Thursday, October 27, 2016

part two because Google is being a fool child and won't let me post the rest of the photos.........

Then I wanted to have a make over doll for Dia de Los Muertos. Found this cutie pie at the Junque store and primed and painted her in the Muertos sugar skull style and created a dress for her from tissue paper. Now she's ready to join our ofrenda, altar to our ancestors which I will show you next week.

Here are some goodies I have received from some of the lovelies that make life a whole lot more pleasant. I received cards from Gina and Debi. Polished stones from Stacy. And prints of my dear Cee's paintings. Each of these sweetie pies live outside of the US and I do so appreciate your love sent my way.

And lastly for this tour de Hallowoonie, are some of our decorations. We did not go all out inside the house because of the constant cat race that is daily life here at the moment. Fattycakes, the old white love watches mostly, although she has been known to throw a monkey wrench in the plans of the others by being in their path. Chandler the enormous beast chases the others and torments them until the demure and delicate black beauties, who are half his size and third his weight, turn on him and slap the daylights outta him. But the worst are Uma and Niamh aka the black beauties. Uma was the baby, pampered puss before Niamh the interloper came and spoiled that bit. Jealousy is the watch word for those two. So they take turns making the other scream and knock things off of shelves, cabinets, tabletops etc. That is why we decided that the Hallowoonie Tree ornaments would be safest left in their crates in the garage this year. I'm not sure what we'll do about the Christmas tree but we do have awhile before that decision.

Shelley bought me this motion sensitive, screeching black cat because it just seems fair to torment the outside world like we are tormented inside. The funny thing about it is that when we set it up outside in the patio, Chandler the humongous just about lost his mind. He was so frightened. Poor little thing. Every time the cat sounds the arrival of someone to the door now, Chandler the fraidy cat makes a bee line for under the bed. What a puss.
yes this is a real pumpkin. I don't know what kind it is but it is really reddish
The outside usually shines like a beacon to the passing aircraft with all the blow mold and other lights we have, but this year, I couldn't climb to get all that nonsense down, so I decorated a little more quietly.

This huge plastic cauldron is another giftie from my girl. I saw this Pinterest entry where you can age anything to make it look rusty. And by golly this really looks like it is. And another benefit, it smells heavenly. The trick is primer so you can paint on the plastic and then just black and brown acrylics, and while the paint is still wet, put on some cinnamon and I added nutmeg because it gave it the texture of rusting and then when it dries, coat all that with modge podge. I'm really excited to see how the neighbor kids like the new Maiden, Mother and Crone schtick we will have going on out front.

Who could have a cauldron without a fire, right? Well I thank Pinterest for that as well. Glowing embers no less (here's the link). You take cardboard, orange lights, plastic bottles, containers, spray insulation foam, primer and there ya go. I spent more time cutting the plastic containers and affixing them to the cardboard over the lights than anything else. At night, it looks just like it should be hot. We'll have the fog machine inside the cauldron and the scene will be all set. Pictures of that to follow as well. This fire looks so cool that we are going to make one to go into our unusable fireplace. At least then we will have the ambiance of hearth fire and can enjoy that. Back to hoarding clear plastic bottles again.

Hope you're all ready for the trick or treaters, I know I am.

Smooches and Squoozes, Oma Linda


  1. Fun Home! I love All your trinkets! Love the cauldron great job! xoDebi

  2. I did a much quieter sort of decorating this year too. Maybe it's not just the lack of climbing, or my irritable back, maybe there's just something in the air. ;)

    I have one of those giant plastic cauldrons, I never thought to "rust" it. I'm going to have to do that now! xox

  3. You make the most amazing displays Oma.. I am so jealous :D XXX

  4. At this time of year I always know your blog will put me in a festive Halloween mood. Thanks.

  5. Those are fabulous displays. I love that skelly at the bottom and the cauldron is brilliant!

  6. I bet the cauldron smells delicious! ♥

  7. I want to come to your house and play!! Everything looks amazing! I love your doll!! I love the cauldron! I really love everything! So happy you got the stones! Big Hugs!

  8. Thanks to all of you for your sweet comments. xoxo Oma Linda

  9. Yay! I love all of this!! That cauldron looks amazing.
    I hope you post again soon... I so enjoy hearing about your cats, lol

  10. Oh goodness, this is the perfect themed Halloween, I can't imagine how much joy all the little Halloweenies feel when they see this treat or treating :) Well done!!!!


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