Friday, September 16, 2016

I'll sneak this one in on you...................

Tonight is the Harvest Moon. There will also be an eclipse of the moon as the Earth's shadow falls across the face of the moon. This is a harbinger of changes in all our lives.

photo by Dan Bush
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we call the closest full moon to the autumn equinox the Harvest Moon. In 2016, the September equinox comes on September 22. So this hemisphere’s Harvest Moon is the full moon of September 16. It happens to be an especially close and large full moon … a supermoon? There’s disagreement on that, but we can all agree that this particular Harvest Moon looks especially bright. Plus this Harvest Moon stages a subtle penumbral eclipse on the night of September 16-17, visible from half of Earth, but unfortunately not North America.

Last night we went outside as a troop of Cuckoos to celebrate the full moon, just a little bit early, because the younger Cuckoos have another engagement. We didn't want to miss out on singing down the moon as is our custom and ritual every full moon.

As we finished up our song to the moon and greeting to a new turn of the wheel. Sweet Man who is usually the very epitome of a man in his early 60's and a bit stoic, proceeded to bring change into our ritual by giving the Cuckoos a view of his full moon.

I haven't been surprised by that old coot in a very long time, but I laughed until my sides hurt. Ry and GK were in shock and awed by his full moon antics. Shelley just said she hoped that the neighbors weren't looking out their windows at the nutz that live at our house.

Smooches and Squoozes,

and they danced by the light of the moon, tee hee

Oma Linda


  1. Hahahahahaha. That old dog still has a few new tricks! ;) Happy Full Moon Oma and the Cuckoos!

  2. Bwahahahaha....what a star! :D XXX

  3. us old folks have to shock the younguns now and then.

  4. The gorgous harvest moon shine bright up here in northern Canada! T trailing into my bedroom as I slept! The energy is unmistakeable and joy & hope fills the air! Huge hugs to you and yours! xoxoxoxoDebi

  5. Will that become an integral part of EVERY full moon ritual now? lol

  6. I haven't mooned anyone in a while, but now you've inspired me.

  7. Ha! I didn't see that one coming... apparently, y'all didn't either!!! Way to go, SMan!

  8. Oh my gosh, that is funny!

  9. You tell your Devil Dog that I'm adding his name to my very short list of heroes. To surprise one's heart and to make her laugh at the same time is a superpower!

  10. It was beautiful but could not even get a good picture!

  11. LOL! I love your man!!! Big Hugs to the family!


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