Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lightening and listening...............

I know everyone is experiencing strange weather. For us it's moisture when there should have been none and none when there should be some. We've have hail storms early, snow storms late and heat slightly sooner than expected. Strange cloud formations and then some regular old storm clouds that let your imagination run wild with high flying pigs and bunnies, a face or two for good measure and delightful rain smell, which we all know is not the rain but the plants sending out their aromas of expectation.

My grands and I have for most of their lives enjoyed the sound of rain and the accompanying thunder from our summer time vantage point, the old porch swing. This summer we have had to take refuge in the house during our storms because of the severity of the lightening strikes. There was even a traffic accident just two streets over from us when a lightening strike hit one of the sycamore trees that line that Blvd. I guess the driver overcompensated upon the loud kaboom and ended up going the wrong direction in their lane.

That particular kaboom sent GK and Ry as well as the animals all rushing into this old lady's lap. Now, granted there is a whole lotta lap but not enough for 7 at one time.

We have had the greenest grass, the most strawberries, peaches and weeds ever and more humidity than usual. But all in all the summer was very happy and productive.

We moved Ms. GK into the back bedroom and white ruffled up the joint. We moved Ry into GK's old smaller bedroom and he's happy as a clam. Joe and I have succeeded in cleaning out the mess and un needed from every room in the house. And now we will take pictures of some of the "extra" furniture and attempt to sell it on Craigslist.

Joe had vacation for 18 days in July, went back on a Monday and came home Tuesday having been told that his position was no longer available. So at 66 he has been looking for employment for the 3 weeks. To be real honest.....if he doesn't find something to do soon..................I'm gonna loose what is left of my sanity. Joe is one of those people who must have a purpose or he'll take on mine. And then the hissing and spitting begins. You know, I am fully capable of running a household, driving a car, making meals and making decisions but it's like I've dumbed down quite a bit lately.......NOT.

Pray for him, send him some good energy and me some valium.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. I'm sending positive thoughts your way for Joe to find something to occupy his mind and soul, so he can stay out of your hair. Take care.

  2. Sounds like the down time has been productive.

    Sending you good thoughts and patience! I've used all the Valium.

  3. Find stuff for him to do. He is just another 'grand' so to speak until he finds his footing.

  4. I've been cloud-watching too. We've had plenty, but not the badly needed rain clouds. The humidity is not fun, but yay for the strawberries and peaches!

    Sending out hope and good vibes for Joe to find work!

  5. Sending "find a job/volunteer position" vibes for Sweet Man. And much angst to his former employer.

    Yay for finishing the clearing out/sorting job! You rock!

  6. Yeah, well that's a real kick in the rear bumper to go on Holiday and come back to find your position no longer exists. That's just what cowardly business people do today. I wish him the best in his search and pray it comes soon. Sorry, cannot send the "V" - none in this adobe. haha Yep, we've had the unusual weather too however, not a good ole lightning strike storm. The thunder (BIG N LOUD), TORRENTIAL DOWNPOURS BUT NOT lightning??? Feeling it'll all work out in your household before too long and all will settle back into normal routine.....for whatever is normal routine in your house. ha,ha We all have em, just some of em are different, right. Have a wonderful day all.

  7. Sorry to hear about Joe's job -- may he find another soon!

  8. Wow, I can't believe the creep that let Joe go. Hopefully there will be some nasty karma coming his way. Will pray that he soon finds something soon to make him feel useful and productive. Hang in there gal.

  9. Oh that sucks about Joe's job! Sending good energy for your both!

  10. Lady, can I relate! My Mr. has been off since December and has only found short term temp jobs now and again since. It is not an experienced worker friendly environment these days. So for peace of mind, I went out and got a couple day a week gig myself.
    The weather here has been odd too. We are in a heat streak broken by hail storms and lightening every few days. Makes things steamy after.

  11. What I lack in Valium, I will try to make up for in Mojo... sending you lots! Hope he finds something suitable soon that he will enjoy and I hope your nerves hold up in the meantime, lol.

    I love rainy days, if I can be home and don't have to drive in it! Lots of rain here, but rarely on my days off :(

  12. Hi Oma Linda ;o) Sorry about the weather. I find every year, the weather changes! It wasn't like that growing up. We could say, how the summers would be and the winters would be. I know our leaves have already been changing! I'm sending Joe some good energy and sending you, something good to smoke :o) Love you!

  13. Hope everything improves for you soon:-)
    You know we've not had any monsoon activity here in Tempe, yet last year several people drowned with all the flooding!
    Very weird..


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