Friday, April 8, 2016

getting down the road........step by step

Update of sorts.

I haven't blogged in 6 weeks. During that time life has been busy, interesting and I've traveled the road less traveled. Albeit in my head. I've done some soul searching, some introspective meditation, spent time with the family and not letting things get me down. It's not a perfect solution but what is really?

Many thanks for all the well wishes. I appreciate all your good thoughts and kind messages. I have come to a spot in the road that tells me I can choose to be happy or I can keep sitting and spinning. I choose to be happy. If I never meet someone else's expectations, so be it. I will keep true to me and be happy with my choices. Not to say I don't care, because I do care, but about me first at this time in my life. Gone are the days of mindlessly giving my time, joy and energy away. Here are the sunny days of feeling good and fulfilled.

"Bliss" the kitty has had a name change. Not that she isn't the sweetest kitten in the whole wide world to me, but "Bliss" was my hope, not her reality. She wouldn't even answer to that name. While watching a Netflix show I heart the name "Niamh". It made me shiver. And this old witch knows when something is knocking at my door with wisdom so I looked it up on our pal Google.

Niamh - Goddess of Beauty and Brightness.

Niamh is the Goddess of Beauty and Brightness. She is the daughter of Manannán mac Lir, one of the Queens of Tir na nóg, and the daughter of Fand. On her magical horse, Embarr, she crossed the Western Sea to ask Fionn mac Cumhail if his son Oisín would come with her to Tír na nóg (the Land of Youth).

She is my first real familiar. I know, better late than never, right? She goes everywhere I go, sleeps with me, comes and touches me at least once an hour and never fails to bring me to laughter many times a day. In other words, she is the best medicine for me. that I have ever had. She could care less about anyone else, or for that matter any thing else. She has gotten used to the dogs, likes Chandler the huge monster of a cat, terrifies Princess Toadstool (that's a whole other posting) and has at least two rows with Uma, the other black goddess cat in the house, every day. The noise is scary but they both are just being "bitches". Niamh is sleek with amber colored eyes to Uma's long silky hair and green eyes. I keep telling them to not fight they are both pretty girls but when have cats ever listened to a human. I'm in love.

Joe's job with the County is back up again, readying for the primary elections in June. He was on furlough for 3 weeks. It was nice to have him home. He is such a patient person with our life. And also has turned the funny up as of late. He was here during most of Spring break.

The grands never fail to add spice to my life. Their spring break was a quiet one, both of them slept late and we messed around with crafting, cooking and just enjoying each others company. GK is going to the prom with her best friend/partner in crime Johnny in a week, RyLeigh will be 12 tomorrow. He and I had a fun time with math sleuthing and he is always asking questions about our family history in one form or another. Such a huge curious mind. Sitting around with no agenda just shooting the breeze with the two of them is one of my very favorite guilty pleasures. They will be grown up and out on their own soon enough so I just let the other things I should be doing just gather cobwebs and luxuriate in that moment. It's good for all of us.

Shelley continues to be the hardest worker in the family. I admire her grit. Besides working, carting the grands and their friends hither and yon, she has taken on another "duty". A friend of hers had eye surgery and needs to be shuttled to work, to the doctor, shopping etc. She and the grands are such good hearted friends. Makes me proud of who they all are.

Hope all of you are doing well. I miss hearing from so many of you whose blogs have gone silent. I loved the fun we've had in the past. Wish I could turn the clock back and appreciate that time more but then isn't that the way of life?

Smooches and Squoozes my lovelies,
Oma Linda


  1. glad to hear from you. and you are right...we choose. we can choose happy instead of letting other people's shit bring us down.

  2. I'm so glad that Niamh has revealed herself to be your Familiar! Glad to hear that you're putting yourself first and are being fine with it. You've more than earned that right!

  3. I'm so glad that Niamh has revealed herself to be your Familiar! Glad to hear that you're putting yourself first and are being fine with it. You've more than earned that right!

  4. Good to hear from you and to know that you are muddling through, same as the rest of us.

    Kitty's new name is lovely and oh, those eyes! Huge golden orbs. Paintable. And to have her choose you as "the one" is the best news.

    Many of the folks I continued to follow after we left the road have given up blogging and I miss them. Actually, I miss my own blog, but it's hard to write about traveling when you never leave the bubble. Hee. Ah well. Enjoy the munchkins because soon they'll be munchkins no more but instead lovely, kind, strong adults thanks to the adults who love them so much in the here and now.

  5. Hello my friend, think of you often, and understand the lack of blogging and how it was a fabulous connection to those who like a ray of warmth touch us with their virtual company... I love that you are enjoying life, furred friends and family, choosing to be happy, this is a good path to be on :) love you much, miss you heaps and pleased you posted xoxox

  6. I like you just the way you are. Especially when you are happy.

  7. Dearest Oma Linda, as someone else who has had a very quiet and introspective winter (and blog) I feel you. Sending extra helpings of love to you and yours as spring takes hold and lifts us up (without the added weight of feeling as though we need to meet other's expectations - something which I still stumble with from time to time). Hugs to you!

  8. Thanks for filling us in on what's happening in your life. Take care.

  9. Was only thinking of you 2 days ago, hoping your life was good...seems to me your life is much better. The peace in your soul is oozing into the squoozing. :D XXX

  10. Oh how I wish we could turn the clocks back. Blogging was both intimidating and joyous fun when I began. I met so many amazing, energetic people. We don't "meet" as often any more but when we do - the great memories.
    My blog will be going through a transformation. Right now I feel I am just going through the motions and not the right ones. Not the ones I want or need.
    I envy you the closeness of family. I am thrilled when I get a special text! But then again, I instilled them with that sense of freedom and independence. I still know they are there if I am in need.
    I spent last week coughing on the couch. Thought spring was arriving and I was missing it. I am off the couch and we have 3 inches of fresh snow. Life always has other plans.

  11. Pretty little Niamh is a beauty, that's for sure. Tell that Ry guy happy birthday for me. Have a great day Kiddo

  12. What a gorgeous cat, and her eyes are positively mesmerizing... so wise and mysterious. No wonder you were drawn to her, and she to you. Good to hear that the cuckoos are all well and that you are on a good path. Thanks for the update. Hugs!

  13. Glad all is well. I've been absent too.

    Hang in there. I hear it's all about attitude.


  14. So glad you have found such a devoted familiar. May she keep you safe and entertained.
    It was so good to see your post. Hope you will get back in the saddle again. You were missed.

  15. Love you Oma Linda! Yeh!! Putting you first! Sounds excellent to me! Niamh is your familiar! How special!!! Happy seeing you post! You've been missed! Big Hugs!

  16. I had to look up how to pronounce Niamh and was surprised to learn that it's nothing like it looks! Niamh is a lovely cat and I'm glad she brings you such joy. Even more importantly, I'm glad you're finding the road to your own happiness. Hugs to you. :)

  17. Your kitty is just beautiful and what a lovely name!!
    I was one of those blogs that had gone silent, but i am back... hoping you remember me...


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