Thursday, September 15, 2016

The summer catch up..............

So much to tell you.

The time from early May, GK's birthday to mid September just zipped past me so fast. Not that I wasn't happy to see them off to school, because I am a real person, after all. I can't believe another summer has come and gone. I hate the heat but I love my time with my grands. This summer was no different......but it was.

I should talk about the grands individually here so that you can see the agony and the ecstasy individually.

Ry has had a very eventful summer. He went to his last year of Therapeutic Recreation through the city of Albuq. Next year if he decides to go he will have to join the teen program. He didn't not have a good time but his hormones and ego (thank the Goddess he finally has one) got the better of him.

We spent lots of lazy days just enjoying the air conditioning and talking about life. His, mine, other people's, I learned a lot, I hope he did too. His mental age has almost caught up with his chronological age and he is feeling the "becoming a teenager" (damn it), with all it's accompanying hurts and bruises. Actually played outside with the neighborhood kids without having to have one of us adult Cuckoos out there to watch and make sure nothing bad happened. Had a trail of little girls calling his name as he strutted by and a covey of boys to become cohorts and chums. His best friend's sister was his kinda summer crush and she liked him back. Summer was good for him, mostly.

He once again was a spokesperson for a charity that benefits children with autism, the Holman Foundation. Gave a speech at the golf tournament and again at the gala for the charity. He is getting to be quite the ambassador for autism. The confidence he has gained from having this opportunity is enormous in his daily life. It's a win/win situation. The folks at Holman love to have him be a spokesperson for them so that they can raise money to provide electronic aids for classrooms for autistic and other special needs children and Ry gets to have the knowledge that he is helping someone else.

GK is 16, is driving, gorgeous, smart as a whip (which I know she would use on someone if we had one) and always a hoot. I could just stop there but that wouldn't be anything new for me to share with you.

Her face changed so much this summer and so did her lovely physique. If I had looked like her when I was her age............oh my.

It took hours of sleep to get through the grueling Oma jobs I had she and her best friend do for me this summer, so our days didn't start until noon. I remember at that age being that tired and a tad bit lazy too. But what the hell people, what's an Oma for if not to let you be a bum and have no one fussing at you, right?

They moved entire rooms around for me. Made my craft area into the pantry and brought all the groceries and dry goods into the house from the former pantry in the garage. Of course now all of my crafting crapee is in the garage wondering, why it is that I don't love it anymore but that is a whole other story.

She and her friend were so much fun to be with, listen to and laugh at. Teenagers, you can't shoot them and there is no cure for their insanity. The house was filled with laughter and bizarre conversations. I truly think Ry and I both were healed by some of the discussions. Family sometimes can be the best medicine when applied by the younger members of the tribe.

GK also was part of the Holman events, was moral support for her brother as always and also spoke eloquently about being a sibling of a child with autism. The folks at Holman are looking into helping her with some of her college expenses because of her dedication.

The worst part of the summer was watching both the grands maneuver through personal issues with friends. Also both have had some pretty intense flashbacks from when they were very young. That king of thing just never goes away. It can only be made less powerful. GK lost 2 long time friends, a girlfriend who dropped out of high school and her boy best friend date to all of those dances, who she never thought would change and Ry finally found some friends but then lost them. Life is so hard when you have had a limited number heartaches or heartbreaks. Both learned things they wish they hadn't had to learn.

Both grands have a better vision of what is fair, cuz life isn't. Both are more knowledgeable about the less than trustworthiness or believability of other humans, even if they have sworn friendship. But the flip side of that ugliness is that they both trusted me enough to share those things with me. They also went through a healing process and are on the good side of that. We cried together and found comfort under the air conditioning with scary movies and hugs.

I am blessed to be experiencing this part of their lives with them, close up and personal. I am privileged to "know their hearts" and for them to trust me with those pieces of life that are a bit off colored and tear stained.

I went from being a sad old lady with too much of myself to worry about to Omie (new transmutation of my name) who is in the thick of their mess and have come out on the other side of my selfish, self centered mania to a really bright light, whose names are Ry and GK.

I'll say it once again, I am blessed.

The next chapter of life with the grands involves our end of summer soiree. We are having a Zombie Luau here at Casa de Cuckoo next Saturday. This idea was born by thinking about having a luau (leaving the sadness behind) and then doing research into luau's by looking at the tiki heads and totempoles and having the thought that they looked like polynesian zombies (thanks Ry). So there you have it, Zombies and a luau.........who would have thunked it. We did.

Celebrate whatever you can, it brings smiles and that is life's tonic for feeling better.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Wow. There always seems to be a lot of sturm and drang in La Casa de los Cuckoos, but there's also a ton of love and discussion and openness and love and... Teens--'nuff said. It's wonderful that the grands have such loving stability in their lives when the disappointments hit (and they hit hard.) Hugs.

  2. it's nice that the kids have such a wonderful support all keep each other steady.
    congratulations to Ry on being so brave and helpful, that's awesome.
    GK is driving and it seems like she was just 9 last week!
    how the heck does it go by so quickly?
    It's absolutely beautiful that they help out their Oma..those are going to be such rich and vivid memories for them.
    I'm excited for your zombie luau, hope you take plenty of pictures!
    hugs to you all.

    1. oh, I will totally bore all of you with photos of the insanity gathering

  3. You sound like quite the dotting grandmother, and with good reason.

    1. "doting" that's a very good word for what I do. I guess an answer would be, I do dote

  4. Teenagers! Hormones! Zombie luau! Oh my!

    Glad to hear that Ry and GK are doing so well and you too of course. "Omie" is such a cute take on "Oma"!

    1. Omie, Omalator, and Yo Yo are all names I answer to

  5. What a summer of memories you helped create! The foundation you have laid will serve you all well in the future. Teenagers, indeed, are a fascinating species!

    1. I have few memories of my grandmother. I decided I would be a force of nature in their lives immediately upon meeting the grands at birth. Sorta a life quest

  6. Like you, my heart ( well where one on ex lived) aches when the grands are disappointed in humans & life. Oh if Neverland wasn't so faraway! They will be stronger , better brighter for it, they must! Oma says so!
    Huge hugs! To YU and your beautiful family, I've enjoyed watching them bloom!

    1. You and I are fierce grandmothers.....I feel like it's the least I can be. Thanks Debi and congrats on the new to come PUddleduck

  7. yep, the grands are growing up. learning that friends are not always forever.

  8. You are a brilliant lady Oma "Omie" Linda! I have never thought of you being selfish! Never!!!
    Wow, what a summer! You are truly blessed and so is Ry and Gk! They have you! I'm happy they are doing well, sorry about the downs they had to go through!
    Big Hugs and Much Love!

  9. Oh, do I relate. I am now a very blessed and happy "Grammie" now too! My first grandson is now a year old!... Nice to stop by today, and wish I could join in on this zombie luau! LOL! Sounds like an experience for sure!! ~tina


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