Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like.......................

we've finally got some holiday spirit.

Got the tree put up two weeks ornaments just a sad empty tree. None of us had the get up and to to do anything with it. Well not the humans. The animals however had time to clean their teeth on the branches and sleep under the boughs in the winter sunshine. So it wasn't a total loss.
We still had our orange Halloween lights coming on every night with the aid of a timer so we had the neighbors faked out. At the least the older, not very observant ones. Our next door neighbor last week end remarked as he put out his "drippy lights", oh I'm sorry I think the correct term is icicle lights, that he was the last to put up lights as usual. He said to Joe that we had really been early birds. Joe laughed and told him no, that the lights were from Halloween. Orange is orange people. It's not red. Sheesh.

But that situation was rectified yesterday. It was cloudy, windy and the three witches set out to do what every good squad of intrepid women with a mission do.....get it done. We put up multi colored, old school, lights outside outlining the house. Brought Mr. Sandy Drawers (what Shelley called Santa Claus when she was little) out and let him shine his happy face for all to see, put out the gnome band that the grands have bought me little by little for the past few years and set up the tomato cage Christmas trees on each side of the gate. No pictures yet but I promise I'll get some tonight when it's dark and wonderful.

Just before we came inside, Bob, the bestest postal carrier in da world, evaluated our work, gave us excellent on our work efforts and dropped off a box from She Who Seeks. We closed up the garage and came inside because we were frozenated.

RyLeigh who was way too busy with his mastery of the X box to be outside in the cold saw the box with Debra's name on it and said, "Hey, this is that cool lady from Canada that makes us laugh, She Who Speaks". Bahahahahaha. Debra, I think he has you pegged. But the fact that he knew who you were by just your name on the box blew me away. Once we opened the contents, it was like a feeding frenzy in the lion's cage at the zoo. The ornaments immediately went onto the naked tree, the kettle was put on and yummy hot cocoa was had by all the Cuckoos. Ms. Debra, you kicked off our holiday celebration for sure. But the very best part of your gifties was the remark made by Ms. G at the sight of the tea towels. "Well we all know that these are mine to dry the dishes, which I don't do like I should so yes I will take these and make good use of them." So thanks for also being the "reminder" to a sweet but remiss young lady even if that wasn't your intent.

Ms Uma peeking from behind

Ms. Ellie Mae caught on the furniture
So we put the beautiful box under the naked tree and went about fixing some dinner. When Joe called us from the living room to come and see. I thought one of the cats had taken up residence on the box was snowing. Big fat, wonderful flakes. What a perfect stamp of approval the snow was.

backyard shed with the march of the fae

blue glass tree and dish garden (just barely)

front gates from the inside
poor Santa lump in the front yard
It snowed all night long. The lights were beautiful reflecting off of the new snow. We have three ornaments on our tree, a friendship present to us all from a friend far, far away and each other. I think that we will all remember what the holidays really are about in a whole new way. Sparkle on snow.

Happy Holidays from the Cuckoos Nest.


  1. What a Winter Wonderland! Nice! for you all! hahah, I secretly am thrilled with El NiƱo but my puddleducks are not!
    Oh such love filled gifts! Enjoy Beautiful Family! xoxoDebi

  2. Look at the magic! It is a beautiful blanket of sparkly white that makes everything so beautiful, just like the Christmases from the movies :) from a place where kids often wear togs (swimmers) and run under the hose and we all eat seafood, salads and drink icy cold beer and bubbles Christmas Day this truly looks like a Hollywood set for the perfect traditional Eggnog, mittens and roast dinner celebration!
    Love your tree, and the gifts from Debra, the house, snow, and especially your black, wide eyed darlin Ms Uma... Starting to feel a lot like Christmas indeed :)

  3. I'm glad the parcel arrived so perfectly timed! Wish I could take credit for that, LOL. But I do take credit for the snow that came along with it -- that's Canadian snow, you know, direct from the prairies! It's snowing here today too. Guess I ordered too much!

  4. Wonderful start with the season.

    Happy Holidays.

  5. Magical snow! And what a haul from your faraway friend. The timing was perfect for the snow's arrival, the gifts arrival, and for your decorating! I can't wait to see your pictures of the outside lights!

  6. Now the Christmas Casa has put ME in the Christmas Mood!! Love the snow- look at it inside every little niche of the gate- Beautiful! And Wonderful gifts... and I love seeing the inside of your Magical Home!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing pictures of your winter wonderland.

  8. This is the best way to enjoy snow! So very pretty. Looking forward to seeing those lights reflecting on the snow. Good timing on the hot chocolate, eh? (A little poke at your Canadian buddy. ;) )

  9. I am laughing so hard. You always make me smile. I am sitting up here in northern Wisconsin listening to a neighbor run his lawn mower. I guess if we don't have snow those BIG BOYS have to find any excuse to play with their outdoor toys.
    I think perhaps the universe was giving you an opportunity to get the proper lights up. Then a covering of snow to make them look more seasonal. "Santa lump." Ha!

  10. What a lovely way to kick off your holiday celebrations! Those snowy pictures make me miss the north. How beautiful!

  11. What a beautiful post! You got me into the Christmas spirit :) Debra's package is so special! Oma Linda, looks like no snow for us this year! So, I will be looking at yours a lot! Big Hugs!

  12. What utter perfection......wishing you many more smiles and heartfelt sighs of contentment this season :D XXX


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