Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring peaked her head into our neck of the woods................

The weather here has been delightful for the past week. Temps during the day are hovering around 65 to 70 degrees. It does still get down in the 30's during the night but it has been glorious. I've been taking advantage of the warm sun and just sitting in the garden and enjoying the birds and watching my crazy dogs show off. I realize that it will freeze again and I will curse the cold but for now, I'm a happy olde broad toasting my tooties.

Shelley and I had a delightful day out getting up to no good today. I love Mondays that she has off from work, the kids are in school, Sweet Man is working and the two of us enjoy some time together.

We went to ReStore (secondhand store that benefits Habitat for Humanity) and got some 1 x 4 wood of varying types and colors for a back porch project I am launching. On to ReTale (secondhand store for Animal Humane of Albuquerque) where all their winter clothing was half price. Bought some sweaters for the kiddos and some for me to put into a very hot washing machine and felt the woolies into material for my sewing projects. And then we went to buy 2 dozen cupcakes from my dear friend Verna who works tirelessly for the Oscar Foundation. This is the non profit that sells goodies and has super yard sales and all the profits go for medical bills for animals whose owners would otherwise have to either let their pets go or put them down. I love what this group does for our community and try to support them as often as we can.

So you see we went out and spent money but felt better about where the profits would be used. It's a win/win for junkers like us.

We also hit an antique mall in the valley on our way home where I found another white with red trim enamel bucket. It's a theme for the back porch. Reminds me of the screened porch at the ranch where I spent part of my summer as a kid. We used those enamelware pails and bowls for all kinds of chores and gatherings. Mostly of gathering eggs, chile, beans, corn and strawberries. I just hang them on the wall and let them take me to my childhood memories nowadays.

I had a repair man remark not long ago that my back porch with its porch swing, doilies, red and white polka dot pennants and enamelware looked like a place his grandma grew up. A few years ago I would have been put off, but now I was pleased that the homey, old-timey vibe that I was going for had been achieved. The grands call it oldie chic. Cracks me up.

Thanks to all of you that sent your good wishes for my bout with the massage ickies. I am happy to report that I have been working on smoothing things out again and I'm making some head way. It's so wonderful to have you my lovelies giving me your postive thoughts and energies. You know, I do that for all of you that ask as well.

Symbiosis is the only way to live. Reciprocal emotions is the basis of a life lived in love. You and my wonderful family make that possible for me. Don't think for a moment that I don't realize how blessed I truly am........because I do.

Smooches and Squoozes,
Oma Linda


  1. So jealous of your warm weather! We had an ice storm yesterday causing school delays this morning.

  2. HA,HA Loved that sentence "I'm a happy olde broad toasting my tooties." With a compliment like that from your repair man, that is something to boast about. Don't ya just love it, when you visit someone and the house welcomes you with warmth and love - you feel it the moment you walk in the door. I love the olde enamel bucket. I still have plates, saucers, bowls n large cups we used for camping when we were kids. lol

  3. sounds like a really great day. glad that you are on top of things again.

  4. Good gawd, BB, 70 degrees! That is obscene!
    Love the idea of you and your daughter heading to the shops and getting goodies. I believe I would love to spend some time with you on your oldie chic porch.

  5. I'd love to sit on your porch and suck in the nostalgia.

  6. So happy that you are gaining the upper hand after that massage mess. Be well my friend.
    That was a great compliment that fellow paid you. Grandmas usually remind us of love and comfort so you are putting out the right vibes in you decor.
    Enjoy that great weather, we have had similar. Knowing it won't last doesn't spoil the pleasure.

  7. I'm completely jealous of your springing spring. It's 15 degrees out here. I think I saw the pepper plant I keep by the window trembling at the thought of what the oak is feeling being planted outside and all. Or I could have been imagining things. You know how that works.

    Glad things are getting better with your body. And do know that the symbiosis bit is totally mutual. *pun intended* ♥

  8. glad you are feeling better. I have red and white enamel ware from both my auntie and grandma and my hubby's grandmother and great aunties. They remind me of being on the farm and cooking and picking produce from the gardens using those pans

  9. oldie chic, so cute! Beautiful post Oma Linda ;o) Big Hugs and much love! xoxoxoxo


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