Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring Break with the grands just whizzed past in a blur.........

Didn't think two weeks ago that I would be able to have any out of the house fun with the grands because of health constraints. But thank goodness I am now on some meds that make it possible to leave the house for a fair amount of time.

So knowing that, we decided to take a trip that Ms. GK had requested. She and Ry watched the movie "Young Guns" with Emilio Estevez, Kieffer Sutherland and other actors back when they were all just youngsters. It was filmed here in New Mexico and is about Billy the Kid. So we went on a Kid adventure to Lincoln NM where Sherrif Pat Garrett arrested and brought William Bonny to be tried for all his crimes during the Lincoln County Wars. There are bullet holes in the bottom of the stair case, supposedly put there by Billy the Kid himself as he escaped the courthouse and headed out of town to evade the "law" until they caught up with him in Fort Sumner, NM.

The Tunstall General Store has the same kind of fixtures that the General Store out at my grandfather's ranch had. It's interesting when I think of my relatives being in close proximity to the whole Lincoln county wars. There are family stories of being in the area when The Kid and the Regulators came riding through either running from or chasing the "bad guys". Sure makes the whole tale of William Bonney more real.

Lincoln is about 3 hours southeast of here and going the back roads lends itself to the historical attitude of the adventure. Lots of beautiful scenery, particularly in the spring. Both of the grands studied New Mexico history in 4th grade and Ms. G again in 8th grade. So there was lots to discuss about the area in which we were driving. There is a huge lava flow, gypsum flats, red, yellow and white striated rock formations and all the mesquite, red willow and yuccas you could ever want to see. It also helped that Sweet Man and I took many a trip on the route when we transported and escorted teenagers to church camp some 25 years ago. All in all the trip was so much fun.

But there is always a surprise when traveling with the grands. GK had seen a video on Youtube with a little girl standing and watching a flock of snow geese. Here is a link to that video: https://youtu.be/F-X4SLhorvw   The little girl says, "look at all them chickens".  Every time we would go past a herd of cows, the grands would say, "look at all them chickens". You know how kids are, if something was funny the first two times they said it, then surely to goodness it will be hilarious 92 times later.

So on the way back, Sweet Man, stopped on the side of the road, near a group of mama cows and the most adorable calves. Then he said, yep you guessed it....."look at all them chickens". To which the grands begged to get out and go to the fence line and see the baby cows.

Now I know a lot of you know from reading the blog that GK has a way with animals. She is our in house donkey whisperer, finder of lost cats and dogs and friend to so many birds in the yard, who just have no fear of her at all. Of course they got out of the car and went to introduce themselves to the nursery of calves. I thought the mamas would hurry the little ones away but instead, they all pushed closer to Ms. G as she cooed to them. She touched their noses, they gave her cow kisses, even the mamas. Then she encouraged her brother, who is usually a scaredy cat to be calm, sit still and extend his hand. When he did, he too was rewarded with slimey, wonderfully live affirming cow kisses and was so proud of doing so. Made me tear up watching not only the interaction of child and animal but the love of a big sister for her little brother, who I swear in another six months is going to be taller than she.

These photos are from a video we took. I just picked out a few of the scenes that warmed my heart.

We spent a good half hour, just watching the kids, watching the cows, watching the kids. It was so zen.  And then GK turns to the camera and says, with the same inflection in her voice as the little girl on the Youtube video, "look at all them chickens". And yep it was funny.

We also made time this last week to do some arting projects for the yard, fashion some really insane dyed and colored eggs including a Godzilla inspired one (don't ya love the chalkboard eggs?), go for nature walks and enjoy some time together. They are such good kids. They make me nutz sometimes but then again.....I return the favor in kind. Tee Hee.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I'm glad the grands enjoy history and communing with cows. Can't go wrong with those interests in life!

  2. How wonderful. I just watched a show on History Channel today about the Lincoln county wars and Billy the Kid.

  3. What a wonderful outing. My parents wouldn't have stopped for the calves because I'd want to bring one home.

  4. Aww, thanks for sharing this story. They are two very special kids, and I think I know where a lot of that came from...(wink, wink). Aly was born in Clovis and I had hoped to do more historic sites while I was out there, but I didn't get the chance. Sounds like y'all had a great time... glad the meds are helping!

  5. Oh wow...this is the kind of magic that makes our hearts sing. (made me tear up too lol) :D XXX

  6. I will long remember "look at all them chickens". ha,ha What a wonderful day filled with love, warmth n chickens. ha,ha Glad you go out and shared this wonderful experience.

  7. glad things are looking up for you. my grands didn't come out this year for spring break. first time since we got this place. but then, three of the 4 have jobs now and the fourth went to her friend's lake house. your outing sounds like fun.

  8. Memorable weekend! Weather fantastic! My daughter made eggs for her boy just like yours!

  9. I always feel contented after reading your posts, I'm not sure if you realise, but you dear Oma are one of the few that lift me from cynicism LOL... love the pics and I apologise I have not been very interactive blog wise... but after a frantic week at work, back to back guests for an eternity (I barely breath led alone do art when there are others around) and because I have only had 3 months warning(whoops) I shall be beavering away on Oz related canvas so I can party this weekend... and guests can bugger off hehe xox

  10. If those two souls can't get you out of the house to have a good time then no one can. Thank goodness for the one who allow us to enjoy the bliss of witnessing cow kisses. ♥

  11. My heart is smiling! What a beautiful post ;o) I really love the pictures too ;o) Oma Linda, I am sorry I haven been out of blog land for so long! Trying to get my ass back in gear! Love you girl ;O) Oh, the party is tomorrow!!!! Lucky I looked! LOL! Hugs ;o)


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