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Almone Bankly.........cellmates

After several days of just sitting and waiting for what happened next, Almone's group had talked about everything with each other. Family, towns, jobs, what they did for fun, what was the worst thing that ever happened to them, not counting being captured and more.

The door flew open and one of the pinks came in and took Brell, the winged creature, first. She was gone for hours. Korman and Almone didn't speak each other's languages but both were very concerned for their cell mate. They shared their concern by their looks at each other and the door.

When Brell was thrown back into the cell, they were even more concerned. Her normally purple skin was covered with welts and was much more magenta than purple. She had labored breathing and looked so very weak.

The pinks turned towards Korman, he was next. He screamed and kicked and tried to bite the pink one. His actions were met with a blow from a prod which rendered him unconscious. The pinks dragged Korman away without any more drama.

Almone sat down next to Brell and smoothed her wild hair. After only a few moments, Brell looked up at him and smiled. She was so glad to awaken in a friendly place. She told him of the torture and the questions that were asked of her. "Was she a magickal being?" "Did she have extraordinary powers?" "Did she know why she had been taken?" Brell told Almone that all these questions were very confusing because of course she was a magickal being, she had wings. And no she didn't have extraordinary powers for someone from The Forgotten Forest. Then she asked her captures why she had been taken and that's when they had used the prod on her.

Brell asked Almone if he was a magickal creature? Almone answered, no. And he certainly had no special abilities except he could make his ears move. They both laughed at that and then settled on the bench waiting for their captures, thinking that Almone would be taken next. But that never happened. Their cellmate Korman never returned.
artwork by GK
Instead the days marched on and turned into weeks. By now the two knew everything there was to know about each other. The two were so tired of this place, the terrible rations they were being fed and the worst part was not knowing what was coming next. Their lives were nothing more than the more in depth conversations about their lives, small metal benches, semi darkness day in and day out, and having nothing to do. They did try to exercise every day and that seemed to make the time pass.

The two were doing some exercising when the door opened, the pinks came in and took Brell away again but it wasn't long before Brell and the pink one came back into the cell and Almone was taken away.

He was strapped to a chair, and a rag with that same awful smelling chemical was forced over his face. The next thing he knew he was on the floor of the cell and Brell was excitedly whispering to him. "They've decided to let us go. Get up and let's get out of here before they change their minds." Almone couldn't even gather his thoughts but stumbled after Brell as she flew towards the end of the corridor. It wasn't long before they were out of doors. The air was clean and cool. The sun was much lower in the sky now with the weeks of being held captive it would be getting on to autumn.

She flew, he stumbled and they made their way away from this horrible nightmare and into the forest. Almone had no idea where they were going but Brell was making him stride on, even though he didn't have the strength.

It would be nightfall soon and he insisted that they stop and make some sort of camp before it became pitch black. They could wait for the moonrise and then he could chart his way back to his home by the stars. Brell said she would love to see where Almone lived and they made a plan to go there as quickly as they could.

Brell found a branch on which to rest. Almone lay on the ground waiting for stars in the night to come and rescue him. Before the night stars revealed themselves Almone fell into a peaceful sleep for the first time in weeks. Or at least that is how it was perceived.

As soon as he heard her flutter away, Almone opened his eyes. He had a bad feeling about his new friend. All the while they were incarcerated she kept asking him about his master's house, where things were kept, how many other servants there were. Why would that be considered idle conversation, he wondered? Also Brell and the white, Korman would communicate, all the while staring in Almone's direction. That seemed odd too. But the thing that convinced him not to completely trust her was the welts she had come back with on her body. They disappeared after only a few moments. That just didn't quite make sense to him.

Almone just didn't believe Brell's actions. They never really added up to what was happening around them. Now she had left him in the middle of the night. This was his chance to get away from her as well.

He looked up into the sky, got his bearings and then a shudder of panic ran through him, just like a cold wind had blown, what if she was watching him? What if she was planning on following him? He would have to be careful and wary as he made his way home. He also decided to make a little stop along the way to make sure he wasn't being followed.

Almone set off on the path to home by way of an old friend, in a manner of speaking.

Almone will return in some additional chapters after the 2nd of November. 
I'll share the fun we are having here at Casa de Cuckoo in preparation for Hallowoonie and Dia de Los Muertos.
Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. This story is building beautifully...and GK's image of Brell is just stunning :D XXX

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  5. You and GK make such a wonderful team--you building layers into a world, and GK letting us see its colors.

  6. P.S. Tell GK that I love how her sketches look like watercolors!

  7. Excellent!! Can't wait for more!!! Please tell GK her art is amazing! Big Hugs!


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