Saturday, April 18, 2015

Now who can have an Oz tea party????????????

Before I disclose the winner of the sugar and creamer, I want to share some interesting information I've gleaned since I read through the 75th anniversary Readers Digest magazine that April gifted me for my birthday. The magazine is filled with all manner of tidbits of information about the production of the movie and the actors.

First I will share this comment left by Chubby Chatterbox. You're such a fan that you probably know the story about Frank Morgan (the actor playing OZ) and the coat he wore in the movie? He selected the coat at random in an MGM warehouse and when he got it home he noticed the tattered label inside: F. Baum.

But in fact, I didn't know that. I think that is very cool.

Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch of the West, got burned in an accident in the scene where WWW is departing Munchkinland after not being able to get the "shoes". She was to stand on a trap door and disappear in the big burst of red smoke, but the trap door didn't open and the flash burn of the smoke burned her. From that time on during filming she wouldn't be near fire. She refused to do the close up shots on the sky writing scene. Her double for that shot was severely burned during the filming of that scene. Hmmmmmmmm, she and the Scarecrow shared the fear of fire. Sounds like they both had good reason.

Also the green makeup used actually stained her skin green. Even after the production ended, she still had a green cast to her skin for weeks. Another makeup snafu was with the original actor chosen to play the Tinman. Buddy Epstein had a horrible reaction to the makeup and couldn't play the part. 

And the one I really enjoyed reading about was the dog that played Toto. Terry was a female cairn terrier whose former owners took her to a trainer because she had too many accidents on the carpet. They never went back to get her. The trainer, Carl Spitz, found Terry to be a very bright and cooperative pup and said she was easy to train. Terry was in at least 11 movies over the years and was always considered a pet on her off time from the movies. Judy Garland fell in love with her and wanted to adopt her after Oz but Mr. Spitz considered her a member of his family and declined Ms. Garlands request. So Terry was a rescue dog.

I could go on forever about the "things" that happened while shooting the film but....I'll restrain myself.

Now, as to the winner of the Wizard of Oz creamer and sugar bowl. Ry was up watching cartoons so he did the draw and the winner is, Debi of Easel and Quill. Must have been the wish that you and I would have tea together someday that put the mojo on the little slip of paper with your name. Congratulations to you. Just send me your address and I'll package up your winnings.

Thanks to all who entered, participated and made Celebrate Oz - Shadows of Oz such a fun time.

Also, Sunshineshelle asked me to do the draw for her giveaway of the painting of the Winged Monkey and a Dorothy button. Once again Ry was the picker outter and he pulled Stacy of Magic Love Crow as the lucky winner of the giveaway. I have to say.....I'm jelly.

Congrats Ms. Stacy. 

xoxo Oma Linda

xoxo Oma Linda 


  1. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  2. Congratulations!

    Wonderful facts I did not know.

  3. Goodness, who knew so much tragedy occurred in the making of Oz. That poor wicked witch took a beating. Interesting about Toto. Love it when rescue dogs do well.
    Congrats to the winners.

  4. So many fascinating tidbits of Oz lore!

  5. Well, I loved your little bits of info. And how on earth would there even have been a coat with the label F. Baum in it in an MGM warehouse?

  6. Congrats to the winner! And what Ellen said, wow!

  7. Thank you for all the tid bits of info - that was truly interesting to read and of course, congratulations to the winners and also thank you to each of you for making these posts so much fun to read. You all contribute and for that I am thankful. Have a wonderful day.

  8. I am thrilled! My luck will get me to our Tea Time! yet
    Thank you for Always! a Wonderful Event !!
    Congratulations to Stacy !!!
    Huge grateful HUGS!

  9. Oma Linda, that is so cool, all the information about the movie! That amazes me about the coat!
    Doing my happy dance!!! Yeh!! ;o) I am so excited!!
    Just to let you know, Kim won my flying monkey ;o) I need her address ;o) Really happy for her ;o)
    Big Hugs and thanks again for a great party ;o)

  10. Congratulations to the Lucky Winners!!! I'm so glad you like the magazine, Gnoma! I thought the photos were really lovely (My cousin, who lives in California, had sent the same magazine to me- I had not seen it here in Arkansas!). The story about the L.Frank Baum coat is pure OZ magic!!! What are the odds??? I LOVED the OZ party!!! Can't wit till next year!

  11. Love the extra dimension the tidbits give you on the 'full' Oz story, I knew a few things, love the coat and little Toto the rescue dog story, had no idea about the dangerous work health and safety conditions with the fires, scary! Actors obviously were not as revered or thought as valuable as the Tom Cruise's and Angelina's of today ;) thank you so much for doing the draw for my prize Oma, I am packing up the prize to send off this week (waiting for varnish to dary LOL) Congrats STACY wooHOO!!!!! Congrats to Debi too, lucky duck, Ry is probably your fav cuckoo at the moment pulling out your name in the draw ;)


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