.
    Your word for 2015 is wonderful, I am working on the same thing actually....
    Finally my advise to Magaly Guuerrero, don't bother with trying to figure out why someone is nuts, impossible indeed!!

  13. Fabulous word, concept and practice. I'm glad you let the doc have it and that you're feeling much better by why on earth try you on a $500 treatment before the $10 one???

  14. I'm so glad to hear your skin is on the mend. You were brave to go through all of the Dr. crap and find the right solution, finally. That must have been awful for you. My mother is 'famous' for getting her own way in the doctor's office...I think they cringe when they see her coming. She doesn't take any 'bull' from anyone, and she is this tiny, little 86 year old!
    I like your word for the year 'acceptance' in all aspects for what its worth. Mine is 'focus' and I am going to make a mixed media canvas to remind me with 'FOCUS' in bold letters and hang it in my craft room. There's no time like the present.
    You are an inspiration. Keep rock'n!
    Teresa in California


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