Tuesday, October 27, 2015

torn by the rain...or not

This was our year. The one where we actually were going "all in" on the mini carnival in the front patio. I bought the prizes for the games, duck pond and ball toss. We planned the booth for the fortune teller, we got a door system rigged up (on paper), we had lights planned out, we bought a fog machine. We thought we had covered all the bases, except.....................the rain.

On this past Saturday we put the finishing touches on the patio, lights on the house, spooky ookies in the big pine tree out front, and then we listened to the weather report and we are supposed to have rain Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Boo, Hiss.

Here are some photos of the outside of Casa de Cuckoos. And yes, we do like to overdo.

approaching our house

and then we open the gate and...............

yes, that is the Halloween tree in the front window

this photo is for you Ms. Magaly

So we dropped back 15 and punted. We will just pass out candy to any that might come and we will watch movies.

Then the weather report changed and now "it might rain".

So what's an olde witchy to do???????
Play it by ear and hope for clear sky's on Saturday morning?
The first plan things are staged in the garage and ready......
If we do, we do, if not then not.


  1. I hope you get a clear sky and not a drop to ruin your celebration!

  2. Your decorations are marvelous! I hope the weather cooperates with your plans!

  3. I love ALL the haunting decor! Especially your wonderful pumpkins! " Others" are in charge of the weather they want this weekend, as mortals ,mew will adapt!
    Your grands, are so lucky to be taught by your visions! Memories that will far any weather!

  4. It's probably going to rain here on Saturday and I just bought the biggest bag of candy ever. And it's candy I don't like.

  5. Your set up is so awesome! I hope the rain keeps away from you guys.

  6. Hope it stays clear...your yard looks amazing!!!!!

  7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a rain-less Saturday around your area. If not, I believe in you. I know you will make the best of it. And your worst, my dear Oma, is freaking delicious! ♥

  8. Here's wishing you a cool, crisp and dry Halloween night! Surely, the weather will co-operate since this will be our last "Saturday" Halloween for several years. Love, love all your blow mold decorations!

  9. looks amazing!!! I hope you get to do the carnival!! I wish I lived closer, I would come over :o)


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