Friday, October 21, 2016

The Veil Keeper and a spell.........WiF 2016

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As a youngster this type of collection doll was everywhere in the 5 and 10 cent stores. I found some new old stock at an estate sale and it made me happy and sad.

Happy because it gave me a great deal of inspiration to find 3 "naked babies" waiting to be assigned their tasks in life and sad because this person was "going to get around to finishing this project" but either never did or worse ran out of time.

All the way home I kept thinking how we all wait until the last minute to get projects done, hopes achieved, dreams attained until we have the time. But sometimes, we run out of time. Must be because I am in the later part of my life that I ponder such things. So I knew this little lady was going to be the Keeper of the Veil. I've always believed that the Keeper doesn't let the spirits into the world of the living, but makes sure they can find their way back to the other side. She is their guide to return to what should be their place.

The lantern is a small copy of a spirit lantern used in the 1920's as a Halloween decoration and would serve as the beacon to those spirits.

Lots of tales have been written about spirits coming back into the world of the living to do what they deem undone. Whether that is to haunt, to observe, to correct or to mourn their own lacking in this life. I think that is magickal. The chance to be back among the living.

We welcome a visit from our ancestors not for our own comfort but for theirs. It should be that we also combine our magickal abilities to bring about a change in this world for the same reason. Not for our own comfort but for the comfort and well being of all that are, have been and will be in this world. The circle requires that our working together and alongside one another in magick will take this mell of a hess that exists and turn it into a life worth living and sharing.

My little Veil Keeper reminds us that we don't have all the time required but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't make an effort to be a part of each others plan to rid the life we are living from the ugliness that pulls all of us down.

Celebrate the possibilites of what magick we spell crafters, we magickal beings can work. Whether you pray, chant, paint, create, grow, mix, blend or just ponder the question, join in to combine the hope for our world.

Name the Veil Keeper in your comment and get another chance to win her in Magaly's drawings. Read all the reads and enter the other contributors giveaways. Have fun.

Thank you for coming by to see my spell, cast for all of us, to live in a beautiful, peacefilled world by working together. So mote it be my lovelies.

xoxo Oma Linda (ps, I know there are some of you who are saying to yourselves.....she really is an old hippy. And you'd be so right. Stick a flower in the gun of this worlds ugliness and know it is a good thing to do. Peace)


  1. beautiful, my friend...
    I read a quote that said
    "The trouble is you think you have time"
    and the majority of us do think that..I know I'm guilty of it.
    I think that not putting things off brings us to the present, the here and now...I'm working on it every day and your words have reaffirmed it.
    Your spell is lovely, I hope it spreads it's gossamer wings and surrounds us all.
    your veil keeper is sister had a little doll like that, I think I was about 7 years old at the time.
    have a beautiful day!

  2. Rock on sister, more power to us hippies, someone has to light the fire to peoples asses to get them moving. I think the Veil Keepers name should be "Viviana" which means vibrant and full of life. Have an awe inspiring weekend.

  3. I rather like that you're an old hippie. The doll turned out so well <3

  4. Oma...she is just gorgeous. I had only one word in my head when I saw her, but it didn't sound like a proper name. I did a google translate to Spanish(not very reliable) and it came out as
    "el Parpadeo" flicker or twinkle. Enjoy the laugh at my expense :D xxx

  5. Ps. I wanted Flame but it translated as Llama?

  6. I see your Veil Keeper standing between horrible and hope, making sure that the energy of the first turns into something useful... and the second grows to fill and to coat all of us.

    I am happy to know that you finished a project started by someone you never met. This is how the world should be--full of souls holding hands, magicking guns into flowers...

    May we all grown to become your sort of hippy, my Oma love. ♥

  7. I absolutely love the Veil Keeper and all the little details (like the lantern for example, it's just perfect)! And I couldn't agree more with you, you have described so accurately in your post the battle between us and time...I feel you. Thank you for sharing this piece!

  8. The world needs more old hippies, Oma Linda! Love your thoughts on The Keeper of the Veil.

  9. The world was a better place when there were more Hippies and fewer terrorists.

  10. Wonderful contribution; both reflective and encouraging. Love the idea of celebrating the possibility of magick in our own unique ways yet joined together for a life worth living and sharing. And I like a lot the hippie in you.😄

  11. This is beautifully poignant, Oma Linda! I strongly resonate with the reference to "We welcome a visit from our ancestors not for our own comfort but for theirs." Touched my heart!

  12. Your Veil Keeper is gorgeous! I to have been altering an old doll but the project was stalled. You've inspired me to pick it back up.

  13. Stick a flower in a gun brought back so many memories...Viet Nam, Kent State. We had such altruistic hopes. Our cry, "Give peace a chance!" I am glad to be an old hippy. I love the whole idea of your doll. It is awful to run out of time, to be lost in life. It is comforting to know there is a guardian to keep us from becoming lost in death. You did a beautiful job!

  14. Your doll is beautiful! Some of us are keepers, guiding the dead through their journey and helping them find their way between the world. I love how you represented them.

  15. Such a beautiful, timely message and true for all of us at any age. Your Keeper of the Veil is so wonderful. I love the tiny lantern! Perhaps you would consider the names Treorai (tror-ee), which is Gaelic for Guide or Solas, the Gaelic word for Light.

  16. Your Veil Keeper is so beautiful and I love her spirt lantern! (I clicked on the image so I could examine it in detail.)

    The dolly reminds me of dolls that used to be sold at fairs here (Australia) when I was a child. They wore colourful tulle skirts, were sprinkled in glitter, and were attached to cane sticks. You'd see huge bunches of them at vendor's stalls and little girls would wander around the fairground holding them like flowers. ^_^

  17. I love you old hippie! I'm a young hippie! I love your words and I love your Veil Keeper! I wish I could win her, but I am in the basket with yours. Big Hugs and Peace!!!

  18. As an old hippie soul, I could really relate to what you wrote. I think the same thoughts when I find "unfinished" or items getting ready to be tossed away when I can still see life in them.

    Your post was awesome. Probably more so for me because I am getting older too. The name for the doll...I am probably coming in way too late for entry but I thought of Thesaway. Hugs, Rasz


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