Thursday, December 31, 2015

The quiet time of the year...............

I know the older I get the more the time between Christmas and New Year's Eve takes on a remembering kind of flavor. Most of the time stirring up some "best forgotten" times. I tend to lean towards melancholia more rapidly at this time of year.

This year I've pondered what my word of the year might be. The other night we did tarot and tea. Shelley, GK and I all had spotty results (pun intended) with the Santa tea pot and cup set, but the tarot could not have been more spot on for the three of us. GK's focused on friendship and love. Shelley's on goals and looking at things more insightfully, mine leaving the past to tend to itself and the present to unfold and the future to treasure.

Then we drew one card and mine was the devil. I was so thrilled I whooped and hollared. Scared the beejesus out of the cat's and SM came in to see what was going on. For far too long, I have tried to live a controlled life so that I kept all the oars in the water in sync, as they say. But the wild, willful, wacky and wonderful me has been repressed for far too long.

After the health scare of the last year, the depression of the last few years and the horrible holding of grudges against my family members for allowing things to happen to me as a child for most of the last decade, I needed to do a good space clearing of my mind. When I turned over the devil, I knew that the next chapter of my life had begun and I am looking forward with a new set of hopes and dreams.

And this last week watching all the quiet snow fall gave me pause to contemplate the word that would sum up my new found attitude. It was so very simple when it came right down to choosing.......LIVE. I choose to live life, not let one more moment be wasted in negative thoughts, self doubt, or anything that will rob me of one more second, letting life run me instead of me living life.

I hope that whatever epiphanies come your way knock your socks off. I hope any resolutions you make are the kind that can be achieved and I hope you spend the next part of your the fullest.
Much love,
      Happy New Year,
           Smooches and Squoozes,

                   Oma Linda


  1. Wishing you a Good New Year.

  2. What a wonderful post.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Oma Linda, we went through the same thing!! No more negative thoughts or self doubt! I am so happy for you!!! Kick ass girl! Live!!!!! I too went through the depression and grudges against family members! I hope I pull the devil card! LOL! I love you Oma Linda! I am sending you and your loved ones, much love, and many blessings for 2016!!!! Happy New Year!

  4. It's hard to loosen the grip of the past, so many congratulations on doing so! Yes, let the wild and wacky YOU out (and everyone take cover!) - Happy New Year!

  5. Well done. Let the negatives fall away. Be wacky and wild and joyful.

  6. "LIVE" is a wonderful words to follow, for regardless of what happens in our lives--good or bad--if we live in it and through it, we'll be all right.

    Here is to a 2016 of living and loving! ♥

  7. May 2016 be a fabulous year for everyone at the Casa! You devil you. Happy New Year!


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