Thursday, April 16, 2015

And life went on after Oz................

At the same time that I was basking the afterglow of yet another fun and wonderful Oz celebration, there was other exciting things going on here at Casa de Cuckoo.

Shelley, Ry and G went to the Autism Run on Saturday morning. They were to dress up like a super hero. G and Ry made capes. It's so great that they do things like this together. The got lots of good information, shared the fun with others they knew and got to raise some money for Autism programs. They came home chattering away about all the fun they had.

little brother had to get in on the photo too
Later in the afternoon Ms. G was getting ready for Prom. She looked so pretty. All those years of her playing dress up flooded back into my mind when I saw her in her dress. She has always like to dress up.
never misses a chance to "do" a photo

She went with a friend. They both wanted to go but neither really had anyone they wanted to "date" for the evening, so they went together. Everything was done at the last minute. Buying the tickets, making the transportation arrangements, etc. As a matter of fact, the young man brought a friend of his because the other boy that was initially suppose to go couldn't at the last minute. So the two guys and G went together. Life has a way of playing tricks on you if you are not careful though.

G, her friend and his friend
The friend is a young man who's ex girlfriend is also an acquaintance of Ms. G's. This girl broke up with the young man back in November. But as 9th grade girls are prone to do, this girl made sure that drama was every one's companion that night. This silly girl threatened and insulted Ms. G and the young man, even though she knew they were going as "just friends". It didn't end on Saturday night either but continued at school on Monday.

Gerea is very capable of handling herself but was slightly confused and agitated by the whole drama of "yeah, I broke up with him but you can't be friends with him", thing. Also the two guys got jealous of each other over G that night. Teenagers are nutz.........

I was not surprised by the high drama and I am sure there is a lesson in there somewhere for G. My advice to her was not to make herself smaller and slink around as though she had done something wrong, because she didn't. But rather, just be her big persona and ignore the pettiness. It's hard I know, but after all those years of dreading Prom time when I was working with teenagers because someone always had to drop a drama bomb on it, I keep assuring G that "this too will pass".

The whole incident also reminded me that I don't miss the drama of hormones and hi jinx I had to endure when I did work with those rotten beasties.

Thanks once again to all the lovelies who participated in Celebrate Oz and also to all of you who visited and commented. I'll draw the winner of the sugar and creamer set on Saturday morning. Good Luck. xoxo Oma Linda


  1. Oma Linda, Miss G is SO very pretty and looking like quite the young woman. I'm sure there will be more drama in her life down the road. (Oh, woe is YOU). Her Prom dress is gorgeous!!!

  2. Miss G looks very beautiful and sophisticated in her prom dress! Green suits her. And your phrase "the drama of hormones and hijinx" is just exactly spot on. The other girl is a classic "dog in the manger" to quote Aesop.

  3. One of the few perks of getting old is not having to deal with teenage hormones and sensitivities.

  4. Ms G - you are so beautiful and absolute stunning dress - it fits you so perfectly - that photo of you leaning with your arm raised reminds me of "Audrey Hepburn" - you are that beautiful. I would be proud to have a sister like you, who so proudly wears a cape for a proud brother. The kids look wonderful and thank you OMA for this lovely post. Have a wonderful day each of you. :)

  5. It wouldn't be school with out drama. She looks so lovely and i hope had a great time with the two fellows. I never understood the attitude that if I am mad at someone, you have to be also and can't be friends with them. Mercy.

  6. gorgeous dress on a gorgeous girl but what happened to Miss G's boyfriend?

  7. Miss G looked absolutely the classic "Downton Abbey" 19 30's way. Simple , pure and beautiful...that's why the other girl kicked she was dressed like a meringue. Lovely to see the bond between her and her brother too :D XXX

  8. The dress! Is amazing! Miss G is stunning and has a very " capable" twinkle in her gorgeous eyes! Yes! I see how the Universe would be shaken by this beauty !
    End of high school can't come soon enough for this young woman!
    RY, I love your shirt! I have the whole HULK get up !
    Beautiful family Oma! you are truly blessed

  9. Miss G looks amazing! WOW!!! And, that dress!! I would wear it for a wedding dress! Truly beautiful! I was trying to follow everything that happened. I think I got lost! LOL! I love the picture at the Autism run! Very special! Big Hugs ;o)

  10. So touching the photo of brother and sister as caped super siblings Oma, just beautiful... Well I was going to rant about the stupidity of pettiness and small minded foolishness of 'some' drama queens and boys exerting some weird machismo tendencies, BUT, I looked at the beauty of Miss G, and know that she is a smart cookie, and realise deep down she recognises that 'silly' stuff need not concern her, it is the problem of those others and with the wisdom and insight of the other cuckoos she will see a higher path away from morons... What an absolutely smart and stunning girl, such a bright future ahead of her, a very cool family you got there Oma xox


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