Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ah yes, February the twoth...................

Rodent watching day, Imbolc and the day I made up decorations just so I could say nanny, nanny boo boo to my husband.

Through 40 something years of being married, Joe and I have has several bouts of one up person ship. Sometimes our stubbornness knows no end. Of course each of us says it's the other who is more stubborn but if push comes to shove, which in our case, it never has, I'd have to say I will stick with something longer than he. He would tell you it's because he forgets easily. Whatever the case is. I won or at least I thought I did.

When we first married, lo those many Novembers ago, I told him that he would never have to buy me an anniversary present if he would just let me put up the Christmas tree whenever I wanted to. (Yep, I actually let him off the hook for presents which was the smartest thing I ever did. Considering all my friends and their tiffs about who forgot what and when, I think I did okay for myself.) Of course I must add that did not include no birthday, Christmas or Valentine's day gift which he has never gotten me either. But with that fact in mind, I have been known to decorate with a tree for Snowman day, Valentine's, Luck of the Irish, Fuzzy chicks and bunnies, birthdays, faeries, fourth of July, mermaids and beachy things, Sunflowers, fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving. gnomes, Christmas and New Year's. Now these are not to be confused with my altar which is only changes 8 times a year.

Back when our marriage was only half as old as it is now, Joe had a boss who was an even bigger smart ass than either Joe or I. He remarked to Joe after knowing us for a few years that he had never seen a house that had as much "holiday crap" as ours. He went on to say that he bet that we even decorated for Groundhog's day. Joe assured him that he had never seen that one at our house, but because said smart ass was coming over to take us to dinner on February the Twoth, I decorated a tree with stumps and rodents which sorta looked like a cross between groundhogs and prairie dogs along with little snowy thingies and some spring bulb paths. And the topper was exactly that...............a top hat.

I thought that Joe and Jim were going to laugh their asses off when they came into the living room and there was my newest tree the February the twoth tree. I got um both.

When Joe woke up this morning he rolled over and said, "Hey cutie, gonna make some more little varmits to decorate the tree this year?"

I thought the idea of our couples therapy was to say something sweet and nice each day, not make me giggle so bad I wet my jammie bottoms.


  1. What a wonderful story.

    I think we lose sight of the love in the middle of life's chaos. We sometimes automatically blame the closest one.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. I love your enthusiasm for all holidays, even the ones that haven't yet gone commercial.

  3. Awwwww, this is so sweet!!!! I love this story!! Happy February 2nd!

  4. You celebrate everyday! Knowone is married that long anymore ( well my sister is)
    so couples therapy is visiting the wrong house! You have my address,mend them my way! xoxoxo

  5. Decorating for Groundhog Day! Well, you take the cake for that one, m'dear! Hilarious and FUN! I wonder if he saw his shadow this year?

  6. So THAT'S why the groundhog predicted "sprinkles" this year!

  7. One must adore a sweet man that makes us wet our jammie bottoms first thing in the morning.

    So... did you make more? ;-D

  8. What a great story! I wouldn't be surprised if Joe's boss gets you a little furry, groundhog-looking varmint for Valentine's Day.

  9. The mark of a true gotcha is when the person GOT actually looks forward to more of the same.
    I have a friend who makes a meatloaf in the shape of a groundhog each year. She gets more creative each time with the look in its eyeballs, the roadkill look and background effects.
    It takes real dedication to be crazy creative.


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