Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And the universe said, NOW

I feel like I want to retell this story to you because I still get goose bumps knowing that the sometimes you actually get to see Karma working while you're still around to appreciate it.

Shelley and the adorable Ry guy
Shelley my beautiful and tenacious daughter has for almost 7 years been a hardworking, loyal employee for "friends" who hired her for a waitress job before she even got back here from South Carolina. She has had maybe 5 Saturdays off in those 7 years. She has worked many a 6 day week and also did extras for the restaurant and her "friends". She has also missed many school activities because she could not get off work to go and see the kids perform, present etc. She and the kids would house sit for the owner and his wife Shannon when they closed down the restaurant (so the waitresses got no pay or tips) and the "friends" never offered to pay her for her time.

And the hard work had begun to wear on her and her spirit. I'm sure in her heart of hearts she was hoping for something else to come along......I know I was.

The beginning of April the owner of the restaurant was contacted by the local paper and said that they were going to do a piece on the restaurant. The day of the photo shoot and interview happened to be the day that Shelley washed dishes not waited tables. The reason she even started washing dishes was a year and a half ago the bosses wife (her friend) had cut her hand really badly and Shelley just jumped in to help. It meant she would miss out on tips but she loved her friends but they never hired a dish washer either.

Anyway, back to that day. Shelley was in the back when the photographer and reporter came in. She walked out front to make sure that all was going well, since she also was the restaurant manager, to see the photographer taking photos everyone else. The other waitress was kind enough to introduce Shelley to the reporter who was getting ready to leave. Her boss was back in the kitchen and made no mention of Shelley being a part of Mick's. And joked with her saying, why would the paper want to take a picture of the Friday dish washer. After all, for all these years he has told her that she was what held the business together, she was his partner, his rock, his head waitress....the Shellster. And yet he couldn't even include her in the biggest advertisement of his restaurant ever had. Yes, she did get her feelings hurt but kept it to herself. What good would making a big deal out of it do?

A week later the article came out and that morning the restaurant was slammed. There was even a wait for a table. It was a giant mess, so Shelley came out from the back and helped wait tables and run the register. It was utter chaos. At one of the tables Shelley waited on was a couple that she knew from before she moved to SC. It, in fact, was her former boss and his wife at a mortgage company where she had worked. They got to talking and he asked her how long she had been back, you know the normal chit chat. But when they went to the register to pay, he asked if she might be interested in coming back to work for him as a closer because he and his wife had been talking about what a fabulous employee she had been and since the lending industry is coming back strong they certainly could use a good worker and knowledgeable employee like her. They set up an appointment for that week for an interview.

The interview went very well. They hired her on the spot. She said she had to give her employer 2 weeks notice and would begin in 2 1/2 weeks, giving herself a couple of days to catch her breath before the change. Being honorable, the next day, she told Mick, her boss, that she had been given a really good opportunity to make more money and provide better for she and the kids. She said she would stay the two weeks and help him train a new waitress and that jerk told her to just get her ungrateful ass out of his restaurant which of course meant no money for the bills that she had. But our income tax refund came in that Tuesday and Bob is someone's auntie.

Now I thought maybe he was hurt by her leaving. Or maybe he just acted out of anger and would think it over. Oh he did. He forbid his wife to have anything to do with Shelley.....the Shellster, the person who was loyal to her last day. And talked bad about her to anyone who would listen.

But the story is a delightful one in the Karma logs. His business has gone down the proverbial flusher. Seems as though the regulars came in for the cheap meal but they also came in for the cute, red headed darling who made them feel welcome, appreciated and in so many of their texts and emails to her after she was thrown out......a really great person to know. And since said cutie is no longer there......neither are they. The restaurant has cut back hours and there is a for lease sign in the window. She has declined to join in the backlash or bad mouthing and I am so proud of her.

I trust that Ms. Karma will continue to show Mick that being a dick never pays off.

She loves her new job. Is now approaching her 90 days when she will get a handsome boost in income. Her new bosses were shocked how fast she re-caught on to procedures and has closed more than 50 million in loans for the company so far. Whew, she's a phenom. But then I am a proud old bird. Her kids are thrilled that she is not quite so tired when she comes home. Her smile now, that was missing in her arsenal of affection, is back and could knock your socks off. She is very proud of herself and looking forward to the future and has left the waitress job behind. As she says it was a great life experience but one she is so glad to have in her rear view mirror.

Part of the adventures at Casa de Cuckoo since May.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. This is indeed a wonderful story of the benefits of a positive attitude and good karma. You pride in her is well deserved.

  2. I am very pleased with Shelley and her impeccable manners. Wonder who taught her that?

    Congratulations, Shelley, on a job well deserved and earned.

    Missed you, Oma.

  3. good for Shelly and what an ass Mick is. what a stupid ass. I'm sure in his mind he will be blaming Shelly for his failure. and he called her ungrateful.

  4. What a great story, thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  5. Yay! I love it when Karma delivers a big ole azz whup and that Shelley is reaping the rewards for all the seeds of goodness she has sown. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Of course you are proud of her!

    Hope you are feeling better... I've missed your postings more than I can express.
    Big hugs, B.

  6. YAAAAAYYYY!!!!...I loves me some Karma. Wishing only happiness to the Shellster from now on :D XXX

  7. My Mum always said "What goes around, comes around" and my Dad used to say "That'lll come back to bite you in the A_S". I smiled where you said " S declined to join in the backlash or bad mouthing" - that shows the stuff she is made of. Heck, I am proud of her too and wish her the best in her new position. I have missed you buddy and it sure is nice to see a post from you. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Live long enough the right thing does appear. But Shelly has a stronger character than I , she is a wonderful example to her spitting image daughter and charismatic son! Now Oms...take a bowe, breath, and know .....Shelly's got this!
    Huge Hugs! xoDebi

  9. I was gritting my teeth and angry in the first part. Thank you for putting a wonderful ending on this. You go Shelly. Karma does exist.

  10. Congrats to your daughter on her job change and how well she has handled the way the old guy treated her. Congrats to you for raising such an amazing person! I love when we don't have to wait long for karma to take care of things.

  11. Having been through several boss "friends" who turned out to be dicks once the Universe dropped something better in to my lap, 3 cheers for Karma! It's good to see someone get their comeuppance! And even more wonderful that Shelley is happy and working at a job that allows her to have a better life and more of it! Congratulations, beautiful soul sister - you deserve it!

  12. I'm so happy this story has such a good ending for those who deserve one, and a not-so-good ending for those who don't. :D

  13. It's wonderful to hear about Shelley's good fortune. I am glad a kind person got noticed for their dedication. *snicker* My little black heart also took glee in the other person's issues.

  14. Yay for Shelley! I wonder if her former bosses will understand the message they received about ingratitude?

  15. I am so very happy to read this update. I feel bad for the other employees who probably were not treated much better. I hope they all find opportunities as well.
    It says so much about Shelley that she received so much support and good wishes. May she continue to SOAR!

  16. I love this story!!! Makes me so happy inside! Yah for Shelley!!! Much love and many more blessings being sent her way ;o) Karma rocks!!!


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