Monday, September 19, 2016

What a spider bite can do to ya.............

Back in late June, I was putting up some 4th of July decorations in my front yard. I had finished most of the inside decos, got antsy and wanted to put the flower arrangements in the holders on the house. So I finished the one under my bedroom window and took the other to the matching panel and shutters on the other "leg" of my ranch house, which is under the garage window.

As I finished messing with the flowers and bows, to my satisfaction, I felt a sting on my right outer, lower leg. Didn't stop to swat anything away. I just put the box for the 4th of July decos back in the garage, looked through some other stuff  and then finally came inside.

By the time I got in the house my leg was burning and I felt sick to my stomach. I sat down on the couch and inspected my leg. Sure enough there was a bulls eye blister and swelling that accompanies a spider bite. I suspect it was a black widow because I have seen them around the side of the house but I only touched the Mexican Horsetail grass to get to the flower holders.

When Ry got his spider bite back last spring, which I realize now wasn't like mine, I immediately milked the area, washed it down with benadryl liquid and gave him a benadryl orally and applied ice. He didn't even have a reaction to the poison. Me on the other hand, well, if I wasn't such a stubborn old batt, I'd have gone to the emergency room right then but nooooooooooooooooooooooo, I took care of it myself. It took six weeks for the "wound" to heal. The skin just sort of peeled away, bit by bit.

Little did I realize that I would be affected in other ways from something so simple. My whole immune system went kinda loopy. I developed a rash in several places all over my body. Then my face looked like I was having an attack of roscasea and I looked like the walking dead. I even scared a poor little kid in the grocery store. My energy level bottomed out and I was a mess for part of the summer.

And last Friday, 11 weeks later, I had severe muscle atrophy in my right leg and couldn't raise my leg to get in the car while GK and I were out shopping. I did feel some better on Sat but Sunday I returned to the same lethargy that I had last summer.

I went to the chiropractor this morning because I thought maybe he could help my leg function with an adjustment of my spine.

As we were talking, he asked if I had been in an accident, had food poisoning or had gotten stung by a bee or wasp. I said no and then told him about the spider bite. He pulls out this medical journal that talked about the long term affects of bee, wasp or spider bites. And wouldn't ya know that I have all the signs and symptoms, even the prolonged affects. He suggested several things I can do until I get in to see my Dr.

I called the Dr's office as soon as I got home. Yep, her next available is Jan 5. So I am going to a private urgent care facility as soon as someone gets home that can raise their feet up to use the brake and accelerator pedals in the car. I really should not have driven myself earlier because I had to back myself into the car to begin with and then couldn't have slammed on the brakes if a situation were to have arisen because that function does not happen with my inability to raise my right foot.

Oh hell's bells ya'll. I'm home safe and able to lift my foot a whopping 2 inches off the floor now. Can't go to bed, can't raise my leg to get in there so I'll just sit and see what the computer has to offer.

See, you knew I couldn't go a week without some sort of complaint. Sheesh. But I'm not in a bad mood...............................yet.

Smooches and Squoozes,

Oma Linda


  1. Oh my gosh! Please get to the doctor soon! I hope that they are able to figure something out that will help you. Sending you healing vibes!

  2. And I've been ignoring those voices in my head that kept saying, Call her! I'm so sorry. I've never had a poison bite but one daughter had a Brown Recluse bite and it was horrible. I feel for you!

    Next time those voices speak, I will listen.

  3. Spider bites are the worst, although all bugs find me extremely tasty. I hope tyou recover from this soon.

  4. OMG!!!!! and my husband is whining bout a scabby sore spot from something much less poisonous!!!! Get your diet sorted while your sitting bored...look up all the "immune booster" stuffs and take it easy!!! XXX

  5. Oma Linda, please have the doctor check you for lupus, just in case it was a tick that bit you, not a spider. That starts with a bulls-eye bite too, I believe.

    1. Or perhaps I mean Lyme Disease. That's why I'm not a doctor, you know. Too ignorant!

  6. damn Linda. I got a spider bite on the river once. I didn't even feel it but saw a spider in the tent. it didn't look like any kind of bad spider but turned out it pussed up and the wound/hole kept getting bigger and of those flesh eating things. went to the doctor after a couple of weeks and had to soak it in water as hot as I could stand three times a day and I think antibiotic ointment, I forget. anyway after about a week or so of that, it just sort of blurped and oozed out this huge mass of yellow green pus leaving a big hole in my leg which then healed up. still have a nice little scar that looks like someone burned me with a cigarette.

  7. Please get to the doc! I had a glancing bite on my check decades ago. It still peels and gets itchy, and it get red and angry if I even get bitten by a mosquito. I am lucky because I could have a whole in my cheek instead of a depression of peeling scar tissue. Do take care.

  8. You just can't be left alone can you! Learn your lessons the hard way is it! ?
    And not a drop of whiskey around I imagine! Well missy, be well soon! AND beeee more careful in the future, people need your,! xoDebi

  9. Mercy, that is just horrible. January 5th?? She has to be kidding. Like Gail I am thinking Brown Recluse but what ever----please get in to see a doc who can help you NOW. You need a thorough check up.
    Please let us know.

  10. That sounds HORRIBLE! Get thee to a doctor, any doctor, pronto, not JAN(?!) for heavens sake.

    I'm terrified of getting a black widow bite. I pick up nothing outside until I look it over very carefully. I killed 26 black widows here last summer! 26!!! I've only found (and killed) 6 small ones this year. I declared WAR. Sounds like you need to do likewise.

  11. Gosh, I am so careless out in the garden just because I don't THINK we have any rattlers right here where we live (of course they are all around us, but I have that magical thinking). On the other hand, I KNOW we have black widows everywhere. I think I'm going to be more careful from now on, thanks to your experience.

    I sure do hope that you will keep us updated with any further news. Sending hugs!

  12. Get to the doctor soon, Oma, especially if you didn't see the bug. It might've been a tick. This sounds too much like Lyme Disease. It has lasted way too long.

  13. Please, please, get checked very soon Oma Linda!!!! Like several of our other friends are saying, it could be lyme disease!! Love you!

  14. Eep! I'm so sorry, Oma. Evil, evil spider! That's awful. Take care of and be gentle with yourself. I hope you can get to feeling better before January. *hugs* (Evil spider. :( I hope he got what he deserved. *squish*)

  15. Oh my stars, what are you like Ms Lindy?!
    Just to make you feel a little better, I'm the same with ANY bite, I'm allergic to almost everything too.
    Although, the tick thing...if you felt the bite, it was not a tick, you don't feel them bite (they are very clever and give you an anesthetic before they bite), trust me, we live in the countryside! So, if you felt the little bugger, then it's another critter. So, apart from being food for bugs, did you have a good Summer? he he he...

  16. hope you're much better by now. A spider bit my sister a while back and it ate away at her skin for a while...I think the spider died though, there's more venom in her than in the spider:)


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