Tuesday, January 5, 2016

La Befana and all the other things going on.............

The grands are back in school. I'm always a little sad and a little relieved on days like this. This holiday break was like most winter breaks only this time we had snow that stayed and stayed. And the temps have been colder than usual. So, we spent most of our days sleeping late and staying warm. Not bad work if you can get it.

Our New Year's ritual afforded us the opportunity to open up a dialog to clear the air in our intra family communications. Always a great way to start the new year. And this time we must have all been holding our mouths just right because there was no irk, ire or much irritation that came up from our 5 way conversation. I kinda feel sorry for the fellas most years because they just sit through the event and say very little but both of them had "things" to discuss and it made for a great talk.

I must say that I am still surprised at how unlike me, emotionally, my family is and in the same breath how "Pete and Repeat" they are as well. As I have said in the past, we don't hide the crazy in our family. We offer it a drink, take it on the front porch and let the world see us, as is. I think that's healthy, but then look who's putting the stamp of approval on sane. Bwahahahaha.

Shelley was awarded her company's Got Getter award at their holiday party. She was so proud and pleased as were we. She also got a substantial raise in pay (that is always nice as well). This must be the year of The Scales though because the very next day, she saw her old employer and he bitched her out about what a traitor she is and how she tried to undermine him and ................ When she was telling me I had no words. That was 8 months ago dude, shut up. But I believe it has allowed her to shut the door and lock that sucker on the past employment foreva.

GK and her friends have had a great time talking until forever in the a.m. during break and I'm sure it was hard for her to get up today at o'dark thirty to get ready for school. She learned some valuable people lessons during the break though. I wouldn't be a teenager today for any amount of money. So hard, so ruthless, so ugly. But on the other side of those scales is the truth that good friends don't come along every day and treasuring the ones you have is a job worth working at.

GK also had a house sitting job which brought her some spending money. Just before Halloween we found a precious tortoiseshell kitten in our front yard. GK instantly fell in love (as she does) with this beastie. She found where the kitten lived and took Andy home. Well Andy likes the attention she gets from all of us so much that about twice a day she comes to visit. GK took care of Andy's Dad's house and Andy for two weeks. Good experience for her to be resonsible for someone else's things. She reminded me of a guard dog on alert.

Ry is such a love. His people and communication skills are astounding in rapid growth right now. I used to say to Shelley, I just wish he could be a "real boy". You know, with friends and feelings and attitude. Be careful what you wish for Oma. He is for sure a "real 6th grade boy", stinky, snarky, charming and engaging. He has a friend with whom he spends the night and they are 1000% deserving of each other's company. They remind me very much of Shelton and Leonard on Big Bang Theory. Ry made good use of his break and conquered many worlds in which he dissolves into in gaming. He also shared some of those games with GK. I left them to the bickering and jibbing but did enjoy the time they spent together from afar.

My Sweet Man is miserable in his new job. That's all I can say. Somehow he will find his way to a new one or conform to doing nothing. He's not good at that. This job is a lot of  sitting and doing nothing.

And now to the woman whose word for this year is Live. Sorta like asking for patience and then getting a healthy dose of situations where one is required to be patient. I have fallen twice since Christmas. I suppose my colors for 2016 are the retro black, blue and purple of years gone by. My knees are a mess and my left side is not working properly but I'm living the dream ya'll in that I'm living without broken bones, just bruising. So if I extrapolate the current theory that the year of The Scales will balance out.......by years end maybe I'll be more sure footed. Fingers cross. It's probably because I haven't been getting to the gym and my musculature is not flexible. Did that convince you?

Now to La Befana. If you don't know in Italy she is the gift giver at this time of year more so than Santa Claus. Her story (many, many versions) goes Befana put up the Wise Men at her place while they were looking for the Christ Child. When they left she put all of her recently deceased infant son's belongings into a sack and followed the star and also came upon the Christ Child in a lowly manger. She gave the child her son's things and has continued to gift children on the evening of Epiphany since then. She gives fruit and candy. She knows all children are both good and bad and so leaves "carbone" a black candy that looks like coal as well as the wonderful good sweets and fruit.

The grands read about her and found the young mother's aging into the old crone because of grief image of Befana intriguing. We have incorporated her into our winter celebrations. So tonight they will don their crone masks and leave fruit and candy for chosen neighbor children front porches. It's kinda a play on a "pay it forward" but it sure is fun to see them all bundled up and taking a basket of goodies to other kids and them getting such a kick out of it.

BTW this is my 1000th post on this blog. Perhaps a witchy give away for my 1001 post is in order. Hmmmmmmmm.


  1. Always love to hear news from the Casa! Glad to hear about the good things and I hope the other things get better!

  2. First congrats on 1000 posts. Wow, that is uber impressive. I've only managed a third of that. Love the story of La Befana. Have never heard it before and think it is neat your are creating your own version in the neighborhood. Make it a great, healthy and happy 2016. Especially hope SM finds some joy in a new job.

  3. Congratulations on 1000!

    Have a wonderful celebration.

  4. I had never heard of Befana, but it's a lovely story and a nice tradition to practice. Congrats on 1000! That's quite a milestone... keep'em coming!

  5. One thousand posts! Incredible, and wonderful!

    I'm glad you're you. Glad to have happened upon you!

    I'm worried about that falling, though! Sometimes I use a cane, for balance and for my especially bad knee. I think the cane looks rather regal but who knows what it really looks like - and who cares???!!!

    Thanks for sharing about Befana! I learned something!

  6. Enjoyed catching up with you and yours. In my early 20s I worked at a bookstore for a really asshole of a boss. Eventually I quit and on my last day, I packed up a large order of technical manuals, weighed them, figured the postage and printed it out and put the info on the accountant's desk while she was sitting there, and left. A year later I popped in to say hello to the other employees and the owner's wife saw me and started ragging my ass about that last shipment and how I had failed to turn in the postage amount and so the customer didn't pay it and I cost them a lot of money and she was being really horrible about it. I was a little stunned but when I came to my senses I turned around and walked out while she was still going off on me. I couldn't believe it. I didn't set foot in that bookstore again after that.

  7. I love hearing what is happening within your Casa :) I am proud of Shelley! Oma Linda, don't fall anymore! That is not good! Please take care of you! Sending love to all of you! I have never heard of La Befana. Thank you for sharing about this! I have been really calm so far this year. Very weird for me! LOL! Many things have been coming to me and I am so understanding everything! I really feel enlightened! I am so grateful! Big Hugs :)

  8. Your family is priceless! Hurray for daughter! Huge cheer up here at the North Pole.
    Oh those wacky Scales! They do have a sense of humour! I am so happy to read your inspiring words, we are more alike than different is correct!
    You BE Careful! Slow and steady WINS the race you know! xoDebi

  9. Well, now that the kids are back in school just imagine all the surprises you'll be able to concoct while they are gone.

    So happy for your Shelley!

    You my lady, must stop falling. Tell that body of yours that it isn't funny, that it better hold you up or we'll have words.



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