Monday, October 19, 2015

As promised ..........

the telling of the visitations whilst I worked in the memorial park mausoleum.

But first I must thank all of you who read my entry into Ms. Magaly's 2015 Witches in Fiction. So many lovely comments and here's the answer to a couple of questions.

I worked in the cemetery for 4 years. It only took me about 5 months to get used to the funeral director terrorists and the people distractions.

But the part I never thought I would experience, let alone come to enjoy was the visitations from the inhabitants of the memorial park, both human and animal. We had coyotes, roadrunners, prairie dog, squirrels, rabbits, quail, meadowlark, hummingbirds and feral cats. The doors were left open except if there was inclement weather, so more than a few times we had roadrunners or rabbits in the garden in the middle of the mausoleum. Never a dull moment in such a quiet setting.

There were days when the park became very active with spirits. There was always an electricity that was the memorial parks aura. Most of the time I would just glimpse spirits but on a few occasions I had them join me wherever I might be in the days work or on the grounds.

this is much like the "welcome wagon lady" looked
My favorite and most frequent visitor was a lovely older gentleman who would come into my office, sit down at the chair in front of my desk and begin the same story every time. He told me of his wife Jessie, who had left the living when she was only 22. He always asked if I could help him find her. He knew where he "slept" but she wasn't next to him as she should be. Instead there was another person, that he did not recognize and it upset him to think that his bride of just a mere 7 months would have gotten misplaced and a total stranger was in the next crypt.

Each and every time Mr. Mauldin came in, I would walk with him back to his crypt where he "slept" and explained that the person next to him was his second wife and her name was Anne. Then he would thank me and go into the wall. And go through the same process at a later time. He was still searching for Jessie. He didn't remember Anne and was puzzled by a woman named Marijean who kept leaving flowers on the crypt. She was his third wife and quite a talker herself. When she came to visit him, I could almost count the days until Mr. Mauldin would be back to ask the same questions. It was only through my talking with Marijean that I found out the whole story.

Jessie was his sweetheart from high school. They had known each other all through school. He was devoted to her. His second wife Anne had been a high strung woman who loved Mr. Mauldin but not nearly as much as she did her medications and kept to herself much of the time they were married. Marijean met him in the nursing home and they got married much to his family's displeasure. She would always laugh and say she was a default wife because Mr. Mauldin didn't like to sleep alone. It all made sense.

And don't worry about Marijean, she also visited her first husband who was in crypts only two rows over from Mr. Mauldin. She joked that both her fellas were there waiting for her. I didn't say a word about the one of her fellas that visited with me often.

The next spirit Clara never spoke or had any persons visit her as far as I knew. She was in an outdoor crypt near where I parked my car. Sometimes when I got to work she was just sort of hanging around outside the mausoleum. Once or twice I saw her come through the front doors, particularly when there was a service in the Chapel across from my office. I once saw her in the Chapel with a coffin. She looked as though she were talking to that person. Maybe she was a self appointed welcome wagon for the newly arrived. She would also pause in front of my window that faced out onto the garden in the middle of the mausoleum. Never a sign of recognition that she saw me, but I certainly saw her.
this is very much as Mr. Mauldin and the little boy appeared

And then there was the little boy who played on the grounds of the cemetery very near a rabbit warren. He was maybe 5, very light blonde hair, and small of stature. When I "investigated who he might be, I found that he had died 50 years earlier and was a fixture at the cemetery. Many people who came into the cemetery to visit loved ones saw him and watched as he played with the bunnies and birds. In the winter when I left work it was almost dark and I could see Jacob sitting on his grave playing. A few folks even reported to me that there was a little boy all by himself close to the front gate. I would always tell them we would look into their reports.

There were other glimpses, but these were the three spirits that I saw frequently. I asked the others at the cemetery if they too saw spirits but Eddie the ground supervisor and I were the only ones who admitted to sightings.

Lastly was a woman, who we all knew very well from her flamboyant behavior, came into my office and asked me to accompany her to her husband's crypt. I thought she was going to report that something was missing or that she was unhappy with something. But when we reached the heart level crypt, she turned to the chair that was close by and said to the chair.....because I saw no one, "now ask this young lady if I've been here in the last week?" She paused for the amount it might have taken for those words to be spoken to me and then said to me, "well tell him". I felt as though I was either being pranked or I should back away slowly, but instead I faced the chair and said "of course she was." I then turned and high tailed it for the restroom. I'm sure she thought she saw her husband and perhaps she did, but this was the same lady who had her newest boyfriend drive her to the front of the mausoleum and drop her off. He (the man de jour) would then go park his car and wait at the back exit, while the Mrs. left notes and cried and kissed poor Sam's crypt. She then drove off and would come back the next month........which meant I lied to Sam. Damn.

The time I spent with the spirits was a precious life lesson and a special time in my life. I shall never forget nor lose focus on what a thinning there is of the veil at this time of year and also for those with the sight.

GK has requested a trip to the cemetery to perhaps see these spirits......after all it is right across the street from where she goes to high school. wooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Great post, great job that you had!

  2. my sister also sees ghosts and a friend of mine as well. alas, I do not have the sight.

  3. Now that's the job I could enjoy! The visiting from another realm NOW that's hope!
    Of course GK is curious...I wonder where the sense of adventure and open heart comes from?

  4. Interesting.

    I have had some experiences but could not say if they were real or from my very active imagination.

  5. Now that was weird but totally facinating. I have always wanted to have an encounter but was never lucky enough. I have felt departed friends and family but only briefly and certainly never seen anyone. Maybe GK has your gift. You should take her.

  6. Our son is dating a woman who sees ghosts. It kinda creeps him out when she claims to see his former girlfriend who died.

  7. Oh my! I thought this was another "story" until the GK reference! How exciting... were these the first spirits you ever encountered? We had a few odd things happen
    at a store where I worked. It was in an old cotton warehouse down on River Street in Savannah. I had a penny drop from the ceiling and land on the counter in front of me and a stubborn safe unlock after I stepped back and asked "Hank" to quit playing games so I could go home. We caught a few things on video... I loved it!

  8. Oh I love this! There is a very old cemetery across the road from where I used to work and I would take my lunch breaks most days to walk around in there. There are several spirits I've met there and am even hoping to be buried there myself when the time comes. In fact, I'm going to stop by there today to see my favorite little friend, Marjorie. :-)

  9. One can love two people at the same time, especially if one of them is dead. That lady probably didn't lie, and maybe her new boyfriend knew all about her "seeing and talking to" her old man. One can never be/have a look in another's relationship.

  10. WOW! HOw fabulous! I have only ever caught glimpses of the departed. *I would so have gone back to Sam and dissed his wife lol*
    Please take some photos on your return trip, maybe you will catch more than a glimpse :D XXX

  11. I'm with Gina (because we're wicked). I would totally told on Sam's wife... Or maybe not, because poor fellow doesn't need any grief.

    This is fantastic, Oma. I love when you write posts where I can almost see you with eyes closed crafting memories and images into a post.

  12. So believe this, so even if it isn't true you can't let me know... I absolutely think I need to believe so I know I am not fruit-loops haha! Yes I have encountered & 'felt' & had my children 'converse' with spirits way after I had told my Big F about them... he never could see or entertain the fact that it was 'in my mind' stress ot something, but you, I think you know... because they leave a presence, I know, because my babe Memphis chatted with the same spirit in the SAME exact place way before she knew it wasn't 'acceptable' or others didn't see anything... so thrilled you wrote this post!

  13. So yeah if it's made up maybe I am just crazy ;)

  14. I know a couple of people who have had similar encounters. I've never been one of them. Interesting tales, Linda... interesting times.

  15. I have seen and felt spirits, both of animals and humans, but with the humans I have never carried on a conversation. How patiently you kept Mr. Mauldin company and reassured him the right person was beside him. And it is good to know little Jacob was not frightened of being there.

  16. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!! This is amazing Oma Linda! I thought you were telling a story! Truly amazing!! I have to go back and read all this again! Yes, I think you and GK should go :o)


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