Thursday, August 27, 2015

What a difference a pill makes...................

You know how much I like the doctors I have had in the past.......not. And I have shared on Facebook but not here in the blogosphere that I have been in limbo about medical care for awhile.

Sweet Man decided in April that we could save some $400/month if we were to not partake of the health insurance at his employment and sign up for Medicare. He also decided to go ahead and take his Social Security and stay employed since he was 66. I'm thinkin' for the first time in ages that we will be able not only to make ends meet but pay off some things and put some money back.

So then I got the news from the Nurse Practitioner that I was seeing that their practice does not take Medicare of any kind. Oh great another change thinks I. The results of the tests that she had ordered showed I have a mass on one of my ovaries and so she ordered an MRI. Well when I showed up for the MRI, first they couldn't put me in the tube because of the torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders (I can't raise my arms up over my head any longer than just a couple of minutes). So I had to reschedule for a standing MRI. When I got to that appointment, I was told that the current insurance from Joe's employment didn't pay for "fancy" MRI's and I would have to pay $2700.00 up front. So needless to say I declined and thought well, I will just wait for the 1st of June when the Medicare begins. I mean it had to be less than $2700.00.

But I was in for a surprise. My Sweet Man has always been a great supporter of the family, loving husband and great Dad and Papa......but he isn't so good with filling out paperwork. He put the wrong dates on the Medicare application and we then began a 3 month song and dance with Social Security and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

When we finally got it all squared away, we were assigned the same primary care physician. SM thought she was a little cold and very business like. I thinking "oh shit, not another none caring butthead who just won't get me". Well like the old saying goes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I found the new doctor to be caring, intuitive and I'll agree she is to the point. I liked her as a person, immediately.

She saw my main problem as stress induced depression and indicated it as severe. Hmmmmm, wow. She prescribed Prozac. I swore I was never going to take anything like that again after my horrible experience coming off of Lexapro, but at that point I was crying all the time, not able to sleep, grouchier than usual and just ready to find the door with the exit sign. She saw that. She also prescribed a counselor for me and had me enroll in a senior stretching clinic where I can do easy exercises and be with my own kind.

She also addressed the growth on my ovary in a less nuclear bomb more shotgun approach by sending me to a OB/GYN, top one at the hospital. Got me an appointment in a rather quick manner by the middle of September. Dr. said that the Prozac wouldn't kick in for at least 10 days to 2 weeks, but I already feel the calm and the strangest thing has happened. My husband is funny again. I mean he really is. I am not so blinkin' upset all the time and he is at ease and I'm thrilled that we found each other again. I've missed us so much.

Now the other shoe......Joe was on vacation July 2 through July 20. He goes to work on Monday and then he came home on Tuesday in the middle of the day.......because the new owners of the company said they no longer needed his services. So there goes the paying off stuff and saving much of anything. But we got so much more to be happy about than money.

We are just so fortunate that the universe clued him in back in April that he needed to be getting his Social Security and that since he was let go, he also receives unemployment. Whew. His full time job has been to find work and that sometimes is crazy making but things are so, so, so much better around here.

What a difference a pill makes. It also does hurt anything to be pushed by the universe and just give in.

With all earnestness, Namaste
Oma Linda


  1. So glad you've found someone who is giving you the care you need. I'm happy that you're happy :-) I'm sorry about the job though. The same thing happens here every time we feel like we're getting ahead a little bit.... something always butts in. Stay well sweet lady!

  2. Lucky you to find a doctor that SEES you and HEARS you. And good for you to be willing to try medications again to be able to find yourself once again. Sending good thoughts for enjoyable employment for SM. Enjoy the stretching class and the company of the cotton tops. We're a lively bunch despite our age!

  3. You've been on a real roller coaster ride but glad to hear things are on a more even keel now. Your new doctor sounds like a sweetheart -- so glad to hear that! Good luck to your Sweet Man in his job hunt. In the meantime though, it's good to have that social security, unemployment benefits and medicare to smooth out life's bumps.

  4. You are surrounded by the love of your family and friends. Sending all best wishes your way for peaceful times ahead.

  5. I am so beyond happy that you found someone who will listen and care about your concerns! Yay for all the progress!

    Fingers crossed for your sweet man to find work - I'm glad he is getting unemployment insurance in the meantime.

    Wishing you bright days always! ❤️

  6. Aw, sweetie...I'm so sorry you've been going through this, but yes, it all turned out great in the end...wait, the story isn't over....more adventures to come. Hey, we both have our Lexapro horror stories, but whatever works and like you, if in the future I may need a bit-o-mood boost, I'm there!! I hate Corp. American and yes, NSA if you're reading this, I friggin' don't care. I've seen what it's done to my hubby, son-in-law and many, many more wonderful, hard-working folks. Enjoy that time together and go on some fun adventures deserve it. Know I'm here, just 4 hours down the road from you, so if you need a visit, come on down or I'll go up there. Take care, love.


  7. Wow, you and SM have been through it. I am so sorry he lost his job but how fortunate to have all ready been on SS. Wonderful that the pills are giving you peace and your life back. Hang on to that doc, listeners are hard to find. Most have the assembly line approach.

  8. So many people are being let go from their jobs; the days of retiring from a company after thirty years are over. That type of loyalty just doesn't exist for employers anymore. Glad you're taking all this in stride. Take care.

  9. Wow, I couldn't be happier for you! I know how much you've suffered w/sleep and all. It's so amazing how the powers that be can use such tough times to make things better. Love to you always!!

  10. Someone was looking out for you in having Joe do what he did prior to finding out his services were no longer needed. Its a real cut throat working world today out there. I do hope its not too long before he finds something, in the meantime, you have found each other again, the medical side is healing and all is pretty good in the land of OZ.

  11. I Know exactly what you are talking about, my dear. My little pill has been helping for years. It was a fight for me to finally give in and Try it...I was at my wit's end. It was a daily routine of panic attacks and being marooned in the bottom of a deep black hole. No one to hold my hand and I was completely alone. The little pill saved my life and as you say, I could appreciate Life and laughter again..not every thing was a Huge frickin deal. Even my husband noticed such a difference. I don't think we realize how much we effect our family till we're better- thank goodness we both found help. Now that you are standing on stable ground, maybe the other things will work out as well. But YOU have found YOU again and that is so very important!!!! I am you sister...many of us are sisters and we love and understand!!! XOXOOXOXOXOOXOOXO

  12. I tried Prozac for a short while. My experience is that it made me MUCH meaner. My Dr. switched me, but I saved a few for those times I know I'll be facing tough days and people I may not see eye to eye with.


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