Monday, October 3, 2016

Zombie Luau.................

First, the party didn't go quite as planned. What does, right?

GK had invited 20 friends. Ry invited 5 friends. Shelley and I asked them to find out from their friends if they were coming because apparently RSVP is not a code for anything in this day and age.

Anyhoo, on the Weds before the party all of Ry's friends had said they were coming. Only 2 of GK's friends were coming because they thought with a name like Zombie Luau, it would be in October. Yes, they could have read the correct date on the invitation, what's that?

GK was so disappointed. She was glad that her friend and fellow soccer player was still coming. The other two were no shows. Needless to say, the party was not a hit with her. However, since this was the first time that Ry has ever showed interest in having friends over, Shelley lost her mind and went out and bought Nerf ammunition and the boys played war in the front yard.

The boys ate the food we fixed, sweet and sour meatballs, Hawaiian pizza, fruit salad, zombie pretzels, zombie boogers and aloha cupcakes. Washed that all down with AB+ zombie punch.

I have never been so glad to see 4 little boys go home in my life. Now remember I used to work with teenagers and prepubescent teens for 20 years. But I guess the emphasis should be on "used to". I was gonna strangle a couple of them. No manners, not even a glimmer and loud, it was apparent that no parent has ever explained "inside voice". But we all lived through it and Ry was a happy boy.

It will be awhile before we will have another party here, sad to say.  Win some/lose some and sometimes a soccer buddy is more fun anyway.

All the pictures are of GK and Stephen because Ry was off shooting up the neighborhood, his sister, his Oma, his Mom with nerd artillery and then Papa went out and joined the other madmen (boys) and he had a blast getting shot and ambushing the kids.

So there's the whole of the take on Zombie Luau.

AB positive punch

Zombie booger and zombies on a stick
As I told the grands, see my sorority time paid off, lookee at those napkins, TaDah

our favorite sweet and sour meatballs

yum, fruit salad

these zombies on a stick were so much fun to make

Pina colada cupcakes
Here's a ps to an earlier blog I wrote. I got a check for the full amount of my purchase for the Lantern Fest. I am a happy camper indeed.

Smooches and Squoozes lovelies,

Oma Linda


  1. It looked like a fun time either way:)
    I want those meatballs more than I've ever wanted anything, lol!
    GK and her friend are looking fabulous!
    thanks for sharing..hugs!

  2. Sometimes the universe just deals the "boys" a free hand lol. Van you imagine the carnage if all the college types had made it :D XXX

  3. Sorry to hear that GK's friends crapped out but glad that all of Ry's showed up, even if they were little hellions. That AB Positive punch cracks me up!

  4. isn't that a rite of passage, of growing up? have a party and no one comes?

  5. Perfect Party, love your photo models! Very attractive indeed!
    Now it's the kids time to learn the disappointments of most humans, and to on the look out for the kind hearted ones! Their as rare Zombies! at a Luau! xoxo

  6. It will be kind of fun when GK's friends show up for Halloween and there is no party. She can show them pictures of the party and all the great food they missed. Really cute pictures of GK.

  7. What a wonderful party. Your creativity is genius.

  8. Looks like so much fun! I love the food! I wish I could have came! Sorry that GK's friends didn't come, but glad Ry and his friends had a blast, even though you were glad when they were gone! LOL! Love the photos!! Big Hugs! (Congrats on the check!)


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