Monday, October 31, 2016

Who remembers Donny and Marie and their show on TV?????????????

She would say, "I'm a little bit country", he would follow with "I'm a little bit rock 'n roll" and off they would sing into their hour on TV.

Well this last Saturday, the grands had a similar song. She was a little bit Halloween and he was a little bit heavy metal. What?????????

Shelley, Gerea, Stephen (GK's best friend) took Ry (age 12.5 years old) to his very first live concert. There were 9 bands in a small venue.

Shelley was that age when she went to see Scorpions and White Snake with her flute teacher, Laura who was 18. I have never in my life been all that fond of metal. I never wanted to go and see any of those spandex wearing, huge hair, head banging children when Shelley was a kiddo. But I did so every afternoon after school watch MTV with her and inadvertently, I learned the melodies (when there was one), the lyrics, the names of the band members and so much more that I never wanted to know because, I was sharing an experience with my child. So now when I hear elevatorized versions of metal I giggle and smile. Or when we are out shopping and some metal something comes on, Shelley or GK will look over and say, "who's this, Oma?" Most of the time this olde broad has the right answer. I can't remember the normal stuff most of the time though.

Music plays a huge part in our family. Not just one kind either. All the way from classical to swing, to rock to indie and back to metal.

Shelley has been going with GK to concerts for years. GK's first was when she was 13. Fun fact, it also was Scorpions.

So, it was a perfect storm for Ry when the girls found this great small venue where the moshing is manageable, the local bands have something to offer for head bangers (goddess, I never thought I'd be typing this) and it doesn't cost a fortune just in case Ry's inability to handle loud noises for very long kicked in and Shelley had to bring him home. Stephen's cousin runs the front and the merch tables at this club and Stephen helps out at the front door, so it is sorta a family affair and comfortable.

Anyway, Ry was so excited to go. He took his headphones to cancel out some of the racket. And GK dressed as a wench of sorts Stephen as Robin Hood and the four of them headed out to see GK's new favorite bands, Shatterproof, from Denver and Scarless, a local band and the other unknown 7.

It wasn't long after they got to the concert that a mosh pit formed and even though the girls and some of their friends that joined them were surrounding Ry, he got shoved and got really scared. So Shelley took him outside, explained moshing (and the fact that someday, he could join in and shove back), and let him calm down. In doing so, he was able to see inside and realize that it wasn't as big a deal as his fear had let him think so, he wanted to go back and try it again. He ended up loving the music, the craziness and the fun with friends.

Ry with his hand in the air like just does not care......Home reference

The bands know both GK and Stephen now and interact with them on a personal level. When the bands were able to be introduced to Ry, well, they (the bands) made it special for him by pointing to him in the audience, giving him guitar picks, signed posters etc. Even in the land of Metal wantabees, people are still nice deep down. The lead singer for Scarless told Ry that he was so proud of him for making it through to the end of the concert and wanted him to feel welcome to come back again. Some of the other folks there also got into being good to Ry and eventually Ry even went with some "girls", to dance and head bang, a short distance from Momma and Sissy.

lead singer from Scarless

He's gonna have some stories to tell at school today about the blue haired girl who had him dance with her and the blond who was showing him how to head bang. Wow, what a crazy world for an almost 13 year old kid who just a short time ago was still so introverted and scared of so much. His sensory issues obviously are not gonna keep him from the music and the mayhem anymore.

GK said, with tears in her eyes and voice that she had the best time watching her brother blossom right in front of her eyes. Shelley picked the perfect, safe and sane way to introduce Ry to the world of Metal, heavy or other wise. The night will be a memory that the three of them will have for a lifetime. Good thing that the neck aches from head banging will be gone in a few days.

And the Oma stayed home. Score.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is so sweet! I'm melting over here reading this! I'm so excited for Ry and for all of you over this. Big giant hugs!!
    Happy Halloween!!

  2. I LOVE your post. I raised my kids listening to "Classic Rock" and the Scorpions were there for my cleaning days! It's a great band to clean to, lol!!! One of my boys took my Scorpions CD. I think I know which one yet no one really confessed. Going anywhere when they were younger, the radio was on and it was who could answer "what's this song" first! My youngest, now 24 was the best by far.
    Your post reminded me of my kid's love of music, still to this day. And I like a lot of their new music too. Thank you for bringing up great memories, just like the ones your children are forming! Hugs, Rasz

  3. Oh that was such an amazing post!!! So thrilled and thankful to those wonderful musicians. Ry is so lucky to have a big sis like GK to look out for him XXX

  4. So cool. Yay, Ry! The Cuckoos ROCK!!!!

  5. What a neat way for Ry to enter the land of loud, fun bands and what cool guys that were in the band on how they brought him in. Kudos to all.

  6. What a feel good post and coming out for Ry. You should and probably are soooo proud of your daughter. Wonderful. I have happy heart.

  7. This is so special! What a great night! Good for Ry!!! Oma Linda, you have an amazing family! You should feel so proud of your daughter and grand-kids! Big Hugs!

  8. Those musicians are a fantastic bunch! I'm so happy for Ry and for GK's wonderful heart.

  9. Music is big in this household also. We went to a Led Zeppelin Symphonic salute for my 16 year old hippie sons birthday present and was accompanied by my stepdad who had seen Led Zeppelin in the haydaze. Music is played loud from dusk till dawn in Casa Sol y Luna.Have a great week.


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