Friday, May 22, 2015

Not the least bit entertaining but.........

In truth that's exactly how I have felt about writing in this blog for some time now. But I decided that if it was only for myself to vent or get "stuff" out of my head or heart, then it was worth it. I used to think I was in "business" here in blogdom to entertain. And in all modesty, I think we, the Cuckoos, have done so, for the past 5.9 years that the kiddos have been back here.

But now, well, I update you on their activities and that's about it. Haven't crafted in so long. Haven't created a fun anything either. The grands and end of school year have been my only activities. Not that that is bad because without their activities and all, I would be without focus most days.

Today is the first day of summer break. Ry will be starting middle school in the fall and GK will be a sophomore. He had his 5th grade graduation and she got an award in her art class. You remember, the teacher who calls her Carrot Cake because someone else thought that's what he said when he called her name (GereaKaye, pronounced like Sara). He and his wife, her science teacher are both really fond of Carrot Cake and at the awards ceremony that is what he called her to come up to the stage and get the most promising rising star award. Both the grands have summer activities so that should keep me busy.
Fun time at the 5th grade graduation. Ry is right smack dap in the middle back row behind the girl in a rose shirt

Ry and his favorite teacher, Ms. L
But I must tell you that my health has been keeping me busy with hospital, doctor appointments, fighting with my insurance and trying to keep all the appointments. I had bronchitis again and also a severe bladder infection. The nurse practioner put me on high powered antibiotics, yet again, and sent me to get an ultrasound. She was looking for something in my pelvic region. Bingo, they found something and she sent me in for an MRI. I got an approval number and a case number, but (get this) my insurance wasn't going to pay a penny for it. I was in shock. After roughly 40 years of paying premiums monthly at an average of $300/mo....doing the math $144,000........and they can't pay for an MRI???? Oh stars.

Anyway, SweetMan and I took it upon ourselves (cuz really who else would) and he is going to start drawing his social security and we are both going on Medicare and a supplement. We have to. I can't afford to pay $2500.00 for an MRI when on this supplement insurance  will pay $50 for an MRI. I have never taken anything from the government, but I guess I need to now and in a way I feel weird. But I would like to live a few years longer and getting the MRI and whatever this thing is that is growing inside me out is my target right now. Not that I look forward to the surgery.

So I have been preoccupied with that crapee' for the last two months. Sorry lovelies. I am looking forward to getting on down the road and on the mend for reals.

xoxo Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. In Canada, we regard accessible health care as a citizen's right and never think of it as taking something from the government. Social security -- same thing! It's what your government owes you for your years of individual labour and sacrifice building the country's collective economy and wealth.

    I hope that the MRI answers some questions and that your health improves soon.

  2. I love you, Oma. You have to do whatever you have to do to keep yourselves healthy and afloat; no shame in that. <3

  3. I guess sometimes I forget that in Canada, we do not pay for things like that. We are most fortunate indeed. I cannot understand a government that would not provide for its people??"The People" are the heart of the country, villages and towns and without "The People", "The Government" wouldn't have a country, village or town to run, so there would be no need for them. I'd bet the "Government" is well looked after, eh. Sorry to hear about your MRI caper. Hope you get that soon and find out just what is going on. Ry has such a great smile and congrats to "Carrot Cake" moving on to Sophomore, eh.

  4. I turned 65 this year and the month before my birthday I signed up for medicare A and B ($105 a month which will be deducted from my SS when I start getting that next year, in the meantime, I pay it) and a supplemental policy for $23 a month to cover what A & B don't. I'm not taking anything from the government (and neither are you) as I have paid in to FICA (both halves being self employed) for 43 years. for profit health insurance in this country sucks and they should not be allowed to refuse to pay for tests that doctors think are necessary. Sorry you are having to deal with this instead of just dealing with the health issue. sending love and hope for the best possible outcome.

  5. Don't you dare feel guilty about doing what needs to be done to heal yourself! There are people here who need you to stay around as long as you can...and if that means taking help from the government...well that's what you paid taxes for all these years. As for your insurance company....I would be naming and shaming them! Be strong, be well friend XXX

  6. I was lucky to have always worked where insurance was provided. I could not afford health care with out Medicare. Medicare is not taking since you or hubby have paid into to that all your adult life. It is just pay back--not taking. I do think Canada and most of Europe have the right idea. So sorry you are having health problems and hope you can get to the root with the MRI and will soon be well.
    Love the pics of the kids. Glad you pointed out Ry--he is getting so tall.

  7. That is definitely a black make on the U.S. is out of reach for all. Canada has some, but most drugs, and treatments are not..Insurance! laughable, you would be better saving that payment each month. Well hind sight is amusing.
    You get Well! that is ALL that matters......XoDebi

  8. I'm going to start collecting my Canada Pension this year. I feel a little guilty about it too, but then I give myself a slap upside the head and figure out how much I paid into since I started working at age 14 and feel a little less so. It's not easy to pay for medical expenses on your own - you need to reach out for whatever help you can get! I hope the MRI gives you some answers and you finally can get on the mend for realz. :)

  9. Ditto what everyone said. Take care of yourself, sending positive thoughts and energy. And hugs!

  10. I love the picture of GK with the sun on her. And the pic of Ry with his teacher made me want to run out of the house and hug someone--so much joy.

    On the topic of "taking from the government"... Don't make me fly to New Mexico and kick your butt. I love you too much for that, and we both know my back would kill me after the sudden trip. Like Ellen said, you aren't taking anything--you worked for it, your husband worked for it... It was paid in advance.

    Heal, blog when you feel like it and because you feel like it--reasons be damned. That's what I do, and we all know I'm awesome. :-D ♥

  11. You are not taking anything from your government! They owe that to you! Do not feel guilty! Oma Linda, I am sorry, I wasn't around before this! I truly hope you are doing better? I will start sending healing prayers for you. I am trying to get back onto blog land. I will be honest, as much as I like Facebook, I am just not sure of it? I love you!!! Big Hugs ;o)

  12. I haven't been here in a while and didn't realize that you were having health issues. I hope things are going well with you now and that you are feeling better. I'm glad you have enjoyed the hollyhocks. I'll let you know if any of my seedlings turn out to be your black ones--I started them all out in an organized way, but then everything got mixed up and I don't know which ones are which any more! Next spring will have many surprises, I'm sure. Glad you enjoyed the bee talk. Be well, Oma Linda.


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