Sunday, August 30, 2015

Follow up to the Yard Sale and other thoughts...................

Well it's Sunday Morning and we are all still kicking, some more than others. I had forgotten what hard physical work hauling the stuff out and back in really is. We did okay money wise. And we scored big time on the funny folks who visited our driveway.

Had all the same old characters except they were different people. You know. The grumpy ones, the silly ones, the too friendly ones and the ones that just want you to give them everything for nothing so they can go to the flea market and sell it at a good profit margin for themselves. Don't get me wrong, I get that but really? It the same old madness, new junk.

The wonderful parts now. Having dinosaurs and pirate ships to sell and watching little boys swoon and figure out which one (or two) they can buy and have a magickal adventure. Or for that matter the grandparents who have the same sweet happy faces as they purchase dolls or dragons to give to their grandchildren and the long conversations about how lovely it is to be a grandparent. Or the young families who come and get just the right shelf or knick knack or utensil for their homes.

I never charge what I set out to get. I always let my heart dictate the advantage of knowing we've blessed someone else by not taking advantage of them. And the next curmudgeon comes along and it turns out they just needed to talk to some one for a moment and they end up buying something on a whim.

There was a jolly Hispanic gentleman who came up with a smile that told it all. He was at peace within himself. I had saved huge tomato cans for goodness knows what, we have used them for one of everything and I had about 20 of them in a couple of boxes. He asked the price. I told him 50 cents a piece or if he took a whole box then 1 dollar. He came over to me gave me a $5 and said he would take both boxes. I tried to give him the change but he insisted he was happy giving me that amount no change necessary. Then he came back after loading the cans in his truck and said he would be back with my "tin man" later in the week. I was in shock. He makes tin men out of the restaurant size cans, I've seen his work at Old Town in a shop there. I told him how crazy I am about The Wizard of Oz and how delightful it would be to have one of his creations. And then what he said gave me goose bumps. He said, "I could tell that you had the Tin Man's heart by the way you treated me, mucho gusto".

something like this one I found on Google search
I don't know if he will really be back but his words and his grace were the gift I will always treasure. From my church days, I will forever remember a passage from Genesis 12:12. "Blessed to be a blessing".

Every day. Being nice matters and it always will. Gerea and I both cried at what he had said. It's a good thing to be a nice person.

And so, at noon on Saturday, we put our orphans and leftovers in boxes and drove them to ReTail, the Animal Humane Societies thrift store, put our tables away and called it happy.

I will have another yard sale. This one will be for fabric and craft items and be in October sometime. So now begins the great gleaning of years of hoarding fabric. I fear the saying that the one with the most fabric wins, is a false one. I must let go of years of buying cottons, upholstery fabric and trimmings.  I'm even going to be selling some of my vintage buttons, and notions. There's only so much time for such things. I am going to re open my Etsy shop OmaLinda's Boondoggle Emporium and list some of the vintage things. So I'll let you know when, in case you might use some of the pretties for arting things.

I'm tired but happy that once again I put myself out there with real live people and experienced life. I shall endeavor to do that more often.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Sounds wonderful! I got chills when I read that he said he'd bring you a tin man. I hope he does. Hope you can take a rest today.

  2. I have a good feeling that this kind man will fulfill his promise to you, and I can't wait to see the results.

  3. Wow, that Tin Man story is ultra cool!

  4. Beautiful post:-)
    Can't wait to see the tin man!!

  5. how mean has our society become when just being nice is remarked upon.

  6. If the rest of the day had been awful (which it wasn't for you met some nice people and made many happy) the tin man would have made it all worth while. Hope he comes through but even if he doesn't, his words were worth a ton of pills.

  7. Those words were just the blessing you needed. Ya gotta love a tin man!

  8. Blessed to be a blessing... Beautiful. This story has such heart (ironic too hehe), I love the parade of people you met, a glimpse at the predictable and the unexpected, the patience needed with some browsers and the joy given and returned to others! I think I would love to find you on your porch one day and discuss vintage treasures you have collected and readied for a new homes, and that 'trash' with a little vision and creativity can become the biggest treasures of all :)


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