Saturday, October 10, 2015

A busy weekend..........2 weeks ago

If you are on facebook, you have probably already seen some of the pictures of Ms. GK and her date, Johnny for Homecoming at St. Pius X high school. If not, then this is a perfect venue to bore you with more pics of my granddaughter.
all the last minute touch ups

princess before the ball

between these to pictures you get a none jumpy one, sheesh

who are those masked cuties????

The young man she went with has been a good friend since 6th grade. He and she were part of the Geek Squad back in middle school. He and she both looked so spiffy. Good looking date couple.

We took a gazillion pictures and the both of them were not surprised. He still doesn't have his license either so his Mom was the chauffeur. They did the whole enchilada. Flowers, dinner and then the dance. His friends were so kind to her and made her feel very welcome.

There were over 800 kids at the dance, which was rather disconcerting to GK because her whole school has less than 300 kids in 4 grades. As she put it, "it was a little claustrophobic on the dance floor". G said it was the most fun dance she has ever been to because she and her date have known each other for so long they had lots to talk about and they didn't have that awkward silence thing going on.
couldn't even resist "the face"

There must have been a spark that night because she and Johnny are Skyping every night and from the giggles coming from both of them, I'd say their friendship is still just as strong as ever.


  1. First off, love that hair style. What a cute pair they made but 800 kids?? Mercy!!
    I went to my senior prom with a "good friend" and it was perfect. My fiance was in another state and my friend was going with an 9th grader. Some how though it looks like GK's friendship might have been kicked up a notch.

  2. They do make an attractive couple.

  3. What wonderful pictures. I am delighted it was so much fun for her. Beautiful.

  4. More beautiful every year! I love the beautiful young women's gown and your hands young man.....or you will wake up a toad!

  5. Wow! That hair, the dress, those shoes! All just stunning. Love that mischievous look you caught. 800 sounds claustrophobic for sure.


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