Wednesday, September 9, 2015

an update of sorts...........

In about 30 minutes I'm off for the last (for the moment) diagnostic test. Not exactly one of my favorite past times but hey Shelley will be with me and we cheer each other on in the most delightfully sarcastic and loving way.

About 20 years ago, I had the same test. No anesthesia for a biopsy of this kind and at the time when the nurse who was holding my hand said, "it's only about 20 seconds of pain. You've had a child so you are surely not going to be in too much distress". I thought, it better be a short time. And afterwards I proclaimed that was the longest damn 20 seconds of my life that lasted what seemed like forever.

Now, my lovelies, I'm just glad I have the 20 second of my life to use for it.

Life is a whole bunch of lessons and this is just one. What I felt was pain before, is almost a balm now. At least we will have an answer to the question. My CA125 blood test (ovarian cancer screening) came back normal. So maybe that means this growth is benign and just something that needs to be taken out.

When I looked up the results on the medical encyclopedia online, the definition of what I have internally, sounds eerily like a cyst I had on my tailbone when I was in my twenties. And about 10 years ago, while having a dental xray reading, my dentist said I had a tooth and a piece of bone in my left sinus. This all could be my twin that never was. The internal cyst definition says in 98% of the cysts like this, they will find hair, teeth, bones.

It's almost Halloween, let's hope I can celebrate the fact that as a fetus I was a ghoul and enveloped my twin. Third times the charm as they say. Keep your fingers crossed that that is what mine is.

Smooches and Squoozes, providing you still want them from an Olde Bagg with a murky past,
Oma Linda

Well I'm back home now and I didn't have the biopsy. My doctor said that from what he can tell that what I have is 99% negative for cancer and that he was going to refer me to a Woman's Cancer Surgeon for a consult. And the little granules in my breast tissue were pre cancerous for sure.

Now here's the kicker. None of the other cysts have anything to do with each other and I can't claim to be the ghoul I thought I was. Bummer.  Just misplaced tissue. He said we all have these anomalies and that they are just part of being human.

I feel so blessed right now. I know that I still will have surgery but I am much relieved with the news. 


  1. What a relief. I know how scary those tests can be. I need a sonogram on my thyroid because I have a nodule, but doctor says she doubts cancer so I just keep putting it off.

  2. More good news than you expected last week. May the good news continue.

  3. I'm so glad to hear it looks clear. I don't think they had that blood test 10 years ago when I had mine. Hopefully you'll stay all clear! {Hugs}

  4. I'm glad it wasn't cancer. Twenty seconds of pain could feel like an eternity.

  5. Happy Dance, happy dance!!! I am so glad the test results are good! I hope the breast issue is an easy fix, too. Disappointing as it may be to find out you are not a ghoul (bummer), the good news more than makes up for it... and you can always pretend to be a ghoul on Halloween! Great, great news!

  6. Well I'm glad to ear it! Sorry for the lost twin.

  7. so glad it is something easy to take care of, well, relatively.

  8. Glad the cancer business is under control. As to the "misplaced tissue"...he didn't say who misplaced it did he? so maybe you do have a creepy lodger of some sort, mwahahahaha..... :D XXX

  9. Cool that you had your daughter with you. Company at scary times is invaluable. Love 99%, wonderful odds. That is great news and I really hope the breast tissue can be resolved with a simple procedure. Please keep us posted and keep up with what ever it is you are doing. It is obviously working.

  10. Looks like someone 'up there' knows how much we all need you around here :o)
    Faerie Godmother sends her bestest regards ;o)

  11. Yippy! It's final! Your human! I never doubted ....,
    I'm very pleased you are good! Now you some decorating to do! Cauldrons to light and potions to treat the deserving! xoDebi

  12. Oma, this is just the best news, hey by the way, there never could have been 2 of you, you are one of a kind, ya awesome darlin dudette, utterly unique :) xox

  13. Always great to get good news. May your future treatment be successful and not too hard on you. Sending big hugs your way.


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