Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cat report............

It is with sadness that I have to report that Mommy Joy is not a part of our household any longer. I was so bummed, but I had to take her back to Animal Humane.

After trying all of the therapies suggested by the behaviorists, keeping her secluded so that she could get acclimated, and trying to settle her down, she just was too feral to live in a busy household filled with children, dogs, cats and her own baby. She never let any of us handle her, or for that matter touch her.

Come to find out, that she and her 3 kittens had just come onto the floor at the rescue after their spaying surgeries about 20 minutes before I saw them. They were still woozy from the anesthesia and appeared to be much more docile than they were.

Mommy Joy was miserable here. When I returned her, I cried the entire way, like a lunatic. They looked up the circumstances of how they got her and oops, she wasn't an owner surrender but a feral catch. Duh. Mommy Joy will make a fabulous barn kitty, or with the right foster home maybe she would change her feral ways. I was so sad to have to make the decision but I know it was the best one for her and for Baby Bliss.

Baby Bliss sitting in the copper bar sink. She's high enough she can see all the other animals pass by. And is silly enough to think they don't see her. BB may stand for many other things by the time she gets grown. She's so sweet (to me).

BB is now part of the community of cats and dogs. She loves Joe and I and when she is in our room at night is a real kitten. She sleeps with me every night and entertains me at a little after 4 every morning. When she is out in the main part of the house during most of the day, (she does have nap time in my room for about an hour), she is getting closer every day to the other beasties and even flirts with giant cat Chandler who gives her all the space she needs but doesn't stay too far away. He's a good big brother. Uma tolerates her. Princess Pudgy pretends that she does not exist but I can't say I blame her because the one time Mommy Joy was introduced to any of the animals she had Pudgy slapped nineteen different ways and took huge chunks of beautiful long white hair off her back. So Pudgy has an absolute right to be standoffish with the "spawn of Joy".

The dogs follow her everywhere wanting to play like they do with the other cats but, of course, BB has no idea what they are up to. She gets on top of the kitty tower and watches them with a confused look on her cute little black kitty face.

She has the sweetest, tiniest little mew, is a huge adventure kitty with the household and has her entourage Chandler and Jameson at her beck and call at all times. Funny that the boys like her and know how to stay out of paws reach.

Time will give them all a chance to learn to get along. Fingers crossed.

xoxo Oma Linda


  1. so sorry for Mama Joy. hope she finds a good barn to rule over.

  2. Well, you did your best with Mommy Joy and no one could ask more. I hope she finds an owner with an acreage for her to live on in wild abandon.

  3. You did the right thing and have given her another shot at happiness.

  4. Aw, that's so very sad. I wish ABQ had some feral cat colonies as some places do, where the cats are all fixed and just live out their lives in their feral way (with food and water dropped off each day).

  5. I am so sorry Mommy Joy didn't work out. Feral cats rarely do but you are right. She would do well as a barn cat but for sure an outside cat. BB and the rest will adjust. They eventually settle pecking order and all will be well. Sounds like you are really attached to the little one.

  6. She will find the right place for her. You saved one more kitty.

  7. I am sorry about Mama Joy! I hope she finds a good home! I'm glad Baby Bliss is doing well! That is such a cute picture of her in the copper bar sink! I hope you are well Oma Linda! Much Love!

  8. I am sure there would be many country barns where Mama Joy would rule. Every barn needs a good Mama Joy. Hope it happens soon.

  9. I hope Mama Joy is adopted by someone with a nice barn, where she feels safe and happy. I'm sorry you had to take her back, but happy that she didn't hurt any of the fur babes or the human ones--feral cats can be so... unpredictable.

    *sigh* Every time I read about you big furry family I get a little jealous... all right, a lot jealous. ;-D

  10. ahhhhhhhh... I am sorry about Joy, I hope she finds her place, I am SURE she will find her place... and that her time with the cuckoos will make her perfect for the next , maybe less crowded ;) but with love to spare, home.


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