Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The girl is 15 today.............

For the past 15 years I have looked forward to Cinco de Mayo for a whole other reason than most who celebrate the day with margaritas and enchiladas. I was made a grandma on this day for the first time. Four years later I got the best birthday present ever when Mr. Ry was born.

way back when they all were just puppies
Grands birthdays are an excuse to look back at the fun we've had and look forward and ponder what their lives might be. GK is finishing her first year in high school. Gosh has this been a year of change for her. More independence, more responsibility and a new appreciation for what she needs to accomplish in order to get to goals that are set by her Mom and Sweet Man and I.

GK's 4th BD
I had a brother and sister but we were separated by 13 and 14 years so I never had the kind of relationship with them that Ry and GK have. It is the biggest blessing and curse to see them interact as close siblings. They fight and laugh just as hard as any two people could. They know each others triggers and tickle spots. But the love and nurturing that Ms. GK exhibits to her brother will forever make me look at the two of them in awe and appreciation for the good kids they are. And lately, because she has had teenage hurts in her life, Ry has had the opportunity to return some of that nurturing to his big sis.

neither one of them looks too happy in this photo.....distracted
Their Mom has done such a beautiful job of expecting her children to be respectful, courteous, truthful and responsible. They are kind to all who deserve their respect and most of the time find it in their hearts to be good to even those that don't deserve it. They make an Oma proud.

Ry is going into middle school this year. GK took the day off from school to accompany her Mom to his potential new charter school to check it out and give it the Big Sister seal of approval. Both Shelley and GK were thrilled to find out that teachers and the principal are familiar to them from GK's old school and since some of his favorite teachers from his current school will be teaching at this new school next year, they are comfortable with the transition from elementary school to middle school that he will be making.

Shelley begins her new job tomorrow so she and GK are spending the "hooky day" off to do their girl things together. Hair, nails and Mom and daughter time.

my beautiful daughter
Shelley will be starting a new chapter in her life today. I am so glad she is back at a job that has potential for advancement. She worked for 6 years as a waitress and it began to drag her down but that's a Karma story for another day. She is thrilled at the new possibilities. The change in hours will be drastic for us as a family but........onward and upward, as they say.

Anyway, back to the birthday girl.

just one of the half a million selfies she has taken
Happy Birthday to the best granddaughter in the world. To the one person who can get away with bitchin' me out and making me laugh while she does it. The one person who can break my heart with just a look of those gorgeous root beer colored eyes and melt my heart when she still sits in my lap and shows me something that is important to her. Thank you G for always being willing to learn something new with me and teach me more about life all the time. We are all so very proud of you. And I am the luckiest Oma in the world.


  1. wow, GK looks just like her mom. my grandtwins will be 16 next month.

  2. 15?! Goodness, she's grown up fast. Happy birthday to the beautiful, mischievous, rocking, caring and remarkable GK!

  3. Love, love, love. 'nuff said.

  4. What a beautiful posting! I always find it so difficult to express the depth of how much close ones mean to me but you've managed wonderfully through the years to bring us into your heart full of immense love for them. Thank you so much for sharing this gift with us! Happy Birthday to the enchanting G!

  5. You and Shelley can both be proud from all the special stories you have told us here in your blog. GK is an amazing girl, daughter, granddaughter and sister. Happy Birthday young lady.
    I love the nose to nose picture.

  6. You certainly are blessed, dear Oma!

    Happy Birthday, GK. I feel I have watched you grow...and into quite a remarkable young lady, I might add.

  7. Happy Birthday to your wonderful granddaughter. I hope her day is a special one.

  8. Happy birthday, GK! Fifteen is such a wonderful and amazing age to be -- enjoy every second of it!

  9. When I put the Little Princess to bed, I looked at the pipe cleaner faeries GK made for her a few years ago... I was telling my Piano Man, "GK is fifteen today." He just stared at me, and said, "How old are those faeries?" We laughed. Now I must show him her selfie... It will be shocking.

    Tell Miss Brave, Beautiful and Unstable GK that I send her and birthday hug, three kisses, and my wish for her to accomplish wonderful things in life. ♥

  10. Happy Belated Birthday GK ;o) You are a beautiful young lady, with such a special soul! Sending you much love, big hugs and many blessings! Oma Linda, such a great post! You put a smile in my heart ;o) Hugs ;o)

  11. Aw! Happy Belated Birthday to a wonderful kid!


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