Sunday, January 10, 2016

Planning what to do next.............................

Nope this will not be the giveaway post because I've had no time to invent, construct, or create anything to give away. I've been otherwise engaged in planning how to deal with yet another Ernie and Bert cooperation endeavor.

If you are not familiar with Sesame Street and the cuties of Ernie and Bert. This is how we settle problems at our house......for reals.
Here's the clip:

When my parents had this house built back in the early 60's, my Dad, true to his nature to be the cheapest man on the face of the planet, cut corners on all items. The worst example is the back porch cover. Instead of having the builder do the porch......he had someone who didn't have the foggiest idea in hell just slap that mess onto the back of the house. It has always leaked. It has always had electrical problems and with the recent blizzard and cold temps it has begun to buckle and bow. I guess I am just as guilty putting off the inevitable for so many years.

So we have to finish the garage redo (in colder than hell temps) in order to save the backporch furniure. The old spanish style patio couch, the 104 year old porch swing, my red and dotty collection of mess and the new planting table. So that all these items don't have to stand out in the weather as we deconstruct the leaking, leaning and gross mess hanging over our heads. I've had nightmares about letting the dogs out to go potty and all of us going squish.

So the garage move around, the backporch move around, the deconstruct, the hauling off of the deconstruct, the measuring and figuring out how much wood, metal roofing and paint we will need, and while we have the whole patio cleaned off we can treat the concrete so we can stain it too and the safety of everyone as we put the dogs out the side of the house and walk halfway around the house to have them go potty are all major issues at this point in time.

We are gonna be having so much fun. At least our fish are still in their fish tank and Sweet Man still has his cowboy hat to use when he plays cowboy. Hehehehehehehehe. Can you tell I'm Ernie and the rest of the family are all Berts????


  1. Speedy and good construction to you.

  2. Just keep a happy thought about how spectacular everything will be when finished!

  3. Yikes, that sounds like a lot to do but sure hope that 104 year old porch swing gets protected. What a treasure and the stories it could tell.

  4. Well, that sounds exhausting and expensive! And in winter!

  5. Sending you all the best! It's a big job, but be happy and know in your hearts, it's all going to turn out amazing! Big Hugs! Loved the Ernie and Bert video! LOL!


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