Friday, February 27, 2015

The last of winter (we can only hope) report............

Been awhile again. No apologies just explanation of said time lapse.

My health once again has played a role in keeping me from the fun of Blogger. The fact that I lost my mind and changed some of the parameters of my Google account and then had a hell of a time getting back to square one also played havoc on my computering.

Noticed that Blogger isn't going to allow some adult activity on it's sainted venue. Oops, well I guess that won't have an impact on my viewing or posting.

Good night Mr. Spock. You did in fact "lived long and most certainly prospered". I will miss knowing that Leonard Nimoy is out there some where. I was watching an episode of the original Star Trek series the night I went into labor with my baby girl.

We celebrated her birthday last week and she gave me a dozen yellow roses for my efforts in making it her birthday and my birthing day. She's a goodie and has been sending me roses for "our" day since she was in high school. After Shelley did that for me I attempted the same with my mother but she didn't really get the reasoning for the gift. Oh well.

We had a snow day today and just hung out (me and the grands). Ry played on the X box, GK and I watched our new mania The Big Bang Theory. We never watched the first 7 years until now. Where were we and why did we miss a very funny TV show? Those are the questions we keep asking ourselves. Underachievers when it comes to TV I guess. I just love all the characters on BBT but I would have to say that Sheldon is my favorite. I think that is because he reminds me of our "inside, outside, upside down philospher" here at Casa de Cuckoos.

And the last bit of information I have to share with you is..............we are getting a new cat tonight. After a very strange adoption procedure, the kids are going to get "Chandler" this evening at 5:30. Chandler is a short haired, long legged, 10 month old, grey and black tabby with stripes and spots. He has a tigger nose and is slightly cross eyed. I mean who could ask for more, right? He is quite handsome and has the loudest purr. He will tower over our other two cats, Ms. Uma and Princess Toadstool.

Sweet Man said, no more cats. But he also said that the next animal that came into the house had to be Ry's. So when Shelley and the kids went to find one of those automatic cleaning kitty litters, they just cruised the cat adoption place. Chandler turned himself inside out (almost) trying to get to Ry. They filled out the papers and then were told that another family had already been there and wanted Chandler. Who the hell does that to a 10 year old boy who has already lost his heart to a cross eyed cat of his dreams? They said they would call if the adoption didn't go through. That was on Tues. night. We didn't hear anything on Weds. So yesterday, Shelley on her way home from work stopped to tell them what "asshats" they were for not contacting us. But when she walked up.....Chandler was still in his crate. What?????? No, the other family did not work out and they had lost all the paperwork on us. Long story short, Chandler comes to live with us tonight.

Hope you all survive the snow and cold. Only less than a month until Spring is to show her pretty face. Let's just hope Old Man Winter isn't a dip and holds on some more.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda

and yes, I will have an entire post on the adventures of Chandler and the girls.


  1. I love that your daughter recognizes YOU on her birthday.. how sweet is that!

    And Yay to adopting Clarence. Oops... I mean Chandler but he makes me think of Clarence the Cross Eyed Lion from Daktari.. do you remember that? :)

  2. So in all the winter has been peachy keen. Teasing just a little. I am glad we have reached the back side of winter and it limps outta site.

    I was just thinking about Spock. Sorry, Mr. Leonard you will always be Spock to me. Back in the Middle Ages we had tv but the news was mostly what we watched. Friday nights at 6:30 I filled my night with the Star Trek Enterprise.

    Big Bang Theory!!!!! One of my favorites and if you miss one, you can catch it on the computer.

    Congrats on the new house hold member. Congratulations, Ry!

  3. That is a very thoughtful girl you have. Congrats on the new kitty!

  4. I love the Big Bang Theory too! All the characters are great in their own quirky ways. And welcome to Chandler! Clearly the Universe conspired to make him Ry's cat.

  5. Welcome to your new fur baby. He is so beautiful.

  6. What a neat daughter to recognize her mother on her own birthday. You raised your girl right.
    So glad Chandler worked out. It was meant to be. I have had a Scoop Free automatic litter box for years. It is marvelous and visitors are always surprised when they see Minnie."You have a cat??" Zero odor.
    Me too on being a late comer to the Big Bang Theory (think I have finally caught up) and yes I am a Trekkie. Spock was my favorite.

  7. Lost your paperwork?! Huh. Glad Chandler found his way to Ry . The roses are lovely!

  8. So, you mean Google is not going to allow me to publish my porn again *sigh*; it's not fair. Just kidding.

    So glad you're feeling well enough to fly around the blogging world again. My Piano Man is having computer/Google issues right now, too, so I've refraining from saying those words aloud--he is sooo frustrated.

    Yay! for Ry getting a new friend. I hope they have many adventures together.

  9. Lovely roses with a lovely sentiment. Don't mess with your computer, BB. Leave things as is if you want to keep from going insane!!! Another cat good grief! Well good luck with that sweetie pie! Hope there are calm and peaceful meetings between the old and the new! How fun for Ry to have his own little buddy!! Stay warm and cozy.

  10. Okay - that adoption place is very poorly run! Fortunately it all worked out in Ry & Chandler's favour though. I'm SO happy to hear they get to be reunited! I hope this week has been pain-free in the introducing-cats department.

    And I hope you are feeling better! xo

  11. I love the roses between you and Shelley ;o) That is something I have never done with mom. I am going to start this year ;o) I am so happy about Ry's kitty ;o) So excited ;o) I hope the snow and cold haven't been too bad! Big Hugs ;o)


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