Monday, November 16, 2015

A magical Saturday night...............

was had by the Cuckoos in the Casa.

As a matter of fact, it was one of the most spiritual events I ever been to in my life.

I saw an advertisement for the Lantern Fest online to be held here in Albuquerque. I checked with Shelley and the Grands and they were very excited. We invited some friends of the girls to go with us and I bought tickets, t shirts and made plans for the event.

Read on my lovelies, this is how spectacular it was.

Now if you saw the Disney movie Tangled then you might have some idea about the ascension of thousands of lanterns. That was the draw for us but I had no idea how marvelous it really was going to be.

We arrived at the Sandia Speedway around 1:30, set up chairs, a table and our cooler of goodies around a fire pit that was provided by the venue. GK, her friend (date from homecoming) and Ry went off to see what was happening at the games center. GK and Johnny entered the hula hoop contest, she won a beanie and then they set off for the bouncy house at the end of the racetrack. You know we could see them wherever they went for the first couple of hours. Such freedom, such fun for all. Shelley and her friend Joaquin had a blast walking around, seeing the vendors, enjoying themselves. And Joe and I kept the "campsite" and enjoyed people watching and the gorgeous autumn weather. It was just a perfect day of fun.

GK's hula hoop win

As it began to get dark, the venue provided live music by a young man from Alaska. He was terrific. The firepits were lit as were the tiki torches. We shared the fire pit with a military family with two young girls (Ry charmed them both), a group of foreign exchange students from Japan who had never had s'mores before and a young single mom with a boy and girl (Ry also charmed them). It took awhile for the fire marshal to give permission to proceed with the launch.

Hangin' with his homie

that's egg on her hands as Johnny and GK lost the egg toss

Shelley and her best friend "Keeno"

looks like they are making pizza but that's the lantern being "decorated"

Our new military friends

We had decorated our lanterns earlier in the afternoon so we were ready and anxious. We all got busy lighting the cardboard at the bottom of the lantern, which was made of rice paper and designed to only fly for about 3 minutes and then descend with no danger of starting a fire.

that boy standing next to the "olde Bagg" is learning how to smile, maybe

Ry in rare form

These two are hilarious with each other. They have been friends since 6th grade and it shows in how they treat each other
Our new Japanese friends. Joe had to show them how to burn the marshmellows. So much fun

showing Mama some love

their names should be mutt and jeff

Air Force Joe and his lovely wife

 We all were occupied lighting our own lanterns when Shelley said, "oh gawd, everyone look up". I had just about inflated mine and when I looked up I just let go of the lantern. I was gobsmacked. I didn't even realize I was walking in the direction the lanterns were flying. I literally was mesmerized and Ry was so overcome with joy that he couldn't keep the tears from flowing. We all cried, laughed and hugged, whoever was close. The mood of the whole 5000 people was one of hope, joy and utter bliss.
You can't ever take the hippy outta the Oma, see that tie dye peeking from behind
I never had even imagined that the flight of those lanterns would have such a profound impact on so many souls at one time. It was just breathtakingly beautiful.

I didn't even realize that Joe had taken this photo.....I was still looking up.......duh
If you ever have a chance to go to Lantern fest, please give yourself a lifelong memory of magic in the sky.

and yes, this is the Olde Bagg in person (freezing my tushy off)

Smooches and Squoozes,
Oma Linda and all the Cuckoos at the Casa.


  1. I can hear the magic in your words...

  2. And I thought I enjoyed watching one lantern go up, this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with all of us :)

  3. Oh my. How enchanting. And what a moment of hope and love and positive energy while all that horror was going on across the ocean.

  4. This is a dream of mine! One day I hope I can travel and attend one. I am so glad you were able to enjoy such a marvelous event. The pictures were beautiful as was the sentiment. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Wow, wow, WOW! How I'd love to see that for myself! It must be truly spectacular and I can well understand how moving it could be.

    And hey, lookin' GOOD, Oma Linda!

  6. RY and I have the same feeling, I saw this advertised, I'm soooo happy you and yours plus friends experienced this! Release!
    Humanity is being tested , I've relieved you have it protected in your part of the world. Good Job Oma !

  7. This looks bucket list worthy! Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Looks lovely! I had a friend who released lanterns after his wedding reception, but nearly so many. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. This is a most wonderful way to spend a day and evening. I loved it.....just loved it and I could feel the wonder in your post. Such beautiful photos and meeting new friends is always a delight, eh.

  10. This is the kind of post that fills the heart and warms the soul. How much fun and love to be had, my dear Oma! And the picture of you, with your face full of glorious child-like astonishment, is my favorite bit. Your handsome Sweet Man sure knows now to capture his witchy love! ♥♥♥

  11. How amazing! I got chills reading your words so I know it must have been so magical! I'm so glad you got to spend such a wonderful time with your family!

  12. Oma Linda! I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! So much love, peace, happiness! What a special time! WOW! Thank you for sharing! I feel like I was there! You are so cute! Big Hugs ;o)

  13. ...this is amazing...thank you for sharing...

  14. Now this is enchantment. How beautiful is that.. your full day.. the kidlets.. new friends.. that amazing sight.. and the lovely lady behind the blog. Wonderful post, Linda. Hugs to you.

  15. Oma, this is true magic, this is how we all should be, sharing, caring, learning, strangers creating the most beautiful experiences working together... Stunning, this looks truly like something that will be a highlight when chatting with family around the dinner table years from now :) 'Remember when we lit the lanterns' Ohh yeah!!!


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